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October 01, 2020

SoCal Herbal Remedies

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In 2015, SoCal Herbal Remedies (or simply SoCal for short) had everything a kratom vendor could ever want — fame, praise, and a solid base of loyal customers. But a legal battle that started in 2018 would sap the vendor of any profit it made during its short stint on the market, forcing them into closure.

The controversy that surrounded SoCal Kratom shook the entire kratom market. And with so much negative publicity tossed their way, it was impossible not to close their doors. But even then, the vendor has since made a quiet comeback in the form of First Coast Tea Co. which has earned the trust of a wide consumer base.


SoCal Kratom Product and Service Overview

SoCal Kratom started out in 2015 and quickly became a favorite for most kratom veterans. The vendor sold an assortment of kratom powders and capsules which their strong patronage seemed to love. Their products were so well received in fact that SoCal kratom was recognized as among the best vendors of its time.

Since they were a start-up, SoCal’s website and packaging remained pretty generic for most of its run. Nevertheless, kratom buyers appreciated their authenticity, and their ‘indie’ appeal which most small vendors tend to have.

Another reason why buyers loved SoCal’s products is because of their prices. The vendor offered some pretty cheap product compared to its competition. And that was ultimately the driving force behind their almost instant success and popularity.

Misfortune struck in 2018 when a SoCal Kratom buyer from Chester County allegedly died of an overdose. The legal battle went on for two years, and the vendor ultimately found itself paying a steep settlement to resolve the whole issue.

Needless to say, SoCal Kratom’s name was inevitably tainted, forcing the brand to retire their operations. They soon resurfaced however under the name First Coast Tea Co., selling pretty much the same range of kratom products they used to under the SoCal brand.

Before their rebrand, SoCal amassed a load of positive reviews on various places throughout the web. Reddit was both accepting and critical of the brand. While some Redditors would claim that SoCal offered strong, consistent quality kratom, others asserted that the brand’s powders were bunk.

As First Coast Tea Co., the reviews for the brand remain relatively the same. But it goes without saying that the First Coast Tea Co. isn’t quite as popular as its SoCal Predecessor.


SoCal Product Cost and Price Comparison

You’d think that after having closed their doors two years ago, there shouldn’t be any SoCal products left on the market. But you’d be wrong. Their First Coast Tea Co. website revamp still sells a bunch of SoCal branded products. 

And while the selection might not be as extensive as it used to be, the available choices still resonate with most buyers. Here are their prices:

Powders First Coast Tea Co. brand starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $17 for 100g Starts at $19.99 for 60g
$26 for 250g $79 for 1kg $99.99 for 1kg
Capsules Starts at $30 for 100ct Starts at $25 for 100g Starts at $12.99 for 30ct
$160 for 1kg $149.99 for 1000ct

Their powders cost between 0.17¢ and 0.10¢ per gram which is comparably lower versus other vendors. It’s worth pointing out however that the brand doesn’t offer kilograms for their powders or capsules.Do note that the prices for the powders listed above are branded as First Coast Tea Co. since it seems the SoCal Herbal Remedies line of powders may have sold out. The capsules from the original brand however are still available through the First Coast website.

When it comes to tinctures and extracts, First Coast Tea Co. offers a basic 15mL tincture that sells for $17.50. Again, this is comparatively cheaper when put up against other vendors which places the First Coast Tea Co. name at an obvious advantage.

Finally, the vendor sells special kratom tea in tubs, however it’s not entirely clear how they differ from the options that come in resealable mylar bags. These 250g tubs sell for $32.50, but buyers can get up to 20% off on their total if they purchase four tubs or more for one transaction.


SoCal Kratom Customer Reviews

Back in its hay day, SoCal kratom was at the receiving end of a flurry of positive feedback. The image of the vendor’s positive reputation remains accessible through various threads and forums online.

Here’s what buyers had to say about SoCal kratom:

I have used many different Kratom vendors over the years until I started reading the reviews about SoCal so with the cheap prices, I figured I’ve got nothing to lose and my honest opinion is they have the best product on the market. I tried the green Hulu Kapuas and the Green Maeng da… plain and simple, best I’ve ever had.”- Reddit user

The product is very finely ground and strong for the price point. As long as they keep doing what they are now I see no problem with them taking over my number one vendor spot. So, a tip of the hat to you, SoCal, and keep on rocking in the free world.” – Reddit user

They are one of my favorites and I have been using them for years since they were SoCal. Always great deals and consistent strains.” – Reddit user

I got 250g of their white horn and thought it was pretty energizing. In fact, that’s been my first strain of the day since I got it a week or so ago. 2 – 2.5g does me good.” – Reddit user

I just wanted to come and say that this vendor is all around phenomenal. Always quick to get back to you if you have a question, shipping is fast, the product is absolutely top notch quality with prices that you can’t beat. I’ve tried a lot of vendors but they’re my go-to. Highly recommend them. Their stock gets so low so fast because they’ve worked hard to deserve frequent business from a LOT of people, myself included.” – Reddit user


SoCal Kratom Complaints

Despite all of the positive reviews, SoCal has received its fair amount of critical feedback. There are some buyers who assert that the vendor sells bunk kratom that doesn’t really do anything. But then again, others claim that differences in user experiences may be due to various other factors than simply product quality.

SoCal [was] my go-to vendor for a year, and until recently I haven’t found anything superior. After receiving new inventory following the DEA scare, I ordered White Maeng Da and my roommate ordered Green Borneo and Dark Red Hulu Kapas. All 3 strains haven’t lived up to prior expectations. SoCal’s White Borneo was my absolute favorite strain, but I might need to look elsewhere for my next order.” – Reddit user

Used to love their white horn and red Bali from like 3 years ago. Have ordered from them since they moved to Florida and seems like quality has dropped. They are fully compliant with great testing, so there’s that.” – Reddit user

The red Hulu Kapuas does nothing at all or just makes me dizzy. […] I’ve tried every dose imaginable and kept going back to try it. Same thing ever time. Either no effects or I get really dizzy and have to lay down. I contacted them but never heard anything.” – Reddit user

“Don’t get me wrong, they’re not complete garbage and I will use them to mix in with strong strains., And I also would definitely order from SoCal again, but was definitely underwhelmed from this order.” – Reddit user

I’ve had this issue too many times, I’m switching vendors constantly but pretty much just not doing SoCal anymore, the bentuangie just barely scaved off withdrawal. I know not to over expect and to get the correct dosage but it was just a dud for me.” – Reddit user


SoCal Kratom Coupons and Discount Codes

Today, First Coast Tea Co. offers discounts to its buyer through their newsletter. Sign-up is available through their website, and buyers have the option to enter their mobile number as well for SMS discount alerts.

The vendor also offers discounts through different product combinations. For instance, since they don’t sell kilograms, First Coast provides a 20% discount if you order at least four tubs of select kratom powders from their list of options.


SoCal Kratom Lab Tests

As SoCal, the vendor made sure to test all of their products for the safety of their buyers. But even then, they were met with serious problems after the death of a customer. So today, First Coast Tea Co. doubles up on the caution by posting lab reports online.

Buyers interested in trying First Coast Tea Co.’s products can find the lab results for all of their products posted under each product page. This gives insight on the quality of the herb and the absence of any harmful contaminants like salmonella, E.coli, and heavy metals, to name a few.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association (AKA) uses its Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification to verify the compliance of a vendor. Brands that receive GMP certificates have been tried, tested, and proven of handling and processing their kratom products to meet strict safety and sanitation protocol.

SoCal and First Coast both received AKA-GMP certification. First Coast Tea Co. in particular places significant value on its compliance for obvious reasons.


Is SoCal Kratom Legit?

Their legal case from 2018 tainted SoCal Herbal Remedies’ reputation beyond repair, forcing the vendor to close its doors to the general public. Many kratom activists however cry foul over the incident since the victim had not been tested for any other substances.

Nevertheless, First Coast Tea Co. works hard to maintain its reputation. Aside from GMP certification, the vendor is also big on customer support to regain the trust of their consumer base.


Should You Buy From SoCal Kratom?

Based on reviews for their kratom, SoCal could have been a suitable choice for most kratom users. While some complained of potency and effects, a strong majority stood by the vendor’s products.

Today however, SoCal products are limited. Even then, you should be able to give the budget-friendly products a try through their new brand, First Coast Tea Co.

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  1. Donnie Allen says:

    SoCal is one of the worst vendors I have used. This has been about a year ago, but I tried researching what was good/popular on their site right now and never could get anyone to respond back to me. Got the package fairly quick but the quality was absolute garbage. I tried calling to see if I could exchange and they said I should have joined their Facebook page to find out what was good. I don’t have Facebook. Much better Kratom and customer service out there.

    • Benny says:

      They are a*******. I made a comment once about brainwashing their customers with good stuff and they banned me on Facebook? WTF How could you take that wrong unless you were…

  2. David Garrison says:

    I ordered excellent quality kratom twice from SoCal Herbal Remedies. Both times the experience went smoothly; however I can’t find their website today. Are they still in business? My last order was mid 2019. I would like to order their White Borneo Kratom again because it’s fresh and top quality. I hope their website comes back up soon.

    • kratomaton

      Hello David,

      Apparently, this is SoCal’s new site. It seems like they don’t have any kratom products on the site as of now, though.

      – Kratomaton

      • kailasa108
        Active Commenter

        SoCal’s NEW website at firstcoastteaco works just like their old website.
        Go to the home page, and then do a website search for “speciosa”. (All lower case, and spelled correctly.)
        The kratom products will show up then. (They have even BETTER prices, AND a really BIG selection at the moment!

    • Justin says:

      They moved shop and renamed to

    • Jorge garcia says:

      They have changed names. I’m not sure why but have a feeling it has something to do with so cal herbal being accused of playing a part in a boys death in PA. I think the whole thing is BS, but nevertheless, it is what it is

  3. James says:

    By far I have not found it vendor that compares these guys I’ve found six in the last year and my go-to is SoCal Herbal Remedies you can’t beat the price quality and shipping is extremely fast 2 days FedEx I got to give hats off to Justin Laurel for helping out with issues ordering on my Android phone they gave me a refund and they help me out with pay options these guys got it down pat extremely cheap and quality is great I quit drinking alcohol because of this thank you so much guys SoCal Herbal Remedies is top notch!

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