October 1, 2020

Original Harvest Kratom (Vendor)

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Ships from: California (US orders), Toronto (CAN orders)
Ships to: United States, Canada

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❔ Vendor Description

Original Harvest Kratom is an American-Canadian kratom vendor. Unlike most other vendors, they operate in both California and Toronto. Browse their selection online, and you’ll find popular strains like White Maeng Da and rarer finds like Red Sumatra. They also offer “enhanced” kratom powders and capsules that are purportedly more potent than standard kratom products.

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  1. This company also ripped me off- only response I got was on the Facebook page- after they deleted my complaint they messaged me and said my shipping would update? What kind of people run a operation like this? Wish we could report them to the FBI for fraud?

  2. 10

    Original harvest also ripped me off. I ordered the green maeng da kratom and it was fake and worthless. I emailed them they refused to respond, so I kept emailing them, someone named Michelle responded and said they could only take it back if it was sealed and unopened......would not refund my money or address the problem, couldn't care less. Once they have your money, they won't respond. This company is a total ripoff! DO NOT BUY FROM ORIGINAL HARVEST KRSTOM!

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  3. Original Harvest is a scam, I have now seen many comments that they take your money and don't send the order, I wish I had seen these before ordering because the same thing happened to me. I commented this on their facebook and they don't respond and just delete it. Buyer beware!

  4. Original Harvest took my the day I placed my order, took a week to “ship” it, though they only had a shipping label made. My order languished there for days. They don’t respond to emails. I finally messaged them on Facebook and they were patronizing and then said my shipping would update in 48 hours. When it didn’t and I messaged them, they said they would refund my money because I wasn’t happy with their shipping time and they’re very busy. They were totally petty and had zero interest in fixing the issue. It remains to be seen whether I get my money back.

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