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January 07, 2021

Golden Monk

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Ships from: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Ships to: United States, Canada, Mexico, International

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Consistent, reliable, and dedicated — it’s no wonder how the Golden Monk has managed to rise through the ranks to become one of the most recognizable kratom vendors around. These guys have been in business for years, and have perfected their operations to provide customers quality product and polished customer service.

With thousands of accumulated reviews for their several dozen product picks, Golden Monk is the standard bearer for veteran kratom brands. And just in case their products don’t meet your standards, their no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee promises zero risks for any and all transactions.


Golden Monk Product and Service Overview

The Golden Monk might not tout the same professional branding and website that other vendors boast. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less respectable. If anything, their online store provides a clean, easy, and effortless shopping experience.

They make sure to showcase any and all important information right where you need it. So you won’t have to worry too much about clicking too much just to find what you’re looking for. They also make sure to organize their products into neat categories for easier shopping.

Golden Monk offers a wide assortment of powders and capsules. What particularly discriminating customers appreciate is that they don’t use the same old stock images for their products. And while it might seem like an unnecessary detail, there’s no denying that their enticing images add to the overall satisfaction of shopping.

Their powders come in weights of 250g, 500g, and 1000g. If you’re more of a sampler type person, that might seem limited. But their prices make it easy to afford their 250g packs without having to spend more than your budget allows.

While all of these details make it difficult enough to turn away from a transaction, the sheer number of reviews on their website make them especially enticing. Each of their products touts several dozens of reviews, providing prospective customers a detailed idea of exactly what Golden Monk has to offer.


Golden Monk Product Cost and Price Comparison

Are they the cheapest guys on the block? Well, not exactly. But that’s not what the Golden Monk tries to be anyway. Expect any high quality vendor to slightly step up their prices. It just comes with the territory, especially since they put more work into quality control and customer service.

Powders Starts at $39.99 for 250g Starts at $17 for 100g Starts at
$69.99 for 500g $79 for 1kg $19.99 for 100g
$89.99 for 1kg $345 for 5kg $139.99 for 1kg
$499 for 5kg
Capsules Starts at $44.99 for 250ct Starts at $25 for 100g Starts at $16 for 36g
$67.99 for 500ct $160 for 1kg $58.99 for 192g
$135.99 for 1000ct
$254.99 for 2000ct

Just by taking a look at the table, it’s easy to see that Golden Monk represents the middle ground of kratom prices. Their smallest 250g pack sells for $39.99 or 0.16¢ per gram. For buyers looking to get a big bulk bag, their kilograms go for just $89.99 each or 0.089¢ per gram.

For a little bit of context, the cheapest kratom vendors on the scene sell kilograms for as low as 0.06¢ per gram. With about a 0.029¢ difference, the Golden Monk’s kratom definitely isn’t too far from the industry low. Heck, even without comparison, their products remain reasonably within budget for most.


Golden Monk Customer Reviews

There’s no shortage of positive feedback for the Golden Monk brand. What customers seem to appreciate most about the vendor is the sheer quality of their products and their obvious dedication to customer satisfaction.

“The product quality is the best out there, paired with top notch customer service and fast shipping makes TGM the only place to get your kratom.” – Golden Monk website

“This company ROCKS! Got my order of Super Green caps in 3 days and got 22 extra caps.” – Golden Monk website

“I am a first time customer and am very happy with the product and service I got from you guys. Will order again” – Golden Monk website

“The product quality is great. Strong aroma and very good kratom. I would put the quality up there with the bigger guys. The customer service is amazing, they responded to my question quickly and efficiently.” – Golden Monk website

“Golden Monk is strong for me and works great.” – Reddit user

“I’ve been using Golden Monk for 6 months and tried several of their kinds I like the white Maeng da best. The are the best and the strongest company I have found. I haven’t had any bad batches yet and they send me free samples too. Great company” – Reddit user


Golden Monk Complaints

You can’t please everyone, although Golden Monk definitely tries. Since they have received critical reviews now and again, the vendor uses their satisfaction guarantee to resolve any issues that customers might have with their products.

“Good product. My only complaint is “kratom capsules” was listed on the bag and I put a note not to do that! Hoping you guys can fix that next time.” – Golden Monk website

“Great prices but always out of stock.” – Golden Monk website

“Very quick to respond. i had one order mix-up where they sent me red Borneo instead of red Bali but they were quick to rectify it and reship the new order to me.” – Golden Monk website

“My first batch was great, but this next one did nothing for me.” – Reddit user

“I tried GM and got white Borneo and red Bali. Both [didn’t work for me.] I contacted customer service and exchanged them both for red Hulu and red Maeng Da. They’re both okay. The red Hulu was especially good.” – Reddit user


Golden Monk Discount Codes and Coupons

Sure, they might not be the cheapest vendor around. But the Golden Monk offers a number of ways for customers to save up on their purchases. The vendor offers free shipping on all orders $49.99 or more. They also have a loyalty program that earns you one point for every $10 you spend.

Accumulating points lets you unlock discounts and promotional offers that you can use on future orders. And while they might not be particularly active on social media, the vendor has a mailing list that you can subscribe to for updates on their latest discounts and offers.


Golden Monk Lab Testing

Compared to any other vendor on the market, it seems the Golden Monk provides the most extensive information on their testing process. According to the vendor, they perform a total of six third-party lab tests for every ton of product they process.

They check for microbes, heavy metals, and of course, alkaloid profiles. What’s more, since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the vendor has enacted a number of protocol within their facilities to maintain the safety of both their personnel and their products.

The vendor posts results for their product tests right on their website. These easily accessible reports tell you exactly what you’re getting before you even try the product itself.


American Kratom Association Membership

Golden Monk goes the extra mile to assure their customers of their dedication to quality by posting the results of their AKA Good Manufacturing Practices evaluation. In all fairness to the vendor, this level of transparency isn’t common across the market, and demonstrates a serious desire to secure the confidence of buyers.

The vendor’s AKA-GMP audit documentation can be found on their own website. Based on the findings, the vendor passed the assessment with flying colors. This simply means that they demonstrated the highest level of safety and sanitation throughout their facilities and procedures.


Is the Golden Monk Legit?

It’s hard to see them as anything less than a legitimate vendor. Sure, they get critical reviews now and again. But with such an overwhelmingly positive response from their consumer base, it’s easy to see that the Golden Monk isn’t interested in playing around with their customers.

Moreover, the vendor has no history or product recalls, scam reports, or even legal battles with buyers or the authorities. And just in case you were second guessing your purchase, they offer a satisfaction guarantee that refunds your payment — regardless of whether or not your products have been opened and used.


Should You Try the Golden Monk?

Definitely. It’s hard to find a vendor with a dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction like the Golden Monk. This brand wants to make sure that everyone who buys from their store walks away with a smile, and it seems they’ve been successful in that endeavor so far.

And just in case you don’t like the products you get, you can always file for a refund through their no-risk satisfaction guarantee. So all things considered, there’s really nothing to lose.

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  1. mojocuba
    Active Commenter

    what can i say, good vendor. good quality products. great selection and pricing.

    back in may 2021, they had a white MD strain that was absolutely amazing.

    it lasted 6-8 hours. amazing mood, kickass motivation and energy for daaaaays. and the best part? dose was 1.5 to 2G A DAY
    like once in the morning and its good till 9pm !!!

    i tried to get it again. but no go. the powder was a very very light green tint.

    nothing else came close.not from same vendor, or any others….

    golden monk remains a great supplier and highly recommended though

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