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October 01, 2020

Top Extracts

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Proudly showcasing a selection of both kratom and CBD, Top Extracts fancies itself a vetted vendor that offers nothing but the best. This brand obviously fully invests in branding with their polished website and online persona that just beckons curious buyers over to their site.

The Chicago-based vendor is owned and operated by a guy named Jim Sourek. Founded in 2014, their goal is simple — to provide buyers clean, safe products that don’t sacrifice on quality. And with that, you can pretty much expect some pretty steep prices to boot.


Top Extracts Kratom Products and Service Overview

Back when they first started out, Top Extracts was a simple operation that served customers directly. Over the past few years, the vendor has seen unprecedented growth. Now, the brand is a large business that hasn’t only served thousands of buyers, but has also played a pivotal role in keeping kratom legal in Illinois.

Pay a visit to Top Extracts’ website, and you’ll find that they have a pretty polished online storefront. Their neatly organized selection makes online shopping effortless, and bestsellers get major exposure on their homepage.

Of course, kratom stands as their main offer. But they also sell a range of other botanicals under the ‘necessities’ category. These include picks like CBD, moringa, turmeric, and a host of other natural products. And of course, they also stock up on a variety of accessories to make your user experience just that much more convenient.

Kratom powder remains the star of the show, with the vendor offering over a dozen options. And unlike most others that sell their kratom in resealable bags, Top Extracts takes it up a notch with their brown tinted tubs.

But for as impressive as their packaging might be, Top Extracts’ powder weights might seem limited. Available only in 4oz and 1lb tubs, the vendor doesn’t offer individual powders in smaller packet sizes. They do however sell a sample pack that includes 10 different strains. They also sell 5kg bags for bulk buyers.

Capsules on the other hand, come in bottles of 60 or 120 pieces. In the extracts aisle, Top Extracts offers caffeinated liquid kratom extract, plain liquid extract, extract tablets, kratom-infused honey stix, and even kratom-infused root beer taffy.

So, what’s it going to cost you? Well, you would expect a professionally branded vendor like Top Extracts to cost top dollar, and you’d be right. These guys have some of the most expensive kratom products across the board. But even then, most of their buyers claim their stuff is well worth it.


Top Extracts Product Cost and Price Comparison

Again, Top Extracts isn’t a budget vendor, but they don’t really aim for that personality anyway. This vendor appeals to buyers who associate quality with cost. 

And because of the size of their operations, the number of their employees, and the cost of their overhead expenses, it’s easy to see why their kratom prices are so inflated.

Their 4oz tubs come at a cost of $29.50 each, or 0.26¢ per gram. If you’re buying a pound, you’ll have to spend $83 or 0.18¢ per gram. Of course, that might not seem like a lot. But if you compare prices to vendors like Moon Kratom, it’s easy to see that Top Extracts isn’t exactly a budget friendly pick.

Their kratom extract tablets sell for $19.99 for just 5 pieces. kratom-infused honet stix sell for $2 a piece, while kratom-infused taffy goes for $3 a piece.


Top Extracts Customer Reviews

Maybe their brand name might seem clever, but the vendor’s moniker actually works against them in terms of searchability. The vendor doesn’t show on websites like Reddit, and their name might be largely to blame for that.

Nonetheless, they do get quite a number of reviews on their website.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!! It was great to get home and see the quality items that were in it, as always!” – Top Extracts Facebook page

“I have read online everything necessary to know to use it. It arrived in a timely manner and seems to be in a great form for taking. Thank you for providing this product!” – Top Extracts website

“I am a long time customer of Top Extracts and love this company. Tried the extracts awhile ago and loved it. Recently bought multiple containers of the extract tablets for travel. It was amazing. So easy and efficient way of getting my kratom during travel. Will definitely be purchasing again.” – Top Extracts website

“Top Extracts always has the freshest products available online. Excellent prices and excellent customer service! The only place I will buy from! Thank you Top Extracts for all you do.” – Top Extracts website

“This company is lovely – the amount of information, education & support they provide is amazing. On top of that, this product is high quality and delivers exactly what the description states!” – Top Extracts website


Top Extracts Complaints

It’s not actually that easy to find complaints about Top Extracts. And while that might be because of the quality of their products, their name probably contributes to the limited search results.

“I give it an okay because I found some to be good and another batch gave me some discomfort. This is my experience, maybe yours is different so don’t discount it on the basis of one subjective opinion.” – Top Extracts website

“No problems getting delivery, but they are frequently out of stock on the products I usually order. Also wish they accepted PayPal.” – Top Extracts website

“No feel to be honest. Didn’t feel a thing. Had to mix with extract.” – Top Extracts website

“Noticed [Red Dragon] was new so I wanted to try it. I absolutely love your super green but with this I cant feel any noticeable effects. Tried it several times.” – Top Extracts website


Top Extracts Discount Codes

Still, the best way to get discounts for Top Extracts products would be to join their mailing list. The vendor is big on price cuts and coupons, and offers first time buyers 15% on their order for signing up to their newsletter. Other than that, they also regularly post exclusive discounts on their Facebook page.

Another way to get discounts at Top Extracts would be to buy bulk (duh.) The vendor offers a 7% discount when you buy at least 2 of the same item, 14% off if you buy 3 to 4, and 21% off on their regular prices when you buy 5 or more.


Top Extracts Lab Testing

Top Extracts throws the phrase ‘lab-tested’ around like nobody’s business. According to copy on their website, the vendor sends all of their products to third-party labs to check for potential contamination and for mitragynine levels.

But even with all this lab-testing talk, Top Extracts doesn’t really disclose any of their tests. So even if they ‘guarantee’ clean safe kratom, they have nothing to show for it.


American Kratom Association Membership

Top Extracts is a proud member of the AKA. This means buyers can be sure that any products the vendor sells are handled in clean facilities using safe, sanitary techniques.

The American Kratom Association performs this audit to aid kratom freedom. By regulating vendors, the AKA hopes to give governments the confidence to give kratom the green light in various jurisdictions.


Is Top Extracts Legit?

Well, it sure seems that way. Sure, they’ve been involved in legal battles before — but for a cause. According to their website, Top Extracts has found itself caught in the whirlwind as kratom activists work to keep the beloved herb legal.

However despite taking part in legal proceedings to protect kratom freedom, Top Extracts has yet to involve itself in legal cases concerning the safety of their products and the legality of their operations. Top Extracts has no history of issues with authorities or buyers, and none of their batches have been recalled by the FDA.


Should You Buy from Top Extracts?

Unless you’re particularly stingy when it comes to your kratom, there’s really no reason not to give Top Extracts a shot. These guys sell quality product that seems to satisfy most kratom buyers. And because they’ve got a super wide selection, you might be able to find something new to expand your kratom horizons.

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  1. Nina says:

    TopExtracts is by far the best Kratom company I’ve ever dealt with, and I’ve dealt with many. They test all their products, are cGMP compliant, include extra things to package to make their customers extra happy and go the extra mile. I’ve never had any subpar quality from TopEx – only amazing quality. Customer service is top notch too and worth mentioning.

  2. jim sourek says:

    Always happy with TopExtracts! Not a big selection but is there really a need for a bunch of meaningless names for red white and green?

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