February 27, 2020

Saska Kratom

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As an Indonesian kratom vendor, Saska Kratom offers a comprehensive selection of kratom powders at low prices. Browse their inventory online, and you’ll find celebrated strains like Red Borneo and lesser-known strains like Green Sumatra. Although Saska Kratom’s one-kilogram-sized products will likely appeal to bulk buyers, shoppers ordering in smaller quantities might be less enthused.

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  1. This vendor scammed me. I had previously ordered 1 kilo with no problems with them, paying via Western Union, then once i got that (it took about 3 months, my countries postal service is really bad) I decided to make a much larger order to start a small kratom store, and they'd keep "forgetting" to post my order, I was patient because COVID had just hit and they said they had problems because of that, but it's been nearly 2 years now and they've just blocked me on whatsapp.

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