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October 01, 2020

Re-leaf LLC

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Re-leaf LLC is an American kratom vendor that offers a wide selection of kratom powders and blends. However, unlike most vendors, they list their kratom products as “phenotypes” rather than strains. As of this writing, they have over a hundred phenotypes listed, which translates to many options for buyers. Re-leaf also claims that they test their kratom products for contaminants using industry-standard test kits.

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  1. Robin Rose says:

    Ok let’s start from the beginning..
    Re-leaf LLC may have a little higher price than you are used to but when you break down what you get for it it is well worth it. The product is top notch. You know everything about it that you want to know. It’s pure untainted and super fresh. I’m going to bet it’s only really touched2 maybe 3 times by the time you get it. The quality, well let’s just say I’ve been a loyal customer for 2 years and have never been disappointed. They do have a return policy. Let me tell you, the owner, joe, is one of the most understanding, personable,and above all knowledgeable people I have ever met. As I said I have been a customer for two years and as strange as it sounds I feel like they are my family. This is by far the best kratom I have ever tried and knowing that the person behind the purchase is conserned for my welfare makes it even better. You really need to try them. Tell them robin sent you. You will not be disappointed. This I can promise you!

  2. John T
    Active Commenter

    Too expensive for kratom that is carried by many other vendors

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