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October 01, 2020

Serenity Botanicals

Serenity Botanicals

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Serenity Botanicals is one of those vendors who built its reputation from the ground up. Starting out as a small scale kratom brand, Serenity Botanicals grew its reputation from nothing but the seed of a modest vision to bring quality kratom to their customers.

Today, Serenity Botanicals has accumulated no less than 3,500 reviews on their products. Proudly entering numerous ‘best-of’ kratom lists across the web, it’s safe to say that Serenity Botanicals has established itself a reputable vendor and a frontrunner in the kratom market.


Serenity Botanicals Product and Service Overview

Formerly called GA Botanicals, Serentiy Botanicals saw it fit to change their name in favor of better Google relevance. Considering how so many generically named vendors get lost in Google search results, you might say this was one of the smartest moves the brand has made.

Their website, although definitely better than close to 70% of other vendors out there, still leaves room for improvement. A little cluttered and cumbersome to browse, their website seems to force too much information and too many images that could overwhelm the typical buyer.

Nonetheless, they make sure to keep their products well organized, especially since they offer a selection that reaches well beyond kratom territory. Serenity Botanicals sells kratom, CBD, bath and body products, essential oils, and a range of other botanicals, natural products, and teas.

Under their kratom selection, the vendor offers powders, capsules, blends, and extracts. As expected, their powders emerge as their most highly coveted offering. Coming in weights of 10g, 28g, 56g. 112g, 168g, 224g, 448g, and 1000g, the vendor makes sure to cover all the bases so you can get an amount that’s right for you.

What’s nice about shopping online through the Serenity Botanicals store is that they make all information available on their product pages. That means you don’t have to click and search too far and wide to find out the details of the products you’re interested in.

Aside from making reviews available for each individual product, the vendor also makes sure to post corresponding third party lab tests under product descriptions. This makes it easier to perform your due diligence throughout the whole shopping encounter.


Serenity Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

At this juncture, budget-conscious customers can start looking at other options. To be frank, Serenity Botanicals is not cheap. The vendor offers their products at particularly steep prices, all in the name of being a ‘premium brand.’

While some buyers claim that their prices are just fitting, considering the quality of the customer support that comes with it, there are others who assert that kratom should always be cheap because its a cheap commodity — regardless of what effort goes into processing and marketing it.


Starts at $2.99 for 10g Starts at $25 for 125g Starts at $8 for 25g Starts at $3.50 for 25g
$6.99 for 28g $56 for 500g $25 for 100g $35 for 500g
$29.99 for 168g $91 for 1000g $70 for 500g $60 for 1000g
$67.99 for 448g $105 for 1000g
$124.99 for 1000g


Serenity Botanicals might not be the most expensive across the board, but you’ll really see how expensive (or how affordable) a vendor actually is by checking the prices on their kilograms. Across the board, Serenity Botanicals offers some of the most expensive kratom kilos.

For the record, they don’t top the pricing chart. But just to put things into context, Serenity Botanicals sells their kilos for 0.12¢ per gram. That’s about double the price of All Natural Artisan, which is itself a well respected brand.


Serenity Botanicals Customer Reviews

While there might not be a lot of feedback on the web about Serenity Botanicals, they have a wealth of reviews on their website. The best part is that these comments pass through Cusrev, so you can be certain they come from real customers who have made a transaction.

“I was able to get extra. Quality is fantastic.” – Cusrev

“This was an excellent price for a quality product. This kratom is fantastic.” – Cusrev

“I’ve stuck with Serenity for years now because the service is always professional and prompt. The products go through an inspection process and so far have definitely delivered. Keep doing what you’re doing Serenity Botanicals!” – Cusrev

“Fabulous product, would highly recommend all kratom strains sold.” – Cusrev

“He’s a little bit pricier, but every time I burn it’s been super consistent effects and I can’t necessarily say that about other vendor’s I’ve tried.” – Reddit


Serenity Botanicals Complaints

Some kratom vendors make the attempt to sanitize their reputation by rejecting reviews that don’t match the kind of image they try to project. So the fact that Serenity Botanicals has a bunch of negative comments to their name proves the fact that they’re not out here trying to lie to any of their customers.

“I tried calling the number numerous times on different days and during business hours, but no one answers. I left two messages with my name and number but didn’t receive a call back. I just wanted to talk about the product but no one cared to respond to me.” – Cusrev

“Very slow delivery. Have waited over 3 weeks.” – Cusrev

“Products were crushed and the QR code didn’t [turn up any results.] But the product was good nonetheless.” – Cusrev

“Sorry to say but I wasn’t thrilled. All 10 different strains looked, smelled, and tasted exactly the same.” – Cusrev

“Not as energetic as I remember from my last order.” – Cusrev


Serenity Botanicals Discount Codes and Coupons

The Serenity Botanicals loyalty program earns you 1 point for every $1 you spend. You can also get extra points for various interactions like signing up for an account and referring your friends. They also provide a once a year bonus for your birthday.

All points can be used to claim discounts down the line. But if you’re looking for a faster way to get your hands on Serenity Botanicals discounts and price cuts, you can follow them on their socials or join their exclusive Facebook group.


Serenity Botanicals Lab Testing

Yes, Serenity Botanicals takes lab testing seriously. This vendor is one of the few that tries to make their lab reports as accessible as possible. They do this by posting each report right on the product page so buyers don’t have to scour their website to find the results.

The vendor doesn’t only test against contamination, but they also provide measures for the various active compounds in the product like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This means that you can anticipate the strength of the product you’re buying before you even take a dose.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association began as the brainchild of the kratom consumer base. This initiative started out with the objective of auditing vendors to protect customers and to support kratom legislature.

There are numerous requirements necessary to receive Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification from the AKA. One of them involves inviting the audit team to the vendor’s facilities to inspect procedures, machines, sanitation, and more.

Despite its long standing reputation as a reliable vendor, Serenity Botanicals isn’t yet AKA GMP certified. So even if their products go through rigorous third-party lab tests, the vendor can’t guarantee that their facilities and procedures comply with standardized requirements for sanitation and safety.


Is Serenity Botanicals Legit?

There’s no reason to think otherwise. Serenity Botanicals offers its customers quality product that’s backed with lab reports. And although they might not be a member of the AKA just yet, the vendor has never had to recall any products, and they’ve never had to face authorities, customers, or the FDA in a court of law.

A quick scout of their lowest reviews also gives the assurance that the vendor doesn’t scam any of its customers. Sure, there might have been a few reports of shipping delays. But they’ve never actively tried to dupe their clients out of their cash.


Should You Try Serenity Botanicals?

At the end of the day, they’re an okay vendor. Serenity Botanicals has earned the trust and respect of a wide consumer base thanks to their dedication to quality and customer service.

Keep in mind though that they’re not exactly an affordable vendor. So if you’re trying to maintain a budget, then Serenity Botanicals might be nothing more than a once-in-a-while treat. But if you’re all about spending big on your kratom haul, their selection might be right up your alley.

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  1. Donnie allen says:

    Donnie again. I ordered from serenity again and must say I am rather pleased with my latest order. White Bali is good. Red Thai is good. Borneo blend is good. Haven’t used the sweet dreams blend. Actually had to cut my dose because of the strength.

  2. Kristen S says:

    Serenity is amazing. Awesome quality. Super fast shipping. And customer service like none Ive seen. So happy with my orders.

  3. Donnie Allen says:

    Have ordered from serenity twice now. Have both ups and downs concerning them. Upside is super fast shipping and a few really good strains. Absolutely loved the red Thai and maeng da blend. However, the lack of selection on white strains and the quality of the two whites they do have is very poor. I would order again sometime to reorder some reds. Won’t be a regular though.

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