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October 08, 2020

Whole Earth Gifts

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Whole Earth Gifts brings together a selection of kratom products that incorporates more than just their own brand. Their line-up consists of a variety of kratom names, allowing customers to try and buy an assortment of speciosa picks under one virtual roof.

Their popularity in general however comes from their own brand kratom. The vendor’s high quality kratom shot them into certain stardom, giving them the leverage to grow their business almost overnight. Now if only they could use some of that revenue to improve their buggy website.


Whole Earth Gifts Product and Service Overview

Don’t let their website fool you — Whole Earth Gifts is a reputable, trusted source for kratom. Unfortunately though, the vendor doesn’t seem to be too interested in demonstrating that through their branding. Their online storefront is about as messy as they can get.

With tons of images, various fonts and big chunks of text, their homepage might just crash your browser. In fact, lots of prospective customers have been very vocal about the website’s clunky performance. Others even said that the online store is the reason why they decided to back out of their purchase.

But hey, if your computer is just beefy enough to handle the barrage of images, texts, and layouts, then you might be able to place an order through their website without too much of a fuss. Once there, you’ll find over 70 different products under their virtual roof.

They sell products from 1836 Kratom, KR8om, Zion Herbals, Super Speciosa, and Mitra Botanicals. Their own range however includes powders and capsules which they sell at slightly higher prices than you might be accustomed to.

At Whole Earth Gifts, powders come in packs of 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 750g, and 1000g. They also sell capsules in retail packets and in bags as much as a kilogram in weight. And unlike other vendors that tend to spike up their prices in the capsules department, Whole Earth Gifts manages to sell their caps at a similar cost to powder.

The general reception of the brand has been largely positive. Lots of buyers appreciate the quality of their products and the consistency of their kratom powders and capsules. Of course, the biggest issue remains to be their website that’s always just a little too slow and clumsy for comfort. But product wise, they’re a-okay.



Whole Earth Gifts Product Cost and Price Comparison

So maybe their products don’t challenge resident low-budget vendors. In some ways, you might even say that they teeter over the edge into expensive brand territory. Fortunately, the vendor often places products on sale to clear out their inventory. So you’ll rarely ever spend full price for their picks.

Powders Starts at $12 for 50g Starts at $17 for 100g Starts at $19.99 for 60g
$36 for 250g
$59 for 500g $79 for 1kg $99.99 for 1kg
$99 for 1000g
$38 for 250g
$119 for 1000g $160 for 1kg $149.99 for 1000ct

Take a glance at these prices, and you’ll notice that Whole Earth Gifts’ products actually cost almost the same as Krave Kratom — a full on head shop brand. At $12 for 50g, the vendor sells their smallest packet at a cost of 0.24¢ per gram. Their kilograms go for about 0.1¢ per gram. So if you take a 10g amount every day, that’s a dollar a day.

On the upside, they do regularly place their products on sale. They’ve been known to take their kilogram prices as low as $69 each which closely rivals low-cost vendors like Herbal RVA.


Whole Earth Gifts Reviews

The brand uses Cusrev to verify all of the reviews left on their website. This means that you can pretty much trust the ratings that they get. As of writing, there are over 700 reviews for Whole Earth Gifts’ products, giving them an average rating of 4.89 out of 5 stars.

If you were looking for more in-depth feedback and back and forth discourse between experienced kratom veterans, you should also find a substantial number of reviews for Whole Earth Gifts on Reddit.

“Awesome product! Great company to work with! Will definitely order this product again in the future. Definitely try this one.” – Cusrev

“I’m grateful I have a service I can depend on for accuracy, quality, and it’s very easy to order.” – Cusrev

“Best prices, and quality product! I couldn’t believe the deal on 2000 capsules!” – Cusrev

“I’ve been ordering from Whole Earth for awhile and love em. They keep it simple and offer one strain per color. And free samples from their website.” – Reddit user

“I really like their gold, I find it both a little stimulating & relaxing at the same time.” – Reddit user


Whole Earth Gifts Complaints

As the old adage goes — you can’t please everyone. While their products and services rub a majority of their customers the right way, there are a few who find that the vendor fails to scratch their itch.

“Their website froze my laptop, it’s very crappy and it turned me away from buying anything there.” – Reddit user

“Unfortunately this particular strain of this particular herb was found to be only reliable for giving me a headache every single time, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.” – Cusrev

“Most of the capsules were broken and the powder everywhere.” – Cusrev

“Not impressed for the price and strength. Just didn’t seem worth it .” – Cusrev

“I was expecting more from this brand / product. Disappointed.” – Cusrev


Whole Earth Gifts Discount Codes and Coupons

It’s standard practice these days for a kratom vendor to have a mailing list and Whole Earth Gifts is no different. But aside from their routine emails, you can also get discounts and promotional offers by following them on their socials.

However even if you’re not big on checking emails or Facebook, you can still get price cuts on Whole Earth Gifts’ products by simply frequenting their website. The vendor often puts products on sale to clear up their inventory, with discounts as big as 15%.


Whole Earth Gifts Lab Testing

According to the vendor, they pay close attention to testing. They have a whole page on their website that provides a pretty solid breakdown of what they test for and why. They also have a table posted on the same page to demonstrate their results.

Keep in mind though that they don’t post the actual lab reports. So it’s tough to tell just how authentic these results might be.


American Kratom Association Membership

Just for the record, Whole Earth Gifts only sells products from AKA-GMP certified brands. This pertains to all the other products on their line-up that don’t come from their own brand. But then again, the vendor doesn’t really indicate whether their own brand is AKA affiliated.

According to information on the web, Whole Earth Gifts isn’t presently affiliated with the AKA. They’re not GMP certified, which means they haven’t been audited for the safety and sanitation of their facilities or their procedures.


Is Whole Earth Gifts Legit?

It’s hard to think of the brand any other way. They’ve got hundreds of third-party verified reviews on the web. But more than that, the Whole Earth Gifts name is never mentioned across the web in reports of scams or FDA recalls.

On top of that, Whole Earth Gifts has no prior history of involvement with legal cases. They’ve never had to battle it out with the authorities or disgruntled customers in court, so you can assume they’re not out to fool their buyers.


Should You Buy From Whole Earth Gifts?

Their prices aren’t the best and their website might not be too user friendly. But if you’re looking for good quality kratom, you should give their products a try. With so many reviews for the vendor online, and loads of loyal customers backing up their brand, it’s tough not to get reeled in.


Star Light Kratom


  1. Tristan
    Active Commenter

    They gave me an absolutely incredible deal. And the kratom is potent, EXTREMELY. It’s great stuff and completely kills my toothpain, something pain killers couldn’t do. And the customer service is absolutely incredible. Don’t second doubt them. They are legitimate. And a very interactive company with their customers. They email you almost immediately. 10/10 from me dawg.

  2. goinssonya9
    Active Commenter

    Great product, great prices & great customer service!

  3. sarahjtm
    Active Commenter

    There is literally nothing that isn’t truly spectacular about whole earth gifts. From the initial 100% FREE samples of products, to the quality of the products they carry, to the top notch customer service. I am one happy and loyal customer

  4. vlad
    Active Commenter

    Found this vendor here and gave it a try. So far very pleased and will be trying other products. They really want you to be satisfied.

  5. provius
    Active Commenter

    Great variety! But the customer service is what keeps me coming back!

  6. coldhands42
    Active Commenter

    I was pleasantly surprised when I order from Whole Earth. The selection is basic, which I like because there are no gimmicks or flashy names. The customer services is top-notch and was not what I expected when compared to some other vendors. Furthermore, the shipping was lighting fast, it only took two days from the time I ordered the product to for it to arrive in NV. Finally, the cost and quality of the product was excellent and hard to beat. I will definitely be ordering from Whole Earth in the future.

  7. cjrm45
    Active Commenter

    Extremely fast, CHEAP shipping, and to notch products. This is going to be my go-to from here on. Would recommend to anyone 👍🏼

  8. tiffymonst3r
    Active Commenter

    I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am with this vendor. The $69 mix n’ match kilo is my favorite! The website interface is easy to use and their customer service is out of this world. As far as quality kratom goes, it’s some of the best I’ve found online. The prices are decent and you definitely get what you pay for. Shipping was super fast, too. So if you’re tired of spending a fortune on kratom that isn’t potent and spending a fortune on shipping that isn’t fast, I highly recommend you check out Whole Earth Gifts!!


    Great selection, great prices, great quality, and so many ways to pay! Why shop anywhere else? These guys are great!

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