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October 01, 2020

PA Botanicals

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Based in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, PA Botanicals enjoys widespread popularity for its impressive selection of herbs, extracts, and more. But even with products like CBD lining their shelves, the vendor’s patronage sticks around for their kratom selection.

Because of their relative longevity, PA Botanicals has amassed quite a strong online reputation. But a little digging into the web will reveal that not all of their buyers had the same satisfying experience that most of their five-star reviews detail.

PA Botanicals Product and Service Overview

Claiming to offer ‘the best for less’, PA Botanicals has been around since 2014. Their 8-year streak on the kratom market makes up a chunk of the reason why buyers think of them as a reliable vendor. Step into their website, and you’ll find that their online storefront definitely bolsters that idea.

PA Botanicals e-commerce website is clean, easy to navigate, and well-organized. Since majority of their sales happen online, the vendor took the time to make sure that buyers who visit their website can enjoy a truly seamless shopping experience that doesn’t call for too many clicks.

All of their products are neatly organized in categories, with their kratom selection front and center. Each individual page for their kratom products comes with loads of helpful information including updated lab test results.

For locals in the PA area, the vendor has a physical store that buyers can visit. This has given their patrons a more intimate experience with the vendor. Their store also makes them more accessible to buyers with complaints or concerns regarding their purchases.

In terms of selection, PA Botanicals does way more than just powders. They sell capsules, extracts, tinctures, variety packs, and bulk kratom bundles. And because they use YotPo for their product reviews, viewers can trust that any feedback left behind on the vendor’s website comes from actual buyers.

That’s not to say however that PA Botanicals hasn’t had its fair share of negative publicity. Numerous threads on forums like Reddit claim that the owners behind the brand are big on shilling and may be involved in scam strategies to get money without actually shipping out any product.

According to their previous customers, customer service seems to be their biggest issue. The brand has been known to ignore e-mails for weeks, which has rubbed a large chunk of their consumer base the wrong way.

PA Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

It’s interesting how wildly kratom prices can fluctuate from vendor to vendor. So, for most buyers, the perfect go-to should be able to achieve the ideal balance between cost and quality.

PA Botanicals’ prices might not be the cheapest you’ll find, but they don’t slap their buyers with unreasonable costs either. Here’s how their prices fair compared to their close competition:

Powders Starts at $6.99 for 1oz
$59.99 for 16oz
$114.99 for 1kg
Starts at $7.99 for 1oz
$89.99 for 16oz
Starts at $19.99 for 60g
$99.99 for 1kg
Capsules Starts at $9.99 for 50ct
$59.99 for 400ct
Starts at $8.99 for 25ct
$74.99 for 250ct
Starts at $12.99 for 30ct
$149.99 for 1000ct

All things considered, PA Botanicals’ kratom products are definitely within the average price range. Their basic strains retail for between 0.24¢ to 0.11¢ per gram, which definitely makes them a solid choice for penny-pinching kratom buyers.

Keep in mind though that their powder prices fluctuate depending on the strain. They also sell Ultra-Enhanced Indo starting at $14.99 for 5g. For buyers hoping to get their hands on kratom extracts, PA Botanicals sells the following choices:

  • 5% – Starts at $17.99 for 10g
  • 10% – Starts at $13.99 for 5g
  • 20% – Starts at $24.99 for 5g
  • 45% – Starts at $24.99 for 1g

Buyers interesting in stocking up for the long haul can try PA Botanicals bulk kratom packages. Unlike other vendors that require a wholesale partner sign up, PA Botanicals offers their bulk bundles ready to purchase through their website.

Bulk prices are as follows:

  • $200 for 2kg
  • $280 for 3kg
  • $350 for 4kg
  • $425 for 5kg
  • $750 for 10kg
  • $1750 for 25kg

PA Botanicals Customer Reviews

Despite accepting reviews via YotPo, PA Botanicals’ website seems void of feedback from previous buyers. So, to get a better idea of what their consumer base has to say about their products, you may have to check other sources online.

It helps to keep in mind though that they have been accused of shilling in the past when their brand was just starting out. So, reviews from over four years ago might not provide the most accurate idea of the vendor and their products.

I used to purchase from PA botanicals all the time. Their stuff is top notch. The only reason I stopped using them is because I found cheaper vendors. I would recommend.” – Reddit user

Great vendor, love ’em. Been a customer for years. Great product, fast shipping and their customer service has been great, no complaints.” – Reddit user

I’ve been shopping here for years. After 15 years of using Kratom, the last 5 have been the best experience of all. They have the best quality, fastest service, best promotions and they are an amazing staff. I’ll never go anywhere else.” – Google Reviews

Have been ordering from PA Botanicals for about 4 years now. Never had an issue. It always seems like I’m getting coupons and deals with every order.” – Google Reviews

Great product! Quick shipping. I received my purchase in just two days from ordering it. The entire process was great. When I emailed with a question, I got a swift response. I would definitely recommend.” – Google Reviews

PA Botanicals Complaints

Just like any other vendor, PA Botanicals has had its fair share of complaints and critical reviews. In fairness to the brand however, many of the bad feedback they’ve received dates back to around five years ago. Today, complaints about their products are few and far between.

Only order from here if you have a couple weeks to wait for your order and don’t mind wondering if you’re being ripped off the whole time since these people are not very communicative.” – Google Reviews

Been ordering from them for a little over a year because they seem to be the less expensive option… Well, obviously there is a reason they are cheaper as I’ve received multiple contaminated or ineffective orders. Not worth the risk anymore, so I will be switching back to Kat’s Botanicals as they have never disappointed.” – Google Reviews

This is not a vendor I recommend to anyone. Be careful, especially if you send a form of payment such as money order or wire since you have no recourse in the case of non-delivery. Their policy clearly shows they don’t care what happens to packages lost in transit. They don’t even have the courtesy of replying to your e-mails.” – Reddit user

I had issues with them, too. They had never marked me as paid, even though I was, and I couldn’t get them to answer my emails. Finally, after 3 weeks, they answered me and said they had accidentally marked me as not paid. Said they’d send me some extra extract for the confusion. Well, guess what… No extract.” – Reddit user

Bought sample pack months ago and was instructed to specify strains, which I did. They just sent whatever they wanted. I emailed them and Jessica said they would make it right but then ignored my future emails.” – Reddit user

PA Botanicals Coupons and Discounts

Buyers who sign up at the PA Botanicals website regularly receive discounts from the vendor as part of their retention program. They also have a Loyalty Program that lets members earn points for every dollar spent on the brand’s products.

Accumulated points can be used to ‘purchase’ coupons that provide discounts or promotional offers like free shipping, free samples, and more. As of writing, it doesn’t seem like PA Botanicals has a newsletter for non-member customers.

PA Botanicals Lab Tests

According to the vendor, all of their products are tested twice prior to sale to ensure the absence of heavy metals, microbes, and contaminants. And to guarantee this, they post lab results for all of their products through their website.

Based on information from their website, PA Botanicals handles and processes all of their kratom in a 10,000 sqft FDA-registered facility. They also maintain a relationship with the same supplier for the past six years to guarantee that all of their products meet their requirements for purity and cleanliness.

American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association (or simply AKA for short) was established by consumers for consumers. This initiative aims to create a safe kratom market by auditing vendors to make sure they comply with strict Good Manufacturing Practices.

PA Botanicals is one of many vendors under the list of AKA-certified kratom names. This means that buyers can trust that PA Botanicals abides by stringent standards that help to prevent contamination of their kratom products.

Is PA Botanicals Legit?

As of writing, PA Botanicals has not been involved in any legal cases. While older reviews claim that the vendor might not have been the most reliable in shipping out orders and recording payments, they seem to have cleaned up their act in recent years.

Should You Buy from PA Botanicals?

PA Botanicals offers an extensive array of kratom products at reasonably affordable prices. And although their customer service might not be the best, their loyalty programs and discount offers for repeat customers make them a suitable go-to.

If anything, buyers recommend using credit or debit card payment methods to protect your money with chargeback rights. Otherwise, locals can shop in-store to bypass shipment issues that seem common with the vendor.

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  1. Bruce Hempel says:

    PA Botanicals is the first vendor from whom I bought kratom 2.5 years ago. I bought their Red Fibro Blend because I figured it would help relieve my fibromyalgia pain. It did! I was amazed to be pain-free for the first time in many years; I only expected my pain to be reduced. It also had the benefit of helping my muscles relax; tense muscles are part of fibromyalgia. Well, after 2.5 years and having tried three other vendors, PA Botanicals’ Red Fibro Blend is still my favorite kratom product. I use it regularly before bed, and also during the day for pain.

    PA Botanicals has a wide variety of kratom choices. I have tried a quite a few of them; their Cambodian is great, and their other strains that I’ve tried were all good. Nonetheless, the Red Fibro Blend is the best for my pain needs.

    Their prices are a bit higher than the cheapest suppliers ($80/kg; I have tried some of those as well), but worth the extra cost. PA Botanicals runs sales fairly often, lowering their price to $100/kg.

    Lastly, PA Botanicals’ service to me has always been great. They communicate very well and they ship promptly. I highly recommend them!

  2. Judy watt says:

    Best place to get all your needs.great folks that work thier and good prices

  3. Tim says:

    My order took much longer to get to me than it should have, unfortunately through my own fault mostly. While trying to find my bank account info online so I could pay, I accidentally x’d out of the payment tab on PA Botanicals’ website, and their website (as of the writing of this review) offers no way to go back and re-enter your information to complete payment, so you have to contact somebody from their payment department. Within a couple days after emailing them, I was sent a new form to fill out and told to email them back when I sent my payment over. I genuinely forgot to email them back, and their email got buried in my inbox. As it turns out, because I didn’t email them, my order sort of came to a screeching halt for over a week. I was a little surprised by this, as I’ve never experienced an online vendor that required you to email them after you sent payment so they can keep track of your order, so this was definitely a first for me. Eventually it all got sorted out though, and they shipped out my order. Shipping took only about 2 days, so any frustrations I might’ve had earlier with PAB were rendered irrelevant simply through the sheer shipping speed. The packaging was decent quality and the product itself is definitely above average quality, and overall I am very happy with what I received. I’m glad that I wasn’t left with a bad impression of this company because of some delays; I definitely think I will order from them again in the future if I am looking to try new strains, and I recommend them to anybody searching for a new online vendor! Just make sure you remember to email them back if they ask you to or else you’ll be left waiting for a while.

  4. Nicole P. says:

    Awesome company and quality product! Love Pa Botanicals. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

  5. Brenda Bryant says:

    Their original red fibro blend is by far the most effective tea I’ve found to treat my chronic pain. I’ve had many injuries and surgeries over the last 3 decades and this blend is the only one so far that conquers my pain!!! I have nerve pain, muscle pain and joint pain–the trifecta. I’ve got sciatic pain, nerve root compressions in my spine, torn muscles and ligaments, and have fractured my spine at L5, hip bone spurs, 5 hand surgeries, neck surgery, knee surgery and just crippled without pain control. I’ve given up pain pills for what I find more effective–kratom teas!!! I also have digestive diseases and it helps with those also when the 4 pills from my gastro Dr weren’t helping. It has also lowered my blood pressure to normal!!
    Out of the many vendors I’ve tried they have the best quality so far!!!
    And a few years ago I was too scared to try kratom. I’m so glad I’ve found this wonderful tea provided by nature that gives me great pain relief, energy, a senses of peace.

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