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January 19, 2021

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Red Devil Kratom proudly dominates numerous threads and websites. With the brand’s name constantly mentioned throughout the internet, there’s no harm in saying they’re probably one of the most popular vendors around. And that holds true despite their prices which push the limits on the cost of the coveted herb.

There’s no shortage of positive reviews for Red Devil Kratom. But for as prolific as they might be, some buyers allege that the vendor’s products come at obscenely high, unreasonable prices. But then again, their strong patronage believes that the vendor’s reliable quality and consistency are reason enough for the steep cost.


Red Devil Kratom Product and Service Overview

At Red Devil Kratom, you’ll find choices like kratom powder, crushed lead, enhanced kratom, and extracts. Their powders fall into two categories — the standard strains which are labeled premium, and their King Kratom strains. According to the vendor, these products provide a much more potent experience than others.

Package weights for their kratom powders include 28g, 130g, 224g, and 250g. At a glance, you might notice that their weights seem a little strange, with some increments being a little too close together, like their 224g and 250g packets.

Other items in their inventory that have captured the attention of the consumer base are their resins and extracts. The vendor offers 70x kratom extract as a powder or resin, which is fairly uncommon in today’s market.

Products from Red Devil Kratom come packaged in branded, brown-tinted bottles regardless of weight or type. This definitely adds to their overall appeal as a premium vendor, especially since their products aren’t exactly cheap. However there have been reports of the vendor shipping out product in ziplock bags.

Nevertheless, it seems majority of buyers don’t really mind the steep prices. According to reviews posted about Red Devil Kratom, their product consistently delivers the results they promise. So, some people feel that the prices are well justified.

However, a demographic of buyers state that the vendor’s products don’t really warrant such steep prices. While they might be consistent and high quality, these buyers state that customers can get the same effective kratom at lower prices through other brands.


Red Devil Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

You might say that Red Devil’s products challenge the limits of kratom prices. Their range of kratom choices easily double (or even triple) the cost of kratom that other vendors offer. So, buyers looking to get budget-friendly product that they can patronize as a go-to might find Red Devil’s picks a little out of reach.

Powders Starts at $33 for 28g Starts at $11.99 for 28g Starts at $8.49 for 28g
$133 for 250g $119.90 for 280g $127.95 for 455g

To put things into perspective, budget brands (that still provide quality product) can sell their products for as low as $0.06 per gram. That means Red Devil’s kratom costs well over 20 times the price of typical, low-cost kratom.Keep in mind that Authentic Kratom and Left Coast kratom both clock in some pretty steep prices of their own. But even then, Red Devil takes the cake against both brands. When you crunch the numbers, you’ll find that Red Devil’s products come to a whopping $1.17 to $0.53 per gram.

And if you though their standard powders were expensive enough, their extracts and resins push the envelope even further. Their super enhanced blend retails for $89 for 6g, while their 70x kratom resin sells for as much as $13 for 1g.


Red Devil Kratom Reviews

For people who don’t really mind the prices, Red Devil Kratom’s products are well worth the praise. The vendor has its fair share of positive feedback that you can find almost anywhere on the web.

“I tried them before. I found potent and fairly priced kratom. Don’t spend $26/ ounce on their subpar kratom!” – Reddit user

“I ordered this to give me my energy back and help with pain I ordered white elephant. Thanks to John I can afford it with the discounts and he was nice enough to even send me a sample of another strain.” – Red Devil Kratom website

“I decided to reach out to Red Devil because the seller lives a few minutes from me in Brooklyn. The quality and the effect redefined the Kratom experience for me. I had no idea what I was missing out on. Highly recommended local seller that I can deal with face to face.” – Yelp

“I have tried many vendors and this one is BY FAR THE BEST from product to customer service addressing specific needs to not only help me with pain and to help to save ME money. If I could rate a 10 on here in stars I would. I 100% recommend this place.” – Yelp

“The greatest customer service for the best product at an unbeatable price. If you are spending your HARD EARNED $$$ anywhere else, you are doing it wrong.” – Google reviews


Red Devil Kratom Complaints

In the face of the positive response, they get from their buyers, Red Devil still gets its even portion of complaints. Most buyers who lash back at the vendor claim that its prices, poor customer support, and product quality should be enough to keep new customers from giving them a try.

“This man who owns this […] is a very mean and rude individual. He used to stalk and cyberbully me because I told him that his marketing and naming endangered the future of kratom.” – Reddit user

“You used to get ripped off by local vendors, now you get ripped off online.” – Reddit user

“Somebody on Facebook sent me an oz of their Red Bent to try and it was average at best.” – Reddit

“I having been using Kratom for about 4 years now. I’ve tried many different vendors. I will say the “Red Devil’s ” kratom is sketchy. It comes packaged in a zip lock bag with a business card attached to it. I threw it away! I’d suggest not getting your kratom from them! Its way overpriced and absolutely sketchy. Buyers beware.” – Yelp

“[That] place is expensive. You can get kilograms from Indonesia for the price of their 2-3oz.” – Reddit user


Red Devil Kratom Coupons and Discount Codes

Some loyal buyers claim that Red Devil Kratom’s owner may randomly send out freebies and discounts. So, it helps to stay in touch with the brand. Other than that, you can also subscribe to their newsletter.

The vendor routinely sends out emails containing updates on their latest sales, promotional offers, and coupon codes to help you cut down your grand total.


Red Devil Kratom Lab Testing

Red Devil Kratom doesn’t talk about lab testing anywhere on their website. Some sources online state that the brand has made mention of lab testing in the past, however they have never released any reports for their tests.

All things considered, it’s tough to draw any conclusions about the status of lab testing at Red Devil Kratom.


American Kratom Association Membership

For the record, Red Devil Kratom is not affiliated with the American Kratom Association or AKA. Since kratom is such a controversial herb, consumers started an initiative that would help improve the government’s perception of kratom.

The AKA audits vendors to regulate the products on the market, and to protect consumers from contaminated, potentially dangerous kratom. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant vendors receive the seal from the AKA to prove their product is clean and safe.


Is Red Devil Kratom Legit?

According to reports, the owner behind Red Devil Kratom used to use some pretty shady marketing tactics to boost his brand. In the past few years however, it seems he has tried to toe the line for the benefit of the kratom industry.

Other than that minor issue, Red Devil Kratom has not encountered any other legal problems concerning their product or their services. No batches have been recalled, and the brand has not been involved in any legal battles with customers or the authorities.


Should You Buy From Red Devil Kratom?

That really depends. If you’re curious about the quality of their product and you have the money to spare, there’s really nothing wrong with giving them a try. However, for penny-pinching kratom users, Red Devil Kratom might be a little impractical. Their prices also make them a poor choice if you’re looking for your next go-to.

It’s also worth pointing out that aside from their uncertain stance on lab testing, the vendor also isn’t AKA-GMP certified. Nonetheless, since no other buyers seem to have issues with the safety of their product, that might not be too big of an issue for customers who aren’t particular about tests.

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