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August 25, 2020

Sosa Speciosa

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Ships from: North Carolina, United States
Ships to: United States

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Sosa Speciosa is an American kratom vendor based in North Carolina. Their online kratom selection includes popular strains like Red Maeng Da and lesser-known finds like ‘Red Bone.” As of this writing, Sosa Speciosa offers sample packs that include 9oz of kratom powder and priority shipping for $35. They also offer wholesale options for bulk buyers.

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  1. DL says:

    This used to be my absolute favorite Kratom vendor. Seriously the best kratom on the market, and at great prices. His kratom was so good, it makes me wonder if he was lacing it with something. But unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy it for too long before he disappeared. Disappeared around the time Covid started, so I always assume he might have just died. I did not get my money stolen like many ppl claim, but I miss ordering from this guy.

    Side note… one time I had a weird order. I did the sample pack and listed the 9 different strains I wanted. What I received in the mail was 9 random strains (all reds) that I did not order. He told me that he had a bad employee working for him who was sending the wrong kratom, and had to fire him. He re-shipped all of the proper kratom for free.

  2. Chris says:

    I was purchasing from this guy for a couple years and never had a problem. Then around November 2020 I placed another order the same way I always had (email him what I wanted, get a response with the price, then Venmo over the money), and after I had sent payment he just dissapeared. I tried emailing him several times and tried requesting a refund through Venmo but never got a response and was told the Venmo account was disabled. I had also noticed at this time that the website was down. I dunno what happened that this dude would always get me what I wanted for years to then suddenly just take my money and vanish. I’m out over $100 now. If anyone here has any other kind of contact information on this guy besides the email address he used to take orders with I would really appreciate it.

  3. Sean says:

    He used to be great, for years, excellent in every way. Then March 2020 he took forever with a shipment, said he’d ship me an extra kg for the wait. He said I could order whatever I wanted so I got a 4 way split of 4 new kinds. A month later he sent the exact same 4 from the original order. Then he disappeared. He never scammed me in any way, but his disappearance seems odd.

  4. S says:

    Sosa used to be decent but now he’s just stealing people’s money.

    I bought a kilo from Benjamin a couple months ago… He never sent it and now he won’t resopnd to emails or give me my money back.

  5. J tosa says:

    Scam alert. This guy will take your money and not ship product. Hes usually in jail.

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