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October 01, 2020

Your Leaf Your Life

Ships from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Ships to: United States

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The reincarnation of Philly Kratom, Your Leaf Your Life hopes to bring its customers a range of high quality kratom products at affordable prices. And while that’s the promise of any kratom vendor, Your Leaf Your Life actually achieves it in some ways.

After having lost its bearings a couple of years ago, Your Leaf Your Life has since overhauled its operations to bring customers an even better experience. Today, they’ve earned the trust and respect of some of the most discriminating customers which proves that the vendor means business.


Your Leaf Your Life Product and Service Overview

YLYL used to operate as Philly Kratom. The vendor was recognized as one of the best of its kind, offering quality products at low prices that took its customers spending capabilities into consideration.

Up until a few years ago, Philly Kratom operated just fine. But after chaos broke out in Philadelphia following a controversial an allegedly kratom-related death, Philadelphia based vendors found the full force of the law bearing down on their doors.

It was a dark time for these vendors, despite not being involved in the mess. Unfortunately, Philly Kratom had to lie low for a while to avoid the unwanted attention. But after collecting their bearings and restructuring their business, the vendor rose through the ashes better than ever before.

Today, Your Leaf Your Life proudly stands as a favorite across a wide base of kratom customers. The vendor sells a wide range of kratom powder strains in weights of 56g, 112g, 224g, 500g, and 1000g. They also slap some pretty low prices on their product, which definitely adds to their appeal.

One other thing about YLYL is that they actively listen to their customers. Back when they were still called Philly kratom, the vendor offered limited payment options that made it difficult for some customers to settle their transactions.

The vendor has since expanded their payment options to accommodate all of their customers. So whether you’re paying via Venmo, Google Pay, credit or debit card, or cash on pick up (to name a few), YLYL has you covered.


Your Leaf Your Life Product Cost and Price Comparison

To be honest, YLYL isn’t necessarily the cheapest vendor on the block. The brand sells their products at slightly more expensive prices than the industry low, but that doesn’t place them out of reach.

When you consider the prices of their product versus their competition, it’s easy to see that YLYL still falls within budget-friendly limits, despite not challenging the lowest of the lowest prices.


Starts at $12 for 56g Starts at $25 for 125g Starts at $8 for 25g Starts at $3.50 for 25g
$20 for 112g $56 for 500g $25 for 100g $35 for 500g
$35 for 256g $91 for 1000g $70 for 500g $60 for 1000g
$45 for 500g $105 for 1000g
$85 for 1000g



The smallest packs at YLYL weigh 56g or 2oz, and cost $12 or 0.21¢ per gram. They get cheaper as you increase your package weight though, with their kilograms selling for just 0.085¢ per gram.

Now, are these the cheapest prices in all of the kratom market? Not really. Vendors like All Natural Artisan go as low as 0.06¢ per gram. But even then, YLYL’s prices still fall within the budget-friendly sphere, especially when compared to many other vendors like Mitraman and Golden Road.


Your Leaf Your Life Customer Reviews

To make it easier for their customers to perform due diligence, the vendor displays reviews for their products right on their website. Keep in mind though that they don’t use any sort of software to verify the feedback they receive. So there’s no guarantee that the comments come from real customers.

If you want to guarantee the authenticity of the reviews you read, there are loads of other places online that discuss YLYL’s products and services. Reddit in particular has loads of threads that explore buyers’ experiences with YLYL.

“For anyone who hasn’t tried Your Leaf Your Life, I highly recommend it.” – Reddit

“They’re awesome!” – Reddit

“Great quality and great pricing! Can’t be beat. Super fast processing as well!” – YLYL website

“Always my number one go to for red. Never disappointed with this blend or this company. 10/10” – YLYL website

“This is by far the best kratom I have ever had. I buy this every order now along with a few other favorites.” – YLYL website


Your Leaf Your Life Complaints

Complaints for the Your Leaf Your Life brand are hard to come by. In fact, comments on their website are scarce, with only a handful of their products touting any customer-generated feedback.

A single post on Reddit however may shed light on a possible lapse that the vendor made during one of their transactions:

“I used YLYL and Paypal froze my account and now YLYL is trying to get me to use a token to pay, is this a scam?”

The OP has not made any updates to their post, so we don’t really know what the vendor did to resolve the issue. Other than that however, there seems to be no other account of any negative experiences concerning the vendor and its products.

Keep in mind though — YLYL ultimately holds the power as to which reviews get posted on their website and which don’t. That said, they could be sanitizing their image by rejecting and deleting reviews that don’t fit the narrative — a tactic that many other vendors have been found guilty of.

All of that said however, there’s no evidence that suggests that YLYL could be engaging in such questionable behavior. So we leave that up to pure scepticism.


Your Leaf Your Life Discounts and Coupon Codes

Discount codes for Your Leaf Your Life’s products get sent out through their newsletter. But if you want to get more frequent on the vendor’s discounts and other offers, they have a private Facebook group that you can join.

Other than that, the Your Leaf Your Life brand also offers a veterans/disability program that lets specific buyers get lifetime discounts on their products. You can also get a 10% discount by opting to pay with Bitcoin through the instructions provided on their website.


Your Leaf Your Life Lab Testing

Since the big commotion caused by the Philly-based law suit involving another vendor, Your Leaf Your Life has done what it can to mitigate the chances of further issues for their brand. So they make sure to keep their lab reports easily accessible through their website.

The vendor has a dedicated tab just for lab reports. Here, customers can find updated results for third-party lab tests as well as measures for alkaloid content to prove the potency and purity of their product.


American Kratom Association Lab Testing

The American Kratom Association’s (AKA) Good Manufacturing Practices program (GMP) aims to make sure that all vendors provide their customers with safe, clean product. The initiative was started with the hope of protecting buyers and supporting kratom legislature.

To receive AKA-GMP certification, vendors need to submit themselves for an audit which includes an inspection of their facilities, procedures, and product, among many other document requirements.

As of writing, YLYL has yet to receive certification from the regulatory body. So although a lot of buyers vouch for the quality and consistency of the brand’s products, no one knows for sure what kind of conditions the vendor processes their products in.


Is Your Leaf Your Life Legit?

YLYL is about as legitimate as they can get. The vendor places a high value on customer satisfaction. Time and time again, these guys have proven that they listen to their consumer base and make changes to streamline the shopping experience and improve their overall operations.

It’s also worth mentioning that YLYL has never been involved in any legal battles of their own, they don’t violate any FDA rules on marketing and advertising, and they have never had to recall any products. So if you were wondering whether your money is safe with them, the obvious answer would be yes.


Should You Try Your Leaf Your Life?

With all the makings of a reliable go-to vendor, YLYL proves that they’re much more than just a once-in-a-while treat. The vendor offers low prices on quality products, and provides excellent customer service to make your shopping experience just that much more satisfying.

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  1. MikeyEvans6
    Active Commenter

    I reached out to YLYL about a year ago. Just having some questions and whatnot. He was receptive to my concerns even though I haven’t been a customer yet. I been taking Kratom since July of 2021 and always had the same two vendors. 
    Then I moved to a state where it was banned in 2019 so I had to make runs to a vape shop for two years just to not go back on pain killers. It sucked. BAD! Quality was always trash. And price? Might as well have been buying gold to kill my pain. 
    So I found them on Instagram and started asking questions while I lived in AL. He always maintained contact with me about when my family would PCS to a state that wasn’t whack. Then a few months ago I finally moved to NJ and reached back out. He remembered me, my story and what I needed help with. (I’ve had doctors forget my name after this amount of time seeing them). So I told YLYL about my issues that I needed relief from. So instead of having me spend $100+ on a kilo or more. He gave me a much cheaper option with multiple samples to find out what would work for my daytime and bedtime needs. Completely left it up to us to come up with a game plan. And that place nailed it. I finally got REAL relief from my AM pain and got a whole week of 6-9hrs of sleep per night. I haven’t had that since I was on smack. YLYL may have saved not only my sanity, but my marriage. And I think my wife would agree. I receive all my orders within 3 days of placing them and you get a thank you card in every package. So I know they appreciate us and much as we appreciate them.

  2. JennyHD
    Active Commenter

    I ordered on November 5, a label was made on November 8, and it was received by the USPS on November 9. That’s a really, really long time imo. I’ve ordered every other time from a company in Vegas and it has been sent out that day consistently. The only time it took longer than five days was back in October when everything took longer. I know things aren’t great at the post office, but four days for them to even send my order to the post office? That’s something that will keep me from ordering again, no matter how good the product may end up being. 

    • JennyHD
      Active Commenter

      Okay I’m still not very happy with how long it took for the company to ship my order. 

      BUT the quality y’all. It’s really very good. I got a four pack so I’ve only tried one so far, but I opened all of them and smelled them. For me the smell tells me a lot, I can’t explain it except to say I’ve had a great sense of smell for years, since I was pregnant. The smell is slightly different for each of them, and they don’t smell like they’ll taste bad. Some do, if you know you know. 
      I said I don’t know if I’ll order again, but now I know the quality is great so I need to order at least one week before I think I’ll need it.
      I’ve ordered exclusively from Golden Monk for the last year, and they’re great as well, quality is on par with Philly, but Philly is cheaper by about 10-20% and Philly let’s you mix and match. 

    • nicholas williams says:

      thats not a long time at all, u are trippin. very impatiant and prudent person

  3. JR says:

    I’ve been dealing with them for a few years now ever since his Youtube channel was up (before it got banned).

    Down to earth dude and wife combo. I’ve rarely if ever had a “dud”. Very pleasant to deal with.

  4. Rachael Short says:

    YLYL is the top shelf of the tea world. Always fresh, always fairly priced and excellent customer service. Love them!!!

  5. PeaJayTea
    Active Commenter

    Love them, so happy I found them. Quick delivery, excellent product and friendly service

  6. Scott Carpenter says:

    YLYLis one of the finest vendors I’ve eve had the pleasure of purchasing from. Shipping is always fast and accurate and you always get extra. Fresh and potent is the name of the game.

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