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October 01, 2020

Original Harvest Kratom

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Once a budding business venture, Original Harvest Kratom offered its buyers an alluring spread of kratom products. Its broad selection made it a go-to for a handful of buyers during its time. However, as time would tell, merely offering a load of choices can’t guarantee long-term success.

Today, Original Harvest Kratom is nothing more than a distant memory. But like many other kratom vendors that fizzle into non-existence, Original Harvest Kratom caused its own unfortunate fate. Because that’s what you get when you engage in deceit, theft, and questionable business practices.


Original Harvest Kratom Product and Service Overview

If variety was the name of the game, Original Harvest Kratom would have taken first place. This vendor was lauded for its expanded selection of kratom varieties that reached well over 50. These included familiar kratom strains and a few rare finds that made the vendor a go-to for users caught in a try-and-buy rabbit hole.

For a while, everything went smoothly. The vendor received more than enough orders to sustain their operations and customers seemed pretty much satisfied with the products they got. But in 2020, things started turning sour for the business and its consumer base.

A barrage of complaints flooded the vendor through various websites online. Their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page received a tidal wave of tirades from disgruntled buyers. Their battle cry? Refunds. Apparently, Original Harvest Kratom was no longer fulfilling orders — just taking payments.

It’s not entirely clear why the vendor started scamming people out of their money, or when they actually started. And while some customers were refunded their payments (proving that the vendor unlawfully took them in the first place), majority of these complainants never actually saw justice served.

In the face of backlash, it seems the vendor simply decided to call it quits. Today, their website is no longer operational, however their Facebook page remains — albeit inactive. As of writing, the last post on their social media page dates back to February of 2021.

It’s common among closed-down kratom vendors to pop up elsewhere on the web as a different brand entirely. However there seems to be no indication that Original Harvest Kratom has made the move just yet.


Original Harvest Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Since their website has closed down, it’s tough to give the full picture on the prices they used to offer. On the upside, resources still exist online that point to the cost of OHK’s powders while the brand operated. What we can say is that they definitely weren’t cheap.

Starts at $19.99 for 28g Starts at $11.99 for 25g Starts at $5.99 for 25g Starts at $5 for 28g

For the record, none of the three vendors listed above alongside OHK clock in prices at the lower end of the range. But even then, OHK still beats them all as the most expensive pick in the pack.

At OHK, kratom powders cost 0.71¢ per gram. For the record, some vendors, like Herbal RVA, go as low as 0.069¢ per gram — ten times cheaper than OHK’s offer. It’s also important to consider that OHK’s largest bags weigh just 224g. So, your chances of spending less by buying bulk don’t really exist at OHK.


Original Harvest Kratom Customer Reviews

You’d think that with close to four years on the kratom scene, Original Harvest would at least have a few remnants of positive feedback left behind on the web. On the contrary, it’s near impossible to find any optimistic reviews about the brand or their product.

Reddit threads that discuss the brand remain scarce. On Facebook, their official page is void of any customer feedback. Their BBB profile also contains nothing other than critical remarks and complaints.

Nevertheless, some customer comments do exist on their social media page. And while there’s no guarantee that they’re authentic customer feedback from real buyers, here’s what they have to say:

“I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality product.” – Facebook comment

“Didn’t think kratom worked[.] Well guess what — it really really works[.] The one time I have nothing negative to say.” – Facebook comment

“I take it every night, helps me sleep and keeps me off prescriptions.” – Facebook comment


Original Harvest Kratom Complaints

It says a lot about a vendor when positive reviews are few and far between, while complaints and criticism are at every turn. OHK is no stranger to negative publicity, and the content of all the bad feedback they get points to their questionable business practices.

“Do not buy from these people — SCAM! Nobody is responding to me. I need to know what’s going on with my order.” – Facebook comment

“Anyone thinking about buying from this company beware that they will screw you over. They have been reported multiple times to the BBB, FTC, and other federal agencies and law enforcement. I can’t wait till you are tracked down and held responsible for your actions.”- Facebook comment

“This place seems like a scam I’ve called off and on all day Friday and now today (Monday) no one answers. Save your money. Their lack of customer service sucks it is nonexistent.” – Facebook comment

“They took my money and have sent me nothing. I have telephoned the company several times and no response. Left detailed messages, still no response. I have also sent messages to them via their website, NO RESPONSE. I would really appreciate a refund at this point and feel that this company deserves to have a penalty for their poor customer service. I am questioning if this company is even legitimate or if this is just a scam.” – BBB

“I did receive a tracking number weeks later but never received a product. At that point when I had messaged them to tell them I was contacting the BBB since no one was helping me they said they would be sending out a new package since it appeared mine had been lost and would email me a tracking number as soon as they had it. Never received any further emails from them, nor the product.” – BBB

“I just want my money returned. I did not pay by credit/debit card. Otherwise, I would have reported it as fraudulent. […] No communication and holding on to my money with the same shipping notification for over a week may speak of deceptive business practices.” – BBB


Original Harvest Kratom Lab Testing

OHK seemed pretty invested in their brand’s reputation to start. So, they did claim to test all of their products through third-party labs. Any product that didn’t meet their standards would get tossed out of their inventory.

It’s unclear though what kinds of tests the vendor performed — whether they tested for contamination, mitragynine content, or both. And because they never really shared these tests with the public, no one really knows for sure.


American Kratom Association Membership

Original Harvest Kratom never submitted itself for audit to the American Kratom Association (AKA) under their Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program. Unfortunately for the brand, this often bears significant value for buyers because of the AKA’s role in upholding the standard for kratom vendors.

Simply put, AKA-GMP certification means that a vendor process clean kratom using sanitized facilities and ethical procedures. With this compliance, a vendor can guarantee that they prioritize their buyers’ safety. All of that said, Original Harvest kratom is neither an AKA-accredited vendor nor GMP-compliant.


Is Original Harvest Kratom Legit?

It’s normal for curious buyers to experiment with kratom vendors even when there isn’t enough positive feedback from customers to support their name. But with Original Harvest Kratom, there’s really no point in giving them a shot.

Too many customers have taken to the web to express their grievances concerning Original Harvest Kratom. And with the brand at the receiving end of countless scam accusations, buyers should definitely beware. Fortunately, they seem to be permanently out of business so you really can’t buy from them anyway.


Watch Out for Scams

Vendors like Original Harvest Kratom reinforce the importance of performing your due diligence as a buyer. Although the brand definitely gave off the aura of a professional, polished operation, reviews reveal its true nature.

Fortunately, there are loads of resources online that you can use to help you choose the right vendor. By reading through reviews, checking for AKA-GMP certification, and comparing options, you should be able to steer clear of bad eggs like Organic Harvest Kratom.

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  1. Johnny says:

    They took my money and didn’t ship my order. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE

  2. Dave says:

    This company also ripped me off- only response I got was on the Facebook page- after they deleted my complaint they messaged me and said my shipping would update? What kind of people run a operation like this? Wish we could report them to the FBI for fraud?

  3. Tracy Lleras says:

    Original harvest also ripped me off. I ordered the green maeng da kratom and it was fake and worthless. I emailed them they refused to respond, so I kept emailing them, someone named Michelle responded and said they could only take it back if it was sealed and unopened……would not refund my money or address the problem, couldn’t care less. Once they have your money, they won’t respond. This company is a total ripoff! DO NOT BUY FROM ORIGINAL HARVEST KRSTOM!

  4. Renee says:

    Original Harvest is a scam, I have now seen many comments that they take your money and don’t send the order, I wish I had seen these before ordering because the same thing happened to me. I commented this on their facebook and they don’t respond and just delete it. Buyer beware!

  5. Mary Lynne says:

    Original Harvest took my the day I placed my order, took a week to “ship” it, though they only had a shipping label made. My order languished there for days. They don’t respond to emails. I finally messaged them on Facebook and they were patronizing and then said my shipping would update in 48 hours. When it didn’t and I messaged them, they said they would refund my money because I wasn’t happy with their shipping time and they’re very busy. They were totally petty and had zero interest in fixing the issue. It remains to be seen whether I get my money back.

  6. Kurt says:

    Original Harvest pocketed my cash and said they never received my order.

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