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January 07, 2021

Golden Monk

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Ships from: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Ships to: United States, Canada, Mexico, International

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Established in 2016, Golden Monk stands proud as one of the most trusted names on the market. The vendor provides buyers an assortment of kratom products in various strains and color veins. But more than just variety, the vendor promises premium quality finds with their lab testing and satisfaction guarantee.

And while they definitely look like a promising vendor, the kratom population’s reception of the brand remains mixed. While some buyers claim to patronize Golden Monk as their go-to, others assert that their products might miss the target.


Golden Monk Product and Service Overview

What really gives Golden Monk the upper hand is their dedication to product testing. According to the vendor, they conduct six lab tests for every ton of kratom. And while that might not seem like a lot, that’s actually more frequent than the tests average vendors conduct.

Aside from that, Golden Monk also gets its kicks by offering an extensive array of kratom varieties. Their products include powders and capsules that come in countless strains and color veins. They also pay close attention to packaging, sealing their products in food-grade mylar bags for freshness and safety.

Powders at Golden Monk come in weights of 250g, 500g, and 1000g. So, buyers looking to get their hands on smaller, cheaper packs might have to spend a little bigger to give Golden Monk a try. Unfortunately, they also don’t seem to offer any sample packs.

On the upside, browsing their website is both effortless and easy. So, you should be able to carefully select your options before you make a purchase. Neatly organized and designed, their online storefront provides all of the most important information front and center.

So, what do buyers have to say? Obviously on their website, feedback remains widely optimistic. On forums like Reddit however, multiple threads talk about the quality of Golden Monk’s products. Aside from consistency issues, some assert that the vendor’s products turn out to be bunk.


Golden Monk Product Cost and Price Comparison

Golden Monk’s products might not compete with the cheapest vendors out there, but they don’t stray far. The brand’s prices still fall within reasonable limits, which explains how they manage to secure the patronage of a solid base of customers.


Powder Starts at $39.99 for 250g Starts at $9.75 for 100g Starts at $29.95 for 250g
$69.99 for 500g $23.75 for 250g $49.95 for 500g
$89.99 for 1000g $69 for 1000g $89.95 for 1000g


Golden Monk’s powders cost between 0.16¢ and 0.089¢ per gram, which definitely works for most buyers on a budget. Do note however that some vendors can go as low as 0.06¢ per gram, although those prices are rare.

If you’re buying capsules, you can expect to pay the following prices:

    • $44.99 for 250g
    • $67.99 for 500g
    • 135.99 for 1000g
    • $254.99 for 2000g

Golden Monk Reviews

While there is room on the Golden Monk website for customer reviews, they don’t use a verification service like YotPo or Trust Pilot. On top of that, some people also claim that the vendor has frequently rejected less than favorable reviews submitted for their approval.

Nonetheless, positive reviews for the brand exist elsewhere on the web, like Reddit.

“My new favorite vendor. the quality of the MD was phenomenal, and I had the fortune to compare it to 3 other brands, and it came out the best of them. Excellent packaging for the capsules, shipping and customer service was top notch.” – Golden Monk website

“First of all, The shipping was super-fast, it only took 2 days to get from Las Vegas to Maine. The quality is superb I was skeptical because the price was so low compared to the vendor I generally buy Kratom from. I only ordered 250 capsules because that was the smallest amount I was able to buy. […] I love TGM.” – Golden Monk website

“I purchased many times. I highly recommend this company and find them very reputable. Yes they even answer the phone.” – Golden Monk website

“I just received my first order of white Borneo from GM yesterday and it is fantastic” – Reddit user

“Golden Monk is amazing. I can understand if you got a bad batch, it happens even with the best vendors but I’ve ordered from Golden Monk maybe about 15 times and every time was spot on with amazing quality kratom.” – Reddit user


Golden Monk Complaints

Reddit threads provide a vivid look into the other side of the customer experience. Numerous comments on the site describe a less than ideal encounter with Golden Monk’s products, indicating that they might not be as consistent as they seem.

“I tried golden monk once — and only once. I got the red Bentuangie. I can honestly say it was some of the worst kratom I ever had. Out of a 250g bag I got about three effective doses. I would take it and still be in kratom withdrawal. It also was disgusting in taste.” – Reddit user

“I bought a kilo of white Maeng Da from Golden monk and it was terrible. The quality was trash. I’d avoid this vendor like the plague if I were you.” – Reddit user

“I’ve been using yeah for 10 years and I would put them near the bottom. Golden monk just didn’t do anything. I tried GMD Red bali and Green borneo. They all sucked.” – Reddit user

“I can attest to GM’s recent batch of Green Malay being disappointing. I recently purchased an order, and it is not the same quality as my previous one. It’s also darker than the previous batch I got, and not as “Potent”.” – Reddit user

“That’s the thing with Golden Monk: It’s hit or miss. I’ve gotten some junk and some treasure from them. It’s like a gamble.” – Reddit user


Golden Monk Discount Codes and Coupons

Golden Monk regularly places their products on sale in an effort to clear out older stock. So, it’s recommended that you check back in their website regularly to get price cuts and promotional offers.

Aside from that, Golden Monk has a newsletter that lets them send discount codes and updates straight to your email. Just like any other vendor, you can find their mailing list sign-up at the bottom of their website. They’ll even send you a discount for your first purchase the moment you sign up.


Golden Monk Lab Testing

According to the vendor, they perform six tests for every ton of product. This includes screenings for heavy metals, microbes, and alkaloid content. Batch numbers correlating to the test series are listed on the individual product packages. 

Keep in mind though that they don’t make these reports public. So, while they guarantee quality by running the tests, they don’t actually show the public the results of these evaluations. All we’re told is that if the product doesn’t pass, they’re tossed out.


American Kratom Association Membership

Yes, Golden Monk is an AKA-affiliated vendor. The AKA stands as the regulatory body for all kratom vendors. Their task is to audit brands and make sure they abide by strict sanitation and safety standards.

Aside from being AKA-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant, Golden Monk makes their certification public through their website. Visitors can find the results of their AKA-GMP audit by checking their certificate of analysis page.


Is Golden Monk Legit?

As far as information on the web goes, it seems that Golden Monk is a legitimate kratom vendor. Since day one, the vendor has had a clean slate. With no history of recalls, legal battles with customers, or run-ins with the law, Golden Monk touts a spotless track record.

Aside from that, they also provide a satisfaction guarantee. So, in case you’re not happy with the products you get, the vendor will gladly refund your payment regardless of whether the product has been opened or not.


Should You Buy From Golden Monk?

It’s a hit or miss, as kratom buyers say. But with a solid satisfaction guarantee in place, there’s really nothing to lose. So, if you were looking to try something new, or if Golden Monk’s impressive strain collection has hooked you in, then go ahead and give it a shot.

At the end of the day, their products are lab-tested, AKA-GMP compliant, and affordable. And in case you’re not satisfied with what you buy, you can always make use of their guarantee

Star Light Kratom


  1. mojocuba
    Active Commenter

    what can i say, good vendor. good quality products. great selection and pricing.

    back in may 2021, they had a white MD strain that was absolutely amazing.

    it lasted 6-8 hours. amazing mood, kickass motivation and energy for daaaaays. and the best part? dose was 1.5 to 2G A DAY
    like once in the morning and its good till 9pm !!!

    i tried to get it again. but no go. the powder was a very very light green tint.

    nothing else came close.not from same vendor, or any others….

    golden monk remains a great supplier and highly recommended though

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