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October 01, 2020

PDO Botanicals (aka Pharmacy Dropout)

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PDO Botanicals (short for “Pharmacy Dropout”) is an American kratom vendor. They offer a broad selection of kratom products in various formats, including powders, crushed leaf, and extracts. Aside from classic strains like Green Malay, PDO Botanicals also sells specialty blends like “Pink Bali.” With their flexible product sizing, you can order as little as 50 grams or 1 kilogram (1000g) of kratom at a time.

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  1. Stephanie J says:

    I had been experimenting with kratom for a few years, on and off – mostly for pain. I never felt the euphoria everyone talks about. I never committed because I just didn’t feel it.
    I have ordered from many popular vendors, too many to name. I was referred to PDO by a close friend that used K to come off prescription pain meds. He convinced me to give it another go and to order from PDO. So, I did and here’s my review.
    Back in October, I had an emergency surgery and the pain meds were awful – but I still had pain. I gave PDO a thought and ordered right away. I am on the East Coast and I got the order in a few days. The reds are my choice. SO at that point I had pain and in general I (had) debilitating anxiety and seasonal depression since my late teens. Since October, I have stopped all anti-depressants and benzos COMPLETELY with no issues at all. None! I have been the happiest and feel the most alive that I have ever felt. Ever. I tell everyone I know about Kratom, but not just kratom, PDO kratom, exclusively. The other brands do not compare. I am a customer for life. 🙂

    They family owned business, very personal and sincere aaaand they have an amazing product. I am taking it daily now and will not order from anyone else, ever again.

  2. dpipel says:

    I have been a kratom user since 2010 and have been a customer of Pharmacy Dropout since 2014. The service and product has never waivered.

    I have never had a business where I have become so personally intertwined and vested emotionally.

    It’s because this vendor is more than just their excellent and diverse product. As time and orders goes by, the passion of their lifestyle bleeds through and it captures you.

    I am so thankful I found a consistent kratom vendor. Even though I am a fuddy-duddy and order the same loose leaf product all the time, they never cease from trying to inspire a person to venture into different strains.

    Newest favorite product is the Delta-8 !!!

    Team PDO all the way !!

  3. Rich hoffman says:

    I have been using PDO botanicals for several years and always comeback quickly after trying some slick offer or a promise of a super exotic strain.
    The ability of having a knowledgeable person who backs his words is indispensable in these days when bats fill the air

  4. S. Newman says:

    I find PDOBotanicals to be one of the most reliable companies I’ve ever dealt with. I’m writing this review to help others who are looking for a vendor like I once was. I know how confusing and overwhelming it can be.

    I started using kratom 8 years ago for severe pain due to a rare disease. I found PDOBotanicals about 6 years ago from a kratom review website. PDO had the best reviews, so I decided to give them a try.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service when I placed my first order. Jeffrey responds to texts and/or phone calls almost immediately.
    I was impressed with the quality upon receiving my first order, and over time, I was equally satisfied with the consistency.

    The extensive variety was a little overwhelming for me, however, Jeffrey was very helpful, and because of their flexible ordering combinations (that are difficult to find with other companies), I was able to sample several strains and products.

    I personally prefer the red and green strains, but I’ve tried their white/yellow and they were way better than any others I’ve tried from other vendors.

    My husband had tried kratom from other companies, but had no interest in it until he tried the green Bali from PDO. Now he takes it daily for energy and pain issues.

    However, there were 2 times that I was not satisfied with the strains I’d ordered and they immediately sent out replacements with hand written notes expressing their apologies and appreciation of my patronage.

    They are always willing to accommodate me and my requests if it’s achievable, and for me that’s very important and rare to find in today’s businesses.

    Another really important factor for me is that Jeffrey tests every shipment/strain for quality (including contaminants), and won’t sell products that don’t meet their standards. Their devotion to excellence is unparalleled.

    Their extracts are maybe the best out there, and I recently tried their CBD oil and was amazed at how effective it was for pain relief! I was skeptical cause in the past other CBD oils have never helped me with my pain issues.

    Bottom line is that I couldn’t imagine trusting any other company, especially when my health is on the line.

    PDO really cares about their customers because they are a small family run company and they actually use their own products.
    I really trust Jeffrey, and his wife Tiffany. They are genuine and honest people. I’m just grateful that family run companies like theirs exist in this market.

  5. Ryan Chad says:

    Reliable, highest quality, most reasonable pricing, and most important, the best customer service, hands down, that I have come across in the market. Any questions that Ive ever had have always been answered swiftly and thoroughly. Again, reliable and consistant, these guys have been my go to for years, and they should be yours too. Thank you!

  6. D Francis says:

    I’ve been using kratom for about 10 years. I have tried numerous vendors over the years and have found that the quality of PDO is unbeatable. The Customer service is great and most importantly for me is the pain relief I get.

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