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March 23, 2020

Zen Life Naturals

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Widely available, overpriced, and frightfully potent — Zen Kratom has all the makings of a head shop brand. For this reason, the vendor transacts mainly with distributors. But even then, you can still buy retail by visiting their website. Of course, for buyers in a bind, that might not be necessary.

There are tons of locations and online vendors that sell Zen Kratom’s product. That’s why it’s possible that you’ve come across Zen’s selection without actually intending it. However before you check out with those Zen products in tow, there are a few important things you should know about this risky vendor.


Zen Kratom Product and Service Overview

We all love a strong kratom blend. But where do we draw the line? Well, according to some kratom veterans, Zen Kratom might show us exactly where those boundaries should be drawn. The vendor offers a range of extracts, which as you might expect, provide incredibly strong effects.

The blends are so strong in fact that they’ve raised suspicions. Some buyers claim that Zen’s stuff provides effects that far exceed normal, and suggest that the blends might incorporate ingredients that aren’t listed on the labels. However, to date, there’s no evidence to prove those claims.

And since they’re exponentially stronger than other kratom products, you can expect them to be particularly expensive as well. Zen Kratom’s prices don’t really appeal to penny pinchers. For the most part, they cater to buyers who need a quick fix stat, and who are willing to pay whatever it takes to get their hands on a dose.

Based on information posted on their website, Zen Kratom is a family owned and operated business. Their basic online storefront, albeit scantily designed, provides a relatively seamless shopping experience with its neat organization and clean lines.

Products available at Zen Kratom include capsules, shots and liquids, and powders. It’s important to mention though that they only offer red, white, and green Maeng Da in their powder department. And unlike other head shop names that stick to small packets of product, they take the opposite route and sell only kilograms.


Zen Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Are they cheap? Definitely not. But are they the most expensive brand on the block? Still no. Zen Kratom offers their kratom at brow raising prices, that’s for sure. But even then, you might still consider them ‘within budget’ if you’re running low on speciosa and you have nowhere else to turn.

$110 for 1000g $69 for 1000g $100 for 1000g $204.99 for 1000g

Obviously, Zen Kratom isn’t the most expensive name across the board. In fact, Happy Hippo — a trusted vendor — touts close to double the price for their kilograms. But taking things into consideration, other reputable sources like Herbal RVA totally stump Zen Kratom with their $69 kilograms.

And of course, price per gram is another thing. Zen Kratom’s kilograms sell for 0.11¢ per gram. That might not seem like much. But just for perspective, most respectable kratom vendors sell their kilos for as little as 0.07¢.

Other products and prices at Zen Kratom include:


  • Ultra premium extract capsules – $8.95 for 1ct
  • Ultra premium crushed leaf kratom – $9.25 for 1ct
  • Bulk kratom capsules – $49.50 for 250g
  • Viva Xtreme kratom shot – $13.95 per bottle
  • Ultra premium liquid kratom extract – $13.25 per 15mL bottle

Zen Kratom Customer Reviews and Complaints

One of the biggest problems with Zen Kratom is that it’s almost impossible to find any customer generated information about their brand, their products, and their services. Reddit remains largely muted on the Zen Kratom topic, save for a few passing mentions of the brand here and there.

However according to numerous blogs and vendor reviews online, some buyers question Zen Kratom and the safety of their products. Even then, you won’t really be able to find any comments or ratings that come straight from their customers.


Zen Kratom Discount Codes and Coupons

Of course, like any other kratom vendor, Zen Kratom has a newsletter that lets you get discounts and promotional offers sent straight to your email address. Scroll to the bottom of their website, and you’ll also find links to their socials. Unfortunately, clicking through might not bring you where you expect.

Their Facebook link takes you back to their website, while their Twitter and Instagram links bring you to an error page on the social media platforms. That said, it might be tough to find other ways to get discounts for Zen Kratom.


Zen Kratom Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing works to help assure customers that they’re getting clean kratom. The government doesn’t really mandate the necessity of third-party lab tests. But discriminating buyers know how important they can be especially since salmonella and e. coli contaminated kratom isn’t anything new.

Unfortunately, Zen Kratom doesn’t lab test any of their products. They make no mention of tests on their website, and it’s pretty much an open secret across the web. That means you can’t be sure when their next batch might come hand in hand with potentially risky adulterants in the mix.


American Kratom Association Membership

Despite the sheer size of their operation, Zen Kratom is not an American Kratom Association affiliated vendor. But how is AKA certification different from lab testing? AKA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance means that a vendor operates a clean business.

The AKA certifies businesses by inspecting their facilities, their machines, their employees, and their procedures to make sure they abide by strict standards. In doing so, they regulate vendors and make sure that these brands minimize the risks of contamination.

As of writing, Zen Kratom has yet to submit itself for an AKA-GMP audit. So aside from not testing their products, they also can’t prove that their kratom passes through safe, sanitary facilities or procedures.


Is Zen Kratom Legit?

No news is good news, right? As far as FDA recalls and legal battles go, Zen Kratom has no history. They also don’t have any records of fraud or scams, fulfilling all orders and shipping out packages in a timely and orderly manner.

Despite that however, there are speculations that Zen Kratom might be adding substances to their products to make them stronger than the usual. Of course, there’s really no hard proof to substantiate those claims. But with the sheer strength of Zen Kratom’s products, it’s easy to see why some people might think that.


Should You Buy from Zen Kratom?

The only thing that Zen Kratom has going for it is that they’re available almost everywhere. This high level of accessibility makes them a suitable choice for buyers with a dry stash. But aside from that, Zen Kratom might not be a smart pick if you’re on the market in search of a go-to.

Aside from the fact that their products are hella expensive, Zen Kratom’s lack of testing and AKA-GMP compliance means they can’t guarantee your safety when using their products.

Numerous sources also claim that there might be something else in the Zen Kratom mix. So while a dose now and again might be just fine, you should probably look elsewhere to get your standard haul.


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