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October 01, 2020

Sulawesi Kratom

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Ships from: Pontianak, West Kali, Indonesia
Ships to: United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, International

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Most Indonesian kratom vendors selling products to US-based buyers don’t really give two shakes about branding since they reel in customers with their ultra low prices. But not Kratom Sulawesi. This reputable vendor is one of the most trusted Indo brands on the US market, and for good reasons.

With a sturdy reputation online, Kratom Sulawesi aims to change the way people see Indonesian vendors. Combining quality products, low prices, and prompt customer support, these guys are poised to become a key player in the US kratom market.


Kratom Sulawesi Product and Services Overview

Most Indonesian vendors operate out of seedy websites with little to no information about their products and services. That’s because for most of these vendors, their ultra low prices are more than enough to reel in customers.

But even with their low cost kratom, Kratom Sulawesi goes the extra mile by establishing itself as a serious brand. In fact, their website exudes a professional aura that lots of US-based vendors struggle to achieve. Just a glance at their online storefront demonstrates their dedication to polished branding.

Products listed in their website fall into neat categories that make browsing a breeze. Their product selection is impressively broad, bringing customers never-before-heard kratom strains that definitely make the vendor all the more alluring.

The Kratom Sulawesi product line-up is strictly restricted to just powders. They don’t sell any capsules, extracts, or gimmicky kratom-infused candies and food. So if you were hoping to get your hands on something new and exotic, they might not be the guys for the job.

Another thing you’ll notice is that Kratom Sulawesi doesn’t sell their kratom powders in weights less than a kilogram. So if you were hoping to try a small packet before committing to a bigger bag, they don’t really provide that option. On the upside, even if you decide to buy a kilo, you’re not going to spend much.

Kratom Sulawesi’s products are about half the cost of the cheapest US-based vendor on the block. Of course, you’d also have to factor in the cost of shipping, which might bring you to about a hair cheaper than the usual kratom you can find through domestic vendors. But hey, at least it’s still cheaper.


Kratom Sulawesi Product Cost and Price Comparison

Up front, Kratom Sulawesi’s products are dirt cheap. Their powders on their own cost about half the price of other vendors. In some cases, they might even come to just about a fourth of the price of kratom typically sold through high-end kratom brands.


Starts at $35 for 1000g Starts at $9.75 for 100g Starts at $29.95 for 250g Starts at $12.64 for 30g
$23.75 for 250g $49.95 for 500g $22.27 for 100g
$69 for 1000g $89.95 for 1000g $39.77 for 250g
$75.57 for 1000g


Just at a glance, Kratom Sulawesi blows its competition out of the water with their unbelievably low pricing. Herbal RVA for instance — recognized as one of the cheapest kratom vendors on US soil — sells their kratom for double the price of Kratom Sulawesi.

So by the gram, you’re only spending about 0.035¢ on Kratom Sulawesi’s stuff versus Herbal RVA’s 0.069¢ per gram. But remember, that’s the product cost alone. To figure out how much you’re actually spending, you’re going to have to compute delivery fees.

Their base shipping fee for US orders starts at $70. So if you’re buying just one kilogram, you’ll end up paying $105, which already exceeds the cost of domestic kilograms by over $30 bucks. But the beauty of Kratom Sulawesi’s pricing enters the picture when you buy at least four kilograms.

At four kilos, you’ll spend about $128 on shipping fees. So that’s $140 for the product, plus $128, which totals $268. Divide that cost by the number of grams you’re getting, and you’ll arrive at a PPG of just 0.067¢ — about a smidge lower than Herbal RVA.

So unless you’re buying in bulk, Kratom Sulawesi’s prices might not be quite as affordable once you factor in the shipping cost. But even then, some customers believe that the price is definitely worth the quality of the product they deliver.


Kratom Sulawesi Customer Reviews

Although Kratom Sulawesi reviews don’t really exist too close to the surface, you should be able to find a few authentic reviews with a little bit of digging. For the most part, the vendor gets a handful of mentions on Reddit where they’re received with relative positivity.

“I am very satisfied with this product and would not hesitate to order more. Be prepared for a 3-4 week wait depending on location, other than that, great product at a great price and worth the wait.” – Reddit user

“I would rate this product with the best I have had from either vendors. I ended up ordering from Sulawesi Kratom. I have seen them advertising on here from time to time but not much feedback. Communication from the vendor was prompt and I was satisfied with the service.” – Reddit user

“I was a bit apprehensive since this was m first time not ordering from a US vendor but it went very smoothly. The quality is top notch too. I’ll be ordering a few more kilograms with my next order.” – Reddit user


Kratom Sulawesi Complaints

Just like positive reviews, complaints for Kratom Sulawesi are few and far between. Even then, you should be able to find a critical comment now and again, along with a few alleged reports of taking payments without sending out orders.

“The packaging, however, was an absolute monster to unwrap. It was a vacuum sealed bag, layered in brown packing tape, vertically and horizontally. This was wrapped in cardboard and again, layers of brown packing tape. They did a good job of protecting the product, but it took about 15 minutes of careful cutting and tearing to remove the tape. Be prepared to put it into something else for storage, I cut the bag right as I was nearing completion of unwrapping.” – Reddit user

“Nothing. Still haven’t sent anything. Still haven’t refunded my money. No answer to emails. I have accepted that they scammed me and moved on. They are fake. Not sure what else I can say. Best of luck.” – Reddit user


Kratom Sulawesi Discount Codes and Coupons

Because their product is so incredibly cheap, Kratom Sulawesi doesn’t have a lot of leg room to dial down their prices with discount codes and coupons. So aside from the fact that they don’t have any socials, the vendor also doesn’t have a newsletter for sending out routine discounts and promotional offers.

On the other hand, they were active on Reddit for quite a while. In some cases, buyers might be able to ask for samples free of charge. But then again, it’s never guaranteed to even their most dedicated shoppers.


Kratom Sulawesi Lab Testing

While most other Indonesian vendors leave out the nitty gritty, Kratom Sulawesi sweetens the deal with their update lab reports. The vendor provides a dedicated page on their website just for lab testing results, so buyers know exactly what they’re getting when they make a purchase.

Their tests examine their products for both possible contamination and for mitragynine content. So aside from confirming the safety of their kratom, they also provide the necessary numbers to verify their promised potency.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association was established with the goal of maintaining safety within the kratom market. They evaluate and audit vendors that submit to their Good Manufacturing Practices program.

Brands that pass the evaluation receive cGMP certification to prove to their buyers that their facilities, procedures, and personnel follow strict guidelines for safety and sanitation.

Since they’re not a US vendor, Kratom Sulawesi doesn’t possess AKA-GMP certification. So for buyers, there’s always a little risk involved since you don’t know exactly what takes place behind Kratom Sulawesi’s closed doors.


Is Kratom Sulawesi Legit?

That’s tough to answer. The vendor has quite a number of positive reviews on the web, but allegations of scams aren’t too far behind. What we can confirm however is that they’ve never been involved in legal battles, and that their products have never been recalled for contamination.


Should You Buy from Kratom Saluwesi?

That depends on you. If you’re looking to buy cheap kilograms, Kratom Sulawesi might be what you’re looking for. These guys provide an impressive range of products that becomes cheaper than domestic vendors as you breach the four kilogram mark.

Nevertheless, see to it to practice caution when dealing with non-US based vendors. Do you research and communicate with Kratom Sulawesi before you place your order to find out if they’re the right guys for you.

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    Longest lasting of all the strains I’ve tried so far. Six full hours. Good pain relief and moderate energy. Excellent aroma overall.

  2. Clistia P. says:

    Great product, fast shipping and great customer service!

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