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December 03, 2020

Soap Korner

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As the pioneer of kratom bath products, Soap Korner started out selling just kratom-infused soaps. But since incorporating kratom powders into their line-up, the vendor has seen unprecedented growth. Today, Soap Korner proudly joins best-of kratom lists across the web with their quality products and stellar support.

Choices on the Soap Korner selection extend far into rare strains. So buyers hoping to explore their horizons can find never-before-seen varieties on the list. And with a whole battalion of past buyers vouching for the vendor, it’s tough not to give them a try.


Soap Korner Product and Service Overview

All it takes is one visit to the Soap Korner website to see that these guys mean business. Their website touts professional layouts and designs that automatically place the vendor above others in its price segment. Their online storefront exudes that legitimate business aura that can capture your trust right off the bat.

Their product range includes much more than just kratom. While they offer powders, capsules, and extracts, the vendor also provides options like hemp and various other botanical tinctures and extracts for naturopathic enthusiasts.

Of course, kratom powders still stand as their most prominent offering. These powders arrive packaged in standing, resealable, kraft paper bags, and you can purchase them in weights of 28g, 125g, and 250g. The vendor also offers a separate page for their bulk kratom bags that come in weights of either 500g or 1000g.

All together, Soap Korner runs a pretty well-oiled ship. The vendor has over a thousand reviews on Trustpilot, and hundreds more on Google. Their name gets tossed around like nobody’s business on Reddit, and most Redditors agree that the vendor offers products that are well worth the money.

Price wise? They’re also not too shabby. Soap Korner’s products might not be the most affordable products on the block, but they don’t wander far from the norm. Their powders might be a smidge more expensive than the usual powder, but even then, their prices remain reasonable.


Soap Korner Product Cost and Price Comparison

It’s easy to find vendors out there that sell products much cheaper than Soap Korner. But the brand isn’t trying to break budget barriers anyway. For the most part, buyers feel that the vendor’s prices are well justified, especially since they invest in their branding and customer relations.

Powders Starts at $10 for 28g Starts at $7.99 for 28g Starts at $8.15 for 28g
$34 for 250g $89.99 for 448g $103.95 for 455g
$55 for 500g
$90 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $30.25 for 120ct Starts at $8.99 for 25ct Starts at $14.36 for 28g
$53.95 for 250ct $74.99 for 250ct $51.10 for 112g

Versus veteran brands like Kratom Spot and Kraken Kratom, Soap Korner doesn’t stray too far behind. The vendor’s smallest 28g packets sell for $10 or 0.35¢ per gram. Kilograms on the other hand retail for $90 a bag, or 0.09¢ per gram. That’s actually pretty reasonable, considering that most vendors offer kilos at the same price.

Aside from their powders and capsules, Soap Korner also sells a variety of extracts that allegedly provide a more palpable experience. These include:

  • Pure mitragyna extract capsules – $12.00 for 2ct
  • Gold extract pearls – $42.70 for 10ct; $70.50 for 20ct

Soap Korner Customer Reviews

There’s no shortage of reviews for Soap Korner, their products, and their customer support. The vendor boasts a whopping 1,700+ reviews on Trustpilot and over a hundred more on Google. Most importantly, the vendor gets loads of love on Reddit, which isn’t an easy feat for even the oldest vendors on the scene.

“They are legitimately the most consistent in quality and service that my freinds and i would recommend. All the staff have been professional to deal with and so helpful when I had any questions. Just great people to do business with. Keep up the great work. Thank you Soap Korner.” – Google reviews

“I have been ordering from for many years! Their customer service is impeccable and their products are superior to anything I have seen! They are tested and have a great safety system in place. You just cant beat their quality and prices! Thanks.” – Google reviews

“Honestly the best company I’ve ever worked with. Darci is on top of EVERYTHING! I don’t know who is behind the scenes at this company, but props to them as well. Keep up the great work!” – Soap Korner Facebook page

“Shopping with Soapkorner is always efficiently seamless. The site is easy to navigate, and multiple savings are made readily available; no need to dig and search! Products are organized and detailed, with clear and simple selection options.” – Trustpilot

“They are legit. I have some leaf from them. They are also on the short list of vendors moving towards becoming GMP compliant. You have no worries using them. 100% legit” – Reddit user


Soap Korner Complaints

Even with a thousand plus reviews on their Trustpilot page, Soap Korner still gets a 4.9 star rating out of 5, which says a lot about the brand. And while they do receive the occasional complaint now and again, the vendor is always quick to resolve any issues with unsatisfied customers.

“I was told I was getting a free sample and then come to find out there was no free sample. Now I feel misled because had it not been for the free sample I would not have placed the order. It would’ve been nice if they check their inventory before they offered a free sample.” – Trustpilot

“I wish I could not have left any stars, I got a split kilo and absolutely NOTHING WAS GOOD! a WASTE of money!” – Trustpilot

“Fast shipping but the quality is not there. Took my regular dose of your green Malay and an hour later my pain a little better but not much. Would not order again.” – Trustpilot

“Ordered 500g and only received 250g. Contacted them and have never received the rest of it or a response. Sent photos of the received product and the receipt and still no response.” – Google reviews

“The past 3 times I’ve been in the younger woman that has been there recently seems annoyed when I come in. When I ask questions I get a short answer and really no help.I will probably still come here because the first impression we had was great and the few products we have tried really have been helpful. I just wish we had the great customer service we initially experienced.” – Google reviews


Soap Korner Discount Codes and Coupons

Soap Korner operates a number of groups on Facebook through which they send out coupon codes and discount offers. They also have a fairly active newsletter that provides subscribers with weekly discounts they can access through their email.

In response to a customer with a discount concern, Soap Korner had this to say:

“Our newsletters go out every Saturday and codes are posted within the groups at random times and are usually for a limited amount of time and cannot be applied retroactively. The flash sales are completely random and definitely not to stop anyone from using the discount codes, but to get the members in the group more active.” – Soap Korner


Soap Korner Lab Testing

Soap Korner’s dedication to transparency is laudable. The vendor offers all of their updated lab tests through a dedicated page on their website. They test for both heavy metals and alkaloid content, so you can be sure you know exactly what’s in each product before you finalize your purchase.


American Kratom Association Membership

Obviously, Soap Korner is a member of the American Kratom Assocation (AKA.) In fact, if you take the time to check the web, it seems they were one of the first to apply for an evaluation.

This means the vendor has proven that its facilities and procedures meet standards that help reduce the likelihood of product contamination. They proudly display their cGMP badge on their website to attest to their dedication to quality.


Is Soap Kratom Legit?

You’d be surprised how many vendors get dragged into legal battles, or how many have to recall their products due to contamination. Fortunately for Soap Korner, they have yet to find themselves in a similar tousle.

The vendor also hasn’t received any allegations of scams, fraud, or shady business practices. So if you were wondering whether your money is safe with Soap Korner, the obvious answer would be yes.


Should You Buy from Soap Korner?

A better question would be — why shouldn’t you buy from Soap Korner? These guys have proven themselves time and time again as a reputable source of quality kratom. 

And if the thousands of reviews aren’t enough to get you to make a purchase, the vendor’s unbeatable transparency and solid customer support should steer you in the right direction.

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