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November 05, 2020

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If transparency was your kink, then you should give Viable Solutions Kratom a shot. These guys revealed in 2020 behind-the-scenes footage that showcased their kratom production process — a first across the entire market. Needless to say, they received loads of praise from buyers for their unmatched transparency.

Today, Viable Solutions stands as more than just a viable vendor. The name has become synonymous with trustworthy, thanks to their dedication to keeping their customers well-informed.


Viable Solutions Product and Service Overview

The Viable Solutions website houses close to 70 different products. Their extensive range of kratom finds includes powders, capsules, extracts, and tinctures. But don’t expect to find just Viable Solutions brand kratom. These guys carry a handful of products from other well-known kratom brands like OPMS.

If you were looking to get your hands on just the Viable Solutions stuff however, you’d do well to search through their powders and capsules. The vendor offers quite the range of kratom powders which come in weights of 25g, 100g, and 250g. However, they also offer bulk packs weighing 1000g and 2000g.

Price wise, Viable Solutions definitely isn’t too shabby. They also offer discounts on certain payment methods, so you can get major price cuts by simply choosing specific ways to pay. They’re also pretty well established, so their rewards program is something you would expect.

Another thing that puts the Viable Solutions brand in a good light is the fact that they’ve got a solid consumer-generated footprint online. The vendor gets tons of reviews from customers all over the web.

On their website, they use YotPo to ‘verify’ reviews. But since the service leaves brands the chance to choose which comments to approve and which to delete, it kind of defeats the purpose. They also make these reviews available in a way that makes them tedious to read through.

Allowing readers to see only three reviews at a time, the vendor tosses all of their feedback together in one hot mess. So you can’t sort reviews based on the specific products they were left for, or by the star rating each one provides.

Fortunately, sources like Reddit provide more than enough information. In general, it seems that their customers are more than satisfied with their products. A lot of those who post about the vendor identify themselves as long-term, hardcore patrons. 

These buyers claim to have chosen Viable Solutions as their go-to. But then again, the Subreddit where these comments exist is moderated by Viable Solutions itself, which may play a role in the mostly positive feedback they receive on the platform.


Viable Solutions Product Cost and Price Comparison

Again, Viable Solutions’ prices might not be too out there. They’re definitely not the cheapest, and some might even say they teeter a little too close to the expensive side. But because of their available discount options, their up-front prices rarely represent what you’ll actually have to pay.


Powders Starts at $5 for 25g Starts at $12.64 for 30g Starts at $15 for 60g
$35 for 250g $22.27 for 100g $50 for 500g
$90 for 1000g $75.57 for 1000g $79 for 1000g
$150 for 2000g $325 for 5000g
Capsules $6 for 25g Starts at $15.08 for 65ct Starts at $99.99 for 250g
$45 for 250g $217.99 for 1000g
$115 for 1000g
$200 for 2000g


At just $5 for 25g or 0.2¢, their smallest packet definitely isn’t out of reach, especially if you’re just looking to give their products a try. Their kilograms clock in at 0.09¢ per gram, or 0.075¢ if you’re interested in their 2000g pack.

Now, these prices aren’t too shabby as is. But just for context, vendors like Carolina Kratom can go much lower for their kilos and retail packets. Nonetheless, Viable Solutions provides a number of ways for their buyers to dial down prices even further. It all depends on how well you leverage those opportunities.


Viable Solutions Customer Reviews

Back when they were just starting out, Viable Solutions didn’t really get too much recognition online. It was only when they released their video showing their processes that public interest in Viable Solutions suddenly boomed.

Today, you shouldn’t find it too hard to look for reviews about Viable Solutions. Customer experiences are all over Reddit, and as of writing, they’ve accumulated close to 3,000 ratings on their website through YotPo.

“Viable, and it’s previous iterations, has been my go-to for 6 years now. I try other vendors sometimes and always come back to them. 10/10 value and excellent customer service. Can’t say the same for everyone I’ve ordered from.” – Reddit user

“I’ve ordered from there quite a few times, they always throw in a small package of powder with your order. Solid stuff.” – Reddit user

“Love VK, wonderful people and wonderful, consistent products.” – Reddit user

“It’s the one i use. Not the cheapest or flashiest, but for whatever reason, their products worked the best for me.” – Reddit user

“Probably my favorite kratom right now on the market. Gives me energy, mood lifting, just all around sharpness too.” – Viable Solutions website

It’s important to point out however that the Subreddit r/KratomKorner is moderated by Viable Solutions. So that might have something to do with the fact that the vendor gets way too much praise on the sub.


Viable Solutions Kratom Complaints

You can try looking through the entire Reddit website, and you probably won’t come across any negative press for Viable Solutions. Even outside of the r/KratomKorner sub, the vendor hardly gets any critical comments.

What’s even more brow-raising is that they don’t place reviews for specific products all together under one page the way that other vendors do. This means you can’t tell the overall rating for each of their products. You also can’t sort any of the reviews on their website by star rating, making it difficult to sift through for bad feedback.

On Google and Facebook, customers for Viable Solutions kratom remain equally silent about any negative experiences they might have had with the vendor. And while that might make the brand look particularly clean and perhaps even reputable, the absolute lack of bad reviews might also raise a few red flags.


Viable Solutions Discount Codes and Coupons

If their prices remain a little out of reach for your budget, there’s hope for you yet. Viable Solutions might not have a mailing list, but they provide a number of other ways for their buyers to spend less on their products.

“Looks expensive, but gets cheap with the right strategies. I use their cryptocurrency discount to get 30% off and it comes down to around $~130 for their 2,000g sample pack I think.” – Reddit user

Aside from choosing the right payment option, you can also get price cuts by checking out their socials. The brand is impressively active online, so you should be able to find a coupon code or promotional offer by following them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Viable Solutions Lab Testing

Yes, Viable Solution proudly tests all the products that leave their facilities. The vendor makes these reports available through their website to buyers who purchase their products.

To find the lab reports for your product, simply visit the Viable Solutions Lab Reports page. Then enter the unique lot number printed on your product’s packaging to retrieve its unique lab report.


American Kratom Association Membership

Viable Solutions received its AKA Good Manufacturing Practices years ago, which is what gave them the confidence to share their operations online through video. This AKA-GMP compliance proves that Viable Solutions processes all of their products in clean, sanitized facilities using proper handling techniques and procedures.


Is Viable Solutions Legit?

Viable Solutions maintains a relatively clean and respectable track record. They have zero incidents of legal problems with authorities or buyers, and they’ve never been accused of scams. Of course, there’s the speculation that they might be sanitizing reviews left behind for their brand. But those have yet to be confirmed.

Perhaps the biggest issue that Viable Solutions has ever been a part of involves recalls dated 2018 and 2020. Hardcore fans of the brand were quick to come to the vendor’s aid, defending them in the face of backlash on Reddit.

These incidents have raised serious concerns about the caliber of their testing, especially since the vendor has had to recall products more than once. Nonetheless, their supporters urge individuals to read between the lines and consider the dirty details of the reports before crucifying the trusted brand.


Should You Buy from Viable Solutions?

Viable Solutions tries to run a tight ship. And while they might fail in some aspects, they make up for it in others. All together, the vendor offers okay quality product at okay prices, so there’s really not much to complain about.

If you’re trying them for the first time, see to it that you consider getting smaller packets first and start out with lower doses to avoid possible risks. You might also want to explore their socials or their payment options before making a purchase to get better prices on your picks.


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  1. This is pretty much the only place I buy kratom from. I really f*** with Meridian Botanicals but Viable is the best bar none. Incredible prices, high quality product, extremely fast shipping, and easy to order. I love how you can see the lab results of every specific package you buy. Very few vendors offer this capability and especially efficiently. This is the source.

  2. Steve Bodi says:

    First time I tried Viable I didn’t know what to expect but I was really surprised! Not only the deal they offered, but also the potency and quality was some of the best I have had! I have been buying kratom for almost 7 years and have tried just about every vendor and Viable is one of the best I have had in quite a while!

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