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October 01, 2020

Sumbawa Kratom

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Based in Indonesia, Sumbawa Kratom is a bulk supplier of kratom products. They offer a diverse selection of kratom strains, including classics like White Indo and rarer finds like Green Sumbawa. Large-size buyers will likely appreciate their bulk product quantities and low prices. However, because Sumbawa’s minimum order quantity starts at 1 kilogram (1000g), smaller-scale buyers may want to shop elsewhere.

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  1. Chris Valentino says:

    I just received my order from Sumbawa Kratom. I grabbed 5 kilos for $300, and am very happy with the quality.

    Of the kratom I ordered, I got a very nice green strain, and a red that is just as good.

    The green is a perfect “right in the middle” leaf. It is good for any time of day, whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or night.

    The red strain is a little bit more relaxing, but is not too sedating. The red leaf itself isn’t too dark in color either, which I like. I do not care much for red vein powder that is super dark.

    Overall I am really happy with my order, especially for the price! I will definitely be ordering more from them in the future!

  2. Luke B says:

    Very good products and very good with serving they customer. I personally like the Green Kratom from Sumbawa Kratom. I will repurchase from this company in the future.

  3. Bharat india says:

    Hello guys

    Sumbawa kratom is totally fraud ; cheater and scammer.

    Pls don’t trust and buy any products

  4. clarencewbeasley4
    Active Commenter

    Sumbawa is the real deal. Their product is of the highest quality and very fresh.

    • Jay says:

      My previous review under the name “Jay” was for the wrong kratom vendor! The website will not let me delete my review, but just know, Sumbawa Kratom is a good vendor, and they have been great to deal with, and any issues I had, they were quick to help fix. To those who run, please delete my prior wrong review if you can. Thanks Sumbawa Kratom for working with me, and giving me great kratom!

  5. jim says:

    Legit vendor, and good prices

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