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October 01, 2020


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As one of the biggest names in all of the kratom industry, Phytoextractum enjoys the benefits of popping up first during a Google search for kratom. But as your hunt for the best kratom might have already taught you, prolific doesn’t always equal high quality.

There are loads of reviews for Phytoextractum online. And while the brand definitely has its fair share of high points, it also sits at the receiving end of a barrage of complaints. That’s mainly due to the cost of their kratom and its fluctuating quality.


Phytoextractum Product and Service Overview

A visit to the Phytoextractum website usually overwhelms first timers. Aside from being jam-packed with products, the layout also looks a little disorganized. The vendor’s online storefront is littered with little chunks of text, tons of tabs, a long list of categories that can make the shopping experience feel a little clumsy.

If you manage to work your way through the chaos however, you’ll find an expansive array of products. These include anything from kratom powders, to crushed leaf, capsules, extracts, and even kratom books. Buyers also have the option to purchase other products like CBD and plant extracts.

Among all of the different products that Phytoextractum offers, their kratom powders come out on top as their flagship item. Their range of kratom strains can wow even the most experienced kratom enthusiasts. Each choice comes in weights of 28g, 56g, 112g, and 225g. 

Their powders arrive packaged in resealable standing mylar bags decorated with the Phytoextractum logo. Capsules on the other hand, come in weights of 28g, 56g, and 112g, packaged in the same resealable bags.

Price-wise, Phytoextractum will definitely put a dent in your wallet. Their kratom comes at brow-raising prices that easily double or triple the cost of other vendors’ similar products.

When it comes to the general consensus about Phytoextractum’s products, consumers feel that their kratom might not be worth the cost. Typically described as a ‘hit or miss’, their kratom quality and consistency has left customers questioning their claims.


Phytoextractum Product Cost and Price Comparison

Phytoextractum’s prices aren’t too alluring especially when compared to other vendors that sell their product at much lower prices. Nonetheless, these prices don’t seem like enough of a hindrance to stop customers from patronizing the brand.

Powder Starts at $7.88 for 28g Starts at $29.95 for 250g Starts at $8.49 for 28g
$53.96 for 225g $49.95 for 500g $127.95 for 455g
$107.96 for 455g $89.95 for 1000g

Comparing prices across the board, it’s plain to see that Phytoextractum isn’t the most expensive brand on the market. But even then, with brands like Acadica selling kratom for much lower prices, Phytoextractum still ends up in the upper crust of kratom prices.

If you do the math, Phytoextractum’s powders sell for 0.28¢ to 0.23¢ per gram. That might not seem like a lot, but other vendors like Acadica sell for as low as 0.089¢ per gram. Other still go as low as 0.06¢ per gram, which is about four times less than Phytoextractum’s prices.

It’s also important to note that the prices listed above represent their cheapest powders. Some of their offers sell for as much as 0.35¢ per gram.

Other Phytoextractum products and their prices are as follows:


  • Capsules – start at $17.95 for 28g
  • Extract tablets – start at $19.99 for 5ct
  • Liquid extract – start at $24.95 for 15mL
  • UEI soft gels – start at $21.45 for 5ct


Phytoextractum Reviews

The general response for Phytoextractum is mixed. But even then, positive reviews for the brand aren’t too hard to find. For the most part, people who patronize them claim that their product quality is relatively consistent, which is reason enough for some to continue doing business with the vendor.

“This was the first vendor I bought from and the only vendor I used for the first five months I was using it. It worked for me fine.” – Reddit user

“I’ve bought from them in the past with no issues. It’s been a good 6 months though so batches are bound to be way different.” – Reddit user

“I’ve only tried their Bali before as I used their site for other things in the past. When I had it the Bali was really good tho, best kratom I’ve had so far. I’ve been wary to try again as I keep hearing mixed reviews as well.” – Reddit user

“I order regularly from Phyto, but they can be really hit or miss, kratom-wise. I usually get the FST and Kantuaba (sceletium catuaba) as they’re both consistently good.” – Reddit user

“I have ordered off of this website for a few years, and have literally never had a problem. I buy Kratom and always enjoy it. Theres frequent discounts for the site, and the product lines fit pretty much any budget, if you are spending a little or a lot, they’ll have a good product for you in that price range. Also at least a bit cheaper than some competitors so I’ve used phytoextractum for a few years.” – Phytoextractum website


Phytoextractum Complaints

Unlike other vendors that have very limited complaints, negative feedback for Phytoextractum is highly accessible on the web. Nonetheless, the fact that the vendor doesn’t try to hide these complaints the way that others do should account for something.

“It wasn’t ground up enough to mix into liquid. Very grassy appearance.” – Phytoextractum website

“Think of it this way: I ordered from them when I first started kratom. I was doing 3-4g doses no problem and the effects were alright. After buying from (cheaper) vendors on here I only needed 1-2g per dose. Better quality kratom for better price.” – Reddit user

“Overpriced, the kratom sucked too. The extracts are crap as well.” – Reddit user

“I used to get their bali regularly but had a quality issue when I bought 2lbs of Bali. It made me sick. Switched to their super indo for a while (which I loved!) until the same issue came up. I know every vendor gets bad batches, just ended up finally researching some new vendors that were cheaper and ended up liking them better.” – Reddit user

“I tried kratom before. It gave me an excellent mood lift, along with loads of energy. Then I tried phytoextractum’s kratom, and nothing happened.” – Reddit user


Phytoextractum Coupons and Discount Codes

This vendor is notorious for sending out discount coupons almost every day, offering price cuts up to 70% off on selected products. It’s also not uncommon to visit their site and find almost every product on sale. 

With free expedited shipping on orders over $75, Phytoextractum also provides its buyers freebies for orders exceeding $200. And although they might not have a mailing list, they do have a coupons tab and a rewards program that incentivizes every purchase.


Phytoextractum Lab Testing

According to the vendor’s Quality Assurance and Lab Testing page, they test all of their products before offering them to the general public. These tests detect heavy metals, biological contaminants, yeast, and mold.

They don’t indicate however whether they test for mitragynine concentration, despite claims of minimum mitragynine content listed under their product descriptions. It’s also important to note that their lab reports are not available for viewing online.


American Kratom Association Membership

Phytoextractum proudly showcases its AKA membership on their website. The vendor successfully passed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) inspection, which means all of their products are processed and handled in safe, sanitary facilities using approved techniques.

This is all part of the AKA’s mandate to regulate kratom vendors. The body aims to safeguard buyers by auditing kratom vendors to make sure they abide by strict GMP standards. This also aids in the advancement of kratom freedom and legislation, by ensuring that all products on the market are safe to use.


Is Phytoextractum Legit?

In 2018, Phytoextractum recalled several product batches for possible Salmonella poisoning. The report for the recall can be found through the official website of the Food and Drug Administration.

While that might have struck fear into the hearts of multiple buyers, it seems that Phytoextractum has done what it can to prevent the issue from happening again. The vendor now tests all products and abides by AKA-GMP standards to fulfill their commitment to clean, safe product.

Since then, the vendor hasn’t had to recall any products. It’s also worth pointing out that they have not had any legal run-ins with any of their customers or the authorities.


Should You Buy From Phytoextractum?

That depends. While some of their batches definitely provide impressive effects, others might not be quite as potent. This hit-or-miss consistency is definitely not unique to Phytoextractum, and happens even to the best of kratom vendors.

The real tipping point would have to be the cost of their kratom. With fluctuating potency, it’s hard to say if Phytoextractum’s prices are worth the cost. Nonetheless, if you were hoping to try something new and money is no object, then Phytoextractum might be worth a shot.

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