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August 25, 2020

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If you’ve never heard of SOSA Speciosa, you’re not alone. The vendor barely got off the ground before they abruptly pulled the plug on their own business. Today, SOSA Speciosa is nothing but a distant dream — or nightmare — to those who once had the chance to give their products and services a try.

That’s not to say that their products were horrible or anything like that. In fact, the limited reviews about their speciosa actually point to their product being pretty okay quality. But what really turned their consumer base sour is the blatant fraud that the vendor pulled right before they closed their doors.


SOSA Speciosa Product and Service Overview

SOSA Speciosa (which is an abbreviation for “Shipping Out Some Awesome Speciosa”) wasn’t particularly different from all the many kratom vendors on the scene. They sold the usual fare — Maeng Da, Bali, Borneo, and Sumatra, to name a few. The vendor offered these choices as powders which came in weights of 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g.

According to the rare reviews you might find online for SOSA Speciosa, customers seemed to enjoy their kratom products. In fact, their popularity seemed to pick up a few years after opening their doors, earning the vendor just enough patronage to keep their boat afloat.

But what happened next isn’t something anyone expected. Back in 2020, the vendor took in orders as usual from repeat and new clients. And while the transactions seemed to go by smoothly, customers noticed that their orders took quite a while to arrive.

After several attempts of reaching out to the vendor, the disgruntled buyers complained that their emails and calls had gone unanswered. The worst part is that just a few weeks later, the vendor ultimately closed down their website with zero warnings.

To date, the buyers who made those transactions have not had any of their money refunded. What’s worse is that no one truly knows what led the vendor to act the way that it did. Unfortunately, the vendor never resurfaced since that day.


SOSA Speciosa Product Cost and Price Comparison

One of the reasons why customers insisted on taking risks with a fairly unknown vendor is because of their prices. The vendor sold some pretty cheap product which bolstered their reputation as a suitable source of everyday speciosa.


Starts at $12 for 100g Starts at $8 for 25g Starts at $8 for 28g Starts at $3.50 for 25g
$25 for 250g $25 for 100g $80 for 500g $35 for 500g
$45 for 500g $70 for 500g $130 for 1000g $60 for 1000g
$70 for 1000g $105 for 1000g


Were they the cheapest vendor on the scene? Well, not exactly. But despite that, they walked the line of budget friendly brands. Their smallest packets measured 100g and sold for a meager $12 which translates to 0.12¢ per gram.

If you were looking to buy bulk, the vendor sold their kilograms for as little as $70 or just 0.07¢ per gram. Of course, that’s no grand feat considering All Natural Artisan’s 0.06¢ per gram kilos, but it’s definitely not a far cry.


SOSA Speciosa Customer Reviews

The vendor doesn’t get too much recognition online, probably because they hadn’t penetrated the kratom consumer base’s consciousness during their time on the scene. Nonetheless, the annals of various forums on the web shine some light on what the vendor was like during their first few years.

“I liked the super green and white horn. Shipping was fast and the price was okay.” – Double M Herbals forum

“I have nothing but good things to say about Sosa’s. Good customer service, fast shipping and I’ve always been satisfied with my orders.” – Double M Hebals

“I got a split kilo from them a couple months ago. White jungle was a stand out. […] I would also like to add great customer service and ship time as you have to email your order.” – Double M  Herbals

“Sosa has been pretty good for me. Yellow Maengda is about the only thing that hits for me lately.” – Double M Herbals

“tried SOSA for the first time about 2 weeks ago. His Red Sumatra is one of the best strains I’ve had in a long time. It’s an excellent daytime red. I took my usual dose of about 6 grams the first time I tried it but it was so strong I found that I really only needed about 3-4 grams to get where I was trying to go. Give SOSA a try. You won’t be disappointed!” – Double M Herbals


SOSA Speciosa Complaints

They’re anything but the perfect vendor. Even before their scamming spree, the vendor had to face the tough criticism of the kratom consumer base. All together, they had a bunch of areas for improvement that they could have easily addressed to extend their lifespan.

“Over a week ago I made an order that they couldnt ship out for 3 days, and even then it turns out they never gave USPS my order. I’ve been waiting for USPS to receive the package since last Wednesday and Sosa will not answer any of my emails.” – Double M Herbals

“I can’t even get another response. At one point, he said he’d send me an invoice that night. Then, nothing.” – Double M Herbals

“Well, that about does it… Dozens of paid orders, report a bad Customer Service problem. Worst in the business. Buy at your own risk.” – Double M Herbals

“SoSa was one of my faves. But we have been through all of this before and even though sometimes our favorite vendors feel like our friends, they are still business people, and we are still paying for a service and a product. I’m gonna have to take SoSa off my list.” – Double M Herbals

“I placed an order about three weeks ago and he was quick to send an invoice. So I sent the money and literally have not heard anything since. I have reached out numerous times and haven’t even received a response. This is highly aggravating because I spent the very last $77 I had on this order.” – Double M Herbals


SOSA Speciosa Lab Testing and AKA-GMP Compliance

There’s no information left online that talks about SOSA Speciosa’s lab testing protocol and status. So we can’t really draw any conclusions about their stance on third-party kratom inspections.

Lab testing is important because it demonstrates that every batch that comes out the vendor’s doors do not contain any contamination. Some also go the extra mile to measure alkaloid numbers, so buyers know exactly what they’re getting in terms of potency.

When it comes to American Kratom Association (AKA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance, SOSA Speciosa was never accredited. Unlike lab testing, AKA-GMP certification takes a closer look at procedures and facilities.

If a vendor abides by strict protocol and standards, they receive the GMP seal and thus have the leverage to assure their buyers that their products are handled and processed in safe, sanitary facilities using proper techniques and procedures.

Unfortunately for the vendor, they never received AKA-GMP certification from the regulatory body. So no one really knew what happened behind SOSA Speciosa’s closed doors.


Is SOSA Speciosa Legit?

At least for a while, they were. SOSA Speciosa was a promising endeavor that offered okay product at low prices. They were poised for success, and some customers even believed that the vendor enjoyed a consumer base that was bigger than their initial capacity.

In some ways, that might have even been the root cause of their infidelity. With stocks running low, it seems the vendor’s owner didn’t want to surrender the possible revenue. So they took the orders even without any product to send out in return. And when things got hairy, they decided to book it.

Unfortunately, SOSA’s history of fraud and non-fulfillment of orders just goes to show that they weren’t all that trustworthy in the first place. Any vendor with some form of dignity and reliability would have never taken the chance to scam its honest, paying customers.


Alternatives to SOSA Speciosa

On the upside, there are a lot of other vendors out there that offer affordable product that’s guaranteed high quality. So while SOSA Speciosa might no longer exist on the kratom scene, there are countless others that have replaced its presence.

For discriminating buyers who want to steer clear of scams and fraud, it pays to really look into the brands you patronize. A satisfaction guarantee, updated lab tests, and AKA membership are qualities you should look for to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable source.

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  1. DL says:

    This used to be my absolute favorite Kratom vendor. Seriously the best kratom on the market, and at great prices. His kratom was so good, it makes me wonder if he was lacing it with something. But unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy it for too long before he disappeared. Disappeared around the time Covid started, so I always assume he might have just died. I did not get my money stolen like many ppl claim, but I miss ordering from this guy.

    Side note… one time I had a weird order. I did the sample pack and listed the 9 different strains I wanted. What I received in the mail was 9 random strains (all reds) that I did not order. He told me that he had a bad employee working for him who was sending the wrong kratom, and had to fire him. He re-shipped all of the proper kratom for free.

  2. Chris says:

    I was purchasing from this guy for a couple years and never had a problem. Then around November 2020 I placed another order the same way I always had (email him what I wanted, get a response with the price, then Venmo over the money), and after I had sent payment he just dissapeared. I tried emailing him several times and tried requesting a refund through Venmo but never got a response and was told the Venmo account was disabled. I had also noticed at this time that the website was down. I dunno what happened that this dude would always get me what I wanted for years to then suddenly just take my money and vanish. I’m out over $100 now. If anyone here has any other kind of contact information on this guy besides the email address he used to take orders with I would really appreciate it.

  3. Sean says:

    He used to be great, for years, excellent in every way. Then March 2020 he took forever with a shipment, said he’d ship me an extra kg for the wait. He said I could order whatever I wanted so I got a 4 way split of 4 new kinds. A month later he sent the exact same 4 from the original order. Then he disappeared. He never scammed me in any way, but his disappearance seems odd.

  4. S says:

    Sosa used to be decent but now he’s just stealing people’s money.

    I bought a kilo from Benjamin a couple months ago… He never sent it and now he won’t resopnd to emails or give me my money back.

  5. J tosa says:

    Scam alert. This guy will take your money and not ship product. Hes usually in jail.

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