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October 01, 2020

Urban Ice Organics

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Urban Ice Organics is a kratom brand that you’ve probably seen countless times. Their widespread availability is the result of numerous partnerships with smoke shops and convenience stores looking to make kratom and CBD available to the local consumer base.

Offering a wide array of product choices, Urban Ice Organics reels its customers in with flashy packaging, exciting blends, and interesting flavors. But despite offering products that no other vendor provides, Urban Ice Organics struggles to earn the trust of experienced kratom veterans who brush it off as just another headshop brand.


Urban Ice Organics Product and Service Overview

Urban Ice Organics (or Urban Ice Botanicals, as their website indicates) sells its products online through their e-commerce website. If you’ve ever taken the time to visit their site, you’ll find that it’s impressively designed with eye-catching videos and copy that make the vendor look about as trustworthy as they can get.

And that’s because Urban Ice Botanicals pays close attention to their branding. So, unlike other vendors that ship out powders and capsules in resealable mylar bags, Urban Ice Organics takes it up a notch with reusable plastic tubs.

Other popular products, like their kratom shots, come in single-use plastic bottles with flashy, bright, branded plastic wrap. Basically, their products were designed to capture buyers’ attention at a glance. That’s because most of their revenue comes from wholesale partnerships.

The reason why Urban Ice Botanicals is so popular is because of the many distributors they’ve signed on. The brand once relied solely on bulk sales to keep their business alive. Today however, they also sell retail to online buyers.

Price-wise, their stuff isn’t cheap. In fact, some consumers assert that Urban Ice Botanicals’ prices are exorbitant compared to other trustworthy names on the market. Add in the fact that they only sell about six different powders, and it’s easy to see why some consumers raise a brow.

But whatever they lack in powder and capsule variety, they make up for with their blends and shots. Urban Ice Botanicals offers a wide selection of kratom-infused drinks and shots. These are either blended together with other natural botanicals, or flavored for a more pleasurable experience.

So, what about effects? Every kratom vendor claims to sell products that provide hard-hitting effects. But according to reviews from seasoned kratom users, Urban Ice Botanicals’ exciting line of products might be just that — an exciting gimmick.


Urban Ice Organics Product Cost and Price Comparison

Most complaints about Urban Ice Botanicals stem from their sky-high prices. And that’s not too uncommon for vendors that mostly sell their products to distributors. But exactly how expensive are their offers? Here’s how they compare to other trusted vendors:


Powders Starts at $32.99 for 60g Starts at $15 for 60g Starts at $9.95 for 28g
$69.99 for 250g $35 for 350g $59.95 for 453g
$79 for 1000g
Capsules $32.99 for 50ct Starts at $99.99 for 250g Starts at $11.95 for 60ct
$217.99 for 1000g $67.95 for 480ct
Shots Starts at $5.99 for 60mL Starts at $15 for 10mL Starts at $15.95 for 8mL


For the record, Urban Ice Botanicals doesn’t sell any of their powders or capsules in bulk packs. That’s mainly because they cater to buyers who need a quick fix or a small stash to bridge them between kratom shipments.

A close look at their prices proves what many buyers have complained about online. At Urban Ice Organics, powders cost between 0.27¢ and 0.54¢ — easily double the price of kratom powders sold through other, reliable vendors.

And while their kratom shots might look enticing at a reasonably low price point versus volume, it really all boils down to mitragynine concentration. Their 60mL bottle contains about 75mg of mitragynine, versus OPMS’ kratom shot that contains 42.8% mitragynine, or 118mg.

Other interesting items on the Urban Ice Botanicals line up include their kratom extract oils. These single use bottles contain 95mg of mitragynine and retail for $15.99 per bottle.


Urban Ice Botanicals Reviews

Urban Ice Organics has been around for quite a while, so they’ve naturally gained quite the number of positive reviews from their buyers.

Unfortunately, however, the brand doesn’t allow buyers to post reviews on their website. So, readers will have to check other online sources to find information about the vendor from its previous consumers.

“They are good people and have been importing kratom for, I think, around 15 years. They are more expensive than a lot of the online vendors because they gear their product towards brick and mortar stores.” – Reddit user

“I have! I thought it was pretty good. […] It was great quality. Just very expensive.”- Reddit user

“Just received an order from them today. They ALWAYS send tons of “free” product on top of my order, not sure if they do this for everyone. […] I could probably find better prices but I only order a couple times a year and it seems to be a quality product.” – Reddit user

“I can personally vouch for urban ice. although it is on the expensive side, my experience is that it’s always premium quality and the owner has done a lot of good things for our kratom community.” – Reddit user

“I absolutely love this kratom brand! Its quality and consistency are unmatched by any other that I have tried. The customer service is also great. I refuse to shop for kratom anywhere else!” – Facebook user


Urban Ice Organics Complaints

It’s easier to find negative feedback for Urban Ice Organics than it is to find positive reviews. Reddit is brimming with unsavory experiences with the vendor and their products, which has tainted the brand’s reputation especially among more seasoned kratom buyers.

“I don’t like it. Way overpriced and doesn’t give great effects. Each of their strains are very single noted. Maeng da. All energy and no body effects. The Bali didn’t do much for me. […] Don’t like em. Will use in a pinch between orders though.” – Reddit user

“Their Indo leaf brand sent me expired kratom. The rep asked the batch number. He told me he had the same one on his desk and he takes it every day so not to worry. Also, the paper safety seal was busted under the cap. Again, the rep said must gave happened after shipping.” – Reddit user

“Well, if they’re selling a 60 gram jar, for $40 it’s not just pricey, it’s an absolute rip-off. Why does everyone say “pricey” lol. Let’s not beat around the bush here. Take 100 vendors, sort them top to bottom, .67 cents/ gram?” – Reddit user

“I like what the company is about but the Kratom sucks. Honestly. I’ve tried probably 12-13 vendors and its head shop quality. Red Bali did nothing for me. Neither did their maeng da. I was disappointed. Overpriced for such poor quality.” – Reddit user


Urban Ice Organics Coupons and Discount Codes

Urban Ice Organics distributes coupon codes and discount vouchers through their newsletter. Sign-up is available through their website, and the brand has been known to routinely send out emails with promotional offers once or twice a month.

Buyers who want to maximize their savings can also follow the vendor on Instagram where they actively post deals like buy one, get one offers, exclusive discounts, and more.


Urban Ice Organics Lab Tests

While they claim that their products are 100% natural, Urban Ice Organics doesn’t post any of their lab tests on their website. That said, it’s not entirely clear as to whether their kratom offers have actually gone through any tests to guarantee quality and potency.


American Kratom Association Membership

Despite the lack of lab test results per product, Urban Ice Organics is AKA-GMP certified. This means that buyers can be sure that all of the products that the vendor offers are processed in clean facilities that use processing techniques that reduce the risk of contamination.

The American Kratom Association’s certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices is awarded only to vendors that meet strict quality assurance protocol. And since Urban Ice Organics is a recipient of the AKA-GMP, buyers can be confident that their products are clean and contamination-free.


Is Urban Ice Organics Legit?

Save for their steep prices and fluctuating product quality, Urban Ice Organics remains a legitimate source of okay kratom. The vendor hasn’t been involved in any serious legal issues or cases, and none of their products have been recalled for quality concerns.


Should You Buy From Urban Ice Organics?

When it all comes right down to it, there are vendors out there that sell premium quality kratom for less. In most cases, you might be able to purchase double the amount of kratom with the kind of prices that Urban Ice Organics provides.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a quick fix and you need your next dose stat, buying Urban Ice Organics from your local smoke shop might not be too bad an idea.

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