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October 01, 2020

Super Natural Botanicals

Ships from: Torrance, California, USA
Ships to: United States, Canada

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You really can’t navigate the kratom market without encountering Super Natural Botanicals at least once along the way. That’s because they’re your run-of-the-mill vape shop brand. This vendor sells their products both online through their own website, and through every gas station and convenience store you can find.

Since they are so incredibly prominent, Super Natural Botanicals has amassed a seriously large collection of reviews. But while the comments you’ll find on the surface can definitely seem persuasive, a little extra digging should unfurl a completely different side of the vendor.


Super Natural Botanicals Product and Service Overview

Any kratom enthusiast can look at the iconic blue, green, and white Super Natural Botanicals logo and identify exactly what brand it belongs to. These guys are perhaps one of the most recognizable vendors on the market, selling their products in clearly labeled packages that tout their branding loud and clear.

Pay their website a visit, and you’ll discover a fairly decorated online storefront. Now, they definitely don’t exude that premium quality vendor vibe. But their website leaves many others in the dust in terms of navigation and organization.

Super Natural Botanicals stocks a wide variety of kratom strains and products. They carry pretty much everything you can think of, including capsules, tinctures, tablets, extracts, powders, and more. Now, the sheer number of choices can definitely have your eyes popping, but their prices might make you squint.

This vendor is notoriously expensive, selling their products for way, way beyond the normal range. And while they claim their product quality is worth the added green, some buyers say its all an elaborate ruse.

Throughout the web, Super Natural Botanicals receives loads of love and support from over a thousand unique buyers. But while the optimistic comments definitely abound, the vendor struggles to subdue the voices of unsatisfied customers who share different views about their products and services.

Across the internet, the vendor has flagged countless critical comments and deleted hundreds of others to keep their reputation clean and pristine. But no amount of censorship can hush the cries of disgruntled buyers looking to get retribution for unsatisfying transactions.


Super Natural Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

It’s hard to imagine paying such steep prices for kratom especially when so many other reputable brands sell their product for much less. Super Natural Botanicals charges some seriously sky-high prices for their products that can be described in one word — unreasonable.

Powders Starts at $11.95 for 28g Starts at $45 for 250g Starts at $6.99 for 28g
$59.95 for 250g $120 for 1kg $114.99 for 1kg
$109.95 for 500g $512.50 for 5kg $425 for 5kg
$199.95 for 1000g $1,000 for 10kg $750 for 10kg
Capsules Starts at $19.95 for 50ct Starts at $25 for 100ct Starts at $9.99 for 50ct
$175 for 1000ct $59.99 for 400ct
$687.50 for 5000ct

Yes, their 28g packets sell for $11.95 each, placing each gram at a steep 0.43¢. Even more surprising, their kilograms go for a whopping 0.2¢ per gram. If that doesn’t seem expensive to you, you might want to consider that vendors like EZ Kratom and PA Botanicals sell for much less than that.

Heck, these two vendors are even considered some of the most expensive on the market. You can find kratom powder that sells for as little as 0.06¢ per gram — three times cheaper than Super Natural Botanicals.


Super Natural Botanicals Reviews

Now here’s where Super Natural Botanicals shines. The vendor undoubtedly has one of the most extensive collections of reviews. Fortunately for them, most of these comments are positive. But the legitimacy of each one isn’t something we can guarantee.

“Fast delivery, excellent service. Will order from again soon.” – Super Natural Botanicals website

“I absolutely love this product!! I buy from several different places online, but Super Botanical has been by far my favorite.” – Super Natural Botanicals website

“They are amazing. Kratom really works. I’m a repeat customer.” – Google reviews

“I like the freshness of their Green and white Maenga Da. Both works great for my energy and positive mood. I recommend Super Natural Botanicals to all.” – Google reviews

“this place customer service its amazing amd prompt, did 2 orders they combined them for me great experience… if the product its just as good wich i dont doubt theyll be my new go to for my stuff!!” – Super Natural Botanicals Facebook page


Super Natural Botanicals Complaints

Again and again, Super Natural Botanicals has been accused of censoring buyers who leave comments that complain about their quality and customer service. In fact, despite their sea of positive feedback, the vendor averages a rating of just 3.7 stars on Google.

On Facebook, they average 3.3 stars out of 5, while on Yelp, they get a lousy one star. On Trustpilot however, the brand gets a 4.4 star rating. But it’s important to remember that to some extent, they have control of what feedback gets posted to their Trustpilot page.

“In my opinion they are overpriced and unprofessional, I recommend you at least look around before considering these guys. You can find a better experience anywhere else.” – Yelp

“I wrote a review that I felt was correct. I received an email from Super Natural Botanicals, asking me to change my review. I agreed I would change it if/when I received the product. I was then inundated with 14 emails within 2 hrs. Trying to get me to change my review. You can make your own judgement, but to me that constitutes bullying and harassment.” – Yelp

“Their website reviews are obvious fakes. The quality is old and grainy with a horrible flavor.” – Google reviews

“Company claims they have “real reviews” but they delete anything that’s not a perfect rating. Please don’t waste your hard earned money with an unprofessional company. […] I hope that they take the time to improve their customer service and the way that they talk to their customers. Without your customers, you are nothing.” – Google reviews

“Because of the very rude way they treat their customers after they leave them a review? The word is out that I will NOT use you when purchasing my KRATOM! Sorry, NOT sorry!” – Super Natural Botanicals Facebook page


Super Natural Botanicals Coupon Codes and Discounts

With their crazy expensive prices, it’s only fair that the vendor provide their buyers a way to cut back on their grand total. The vendor doesn’t only have a mailing list but also provides a rewards program that lets you earn points for every successful transaction.

You can also get information about exclusive discounts and promotional offers by following them on Facebook. But just to make things a little more enticing. SNB offers free samples with all orders over $30 and free shipping on every order regardless of how much (or how little) you’re buying.


Super Natural Botanicals Lab Testing

Super Natural Botanicals provides a separate tab on their website just for lab tests. And while they regularly update these tests, they don’t provide enough tests for all of the products on their line-up.

It’s also not entirely clear what specific products the lab reports are for. However they do test for contamination and for mitragynine content, which should provide a more holistic idea of what their products can do.


American Kratom Association Membership

Super Natural Botanicals makes mention of the American Kratom Association a number of times throughout their website. However they never claim to be a member. And that’s because they’re not.

Despite the size of their operation, it’s interesting to find that Super Natural Botanicals has yet to become an AKA-GMP certified vendor. They haven’t submitted for an audit, so no one knows the conditions in which their kratom is processed and handled.

AKA Good Manufacturing Practices compliance is important because it points buyers to vendors who minimize the risk of contamination. Brands that are also particular about supporting kratom freedom should strive to acquire AKA-GMP certification because it bolsters kratom’s reputation in the grand scheme of things.


Is Super Natural Botanicals Legit?

As far as product recalls and legal battles go, Super Natural Botanicals has nothing to worry about. The vendor’s legitimacy issues don’t really stem from there anyway. Their biggest problem is their incessant need to sanitize reviews on the web.

The vendor does everything it can to clean out negative comments. And in doing so, they keep vital information from buyers who want to get the full picture. Generally, veterans will advise that you stay away from vendors that attempt to censor feedback. 


Should You Try Super Natural Botanicals?

If there’s a strain on their line-up that’s tickling your fancy, there’s no reason not to give them a try. But their super expensive prices and unprofessional customer support make them no more than just that — a new vendor to try.

There are loads of other brands out there that provide every quality you would look for in a go-to. Spend your money there instead if you want to get the most product minus the crappy customer experience.


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