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August 20, 2020

Organa Kratom

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Vendor Description

If there was ever a polished, professional brand, Organa Kratom would be it. Their branding and website just exude the kind of personality you would expect from a truly committed and invested brand. And with all the legwork that goes into maintaining that premier vendor reputation, these guys appeal mainly to high rollers.

And since they look the part of a premium brand, you should expect that they also charge accordingly. Organa Kratom is anything but cheap. But if money is no object and you’re looking to transact with a fully developed business that doesn’t operate out of a seedy garage, then Organa might deserve a second glance.


Organa Kratom Product and Service Overview

From their logo, to their homepage, to their copy, Organa Kratom seems to have it all figured out. This brand’s attention to detail remains unmatched by any other vendor on the scene. And you’ll appreciate all of the effort that goes into their branding by visiting their website.

Organa boasts what is perhaps one of if not the most seamless online store across the entire kratom market. So much so, that the vendor has had their brand featured on major news and media outlets like USA Today, NBC, CBS, and Fox.

Their range of products includes just powders and capsules. But even then, the vendor offers quite the range of strains so you can find something that perfectly matches your needs and preferences.

According to information on their website, all of their products are sent to third-party labs for testing. They check their kratom for both contamination and mitragynine content, and reports are easily accessible through their website.

At a glance, it seems that Organa Kratom has everything it takes to become the next big kratom vendor hit. But alas, the vendor seems to fail in one crucial aspect — customer support.

To date, the vendor isn’t exactly running alongside famous kratom market juggernauts like Kats Botanicals, despite putting about the same amount of effort into their brand. And the probable reason for that would be their crappy customer engagement.

The vendor hardly responds to buyers on their Facebook. And because their products are pretty expensive in comparison to many others, their unfriendly approach to consumer relations seems to deter some buyers.


Organa Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Just by looking at their website, you can already kind of tell that Organa Kratom isn’t cheap. In fact, they’re pretty dang expensive. These guys sell their product for up to four times the price that more popular vendors do. So if you’re trying to stay within a limited budget, their products could be way out of reach.

Powders Starts at $8.99 for 25g Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $9.99 for 28g
$29.99 for 100g $30 for 250g $67.90 for 224g
$54.99 for 250g $100 for 1000g $204.99 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $29.99 for 100ct Starts at $6.99 for 28g Starts at $20 for 100ct
$69.99 for 300ct $40 for 200g
$140 for 1000g

For the record, neither Mitragaia nor Happy Hippo get tagged as ‘budget-friendly’. In fact, these two names often get tossed in with expensive vendors. But even then, Organa Kratom leaves both in the dust with their sky high prices.

For a 25g pack, you’ll have to spend $8.99 which rings in each gram at 0.36¢. Their 250g bags go for $54.99 or 0.22¢ per gram. Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t provide bulk bags for their kratom products. So if you were hoping to cop a whole kilo, you’d have to pay $219.96.

To put things into context, lots of other vendors go as low as 0.07¢ per gram. That means when you purchase from Organa, even their cheapest price per gram forces you to spend up to three times the standard price of kratom powder.


Organa Kratom Customer Reviews

Leaving their buyers the opportunity to leave reviews for their products on their website, Organa gets mainly positive reviews. Well, at least for the products on their on turf. Elsewhere on the web, it’s hard to uncover any consumer generated information about Organa Kratom.

For the record though, Organa’s website reviews don’t require any sort of validation before getting published. The vendor also has complete control over which reviews get posted on their website. So you can never really tell if the comments you’re reading paint the full picture.

“Great price! Ships super fast. Amazing customer service.” – Organa Kratom website

“Tried a few kratom products, but this one has this best effect on me! AMAZING brand.” – Organa Kratom website

“These White Maeng Da, capsules are working great, awesome! I’m feeling good, full of energy to do what I need to in a day, without having to push through. Thank you so much!” – Organa Kratom website

“I heard about Kratom from a friend who uses it for pain. I also have neck pain so I thought I’d give it a try. It made me feel very relaxed and helps so much with my neck pain. Great service and fast shipping helps too!” – Organa Kratom website

“My first time trying kratom and didn`t know what to expect. Thank you for a quality product. Will order again.” – Organa Kratom website


Organa Kratom Complaints

If you’re just skimming through their website, then it might seem like Organa Kratom doesn’t get any negative reviews. But take the time to really read each of the reviews for their products, and you’ll find that some of the comments left behind actually complain about their products and services despite rating the brand five stars.

While we can’t tell for sure, it seems that Organa Kratom might be tweaking star ratings to keep their products looking clean and pristine at a glance. This can help to improve their sales, especially since most buyers don’t really take the time to read each and every review on their website.

“Much of your product is more gritty than I’m used to. I bought for years from another company with extremely fine,soft product. They stopped offering regular CC and PayPal payment options is why I left.” – Organa Kratom website

“Okay quality but overpriced.” – Organa Kratom website

“I’m very annoyed with your website. If one thing is ordered, it’s difficult to get a second item. You don’t find out that the item selected is powder or capsule until you open it up and are offered 100, 200, or 300 caps or 3 different weights. You can’t see the prices unless you click on each item.” – Organa Kratom website

“I got a discount, but that brought it below the free shipping and the shipping charge essentially canceled the discount. Trying to get the military discount has been a hassle, and I haven’t gotten my emailed question answered. You guys can do better than this.” – Organa Kratom website

“It is difficult to impossible to get the last gram or so out of the bags.The fold in the bottom can’t be scooped and pouring it is not a good idea because the powder is so fine it flies easy. I could put the product in another container but your bags are great for protecting. Just my two cents.” – Organa Kratom website

“If I had to find a downside, I’d say that it seems to wear off pretty quickly and I hit six grams by mid-afternoon.” – Reddit user


Organa Kratom Discount Codes

Their exorbitant prices give them loads of leg room for discounts and promotional offers. For starters, they have both a newsletter and a rewards program that regular, loyal customers can use to get discounts and price cuts. Of course, there’s also their referral program that lets you earn discounts for every friend you refer to the brand.

Other ways to save include following their socials or trying out their military discount. If you need a regular stash of kratom, you can opt for their subscription that lets you save up to 15% each month.


Organa Kratom Lab Testing

As previously mentioned, Organa Kratom does test all of their kratom products. You should be able to find these reports by checking their dedicated Lab Testing page. To find the specific report for your product, you can search the lot number indicated on the product packaging. You can also manually sift through available reports.


American Kratom Association Membership

On the outside, Organa Kratom seems to put in all the effort to exude a trustworthy, reliable vendor personality. But they lack the one thing that could dispel any apprehension in their prospective buyers — and that’s AKA-GMP certification.

The American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practices program audits vendors to make sure they handle all of their products safely and in sanitary facilities. Organa Kratom hasn’t seemed to request for an audit just yet, so we can’t really tell what goes on behind their closed doors.


Is Organa Kratom Legit?

They’re fairly new to the market, which may explain the lack of reviews. And while incentivizing feedback and tweaking star ratings might seem like a dirty tactic, it seems that’s the worst that the brand has ever done.

With no history of recalls, no accusations of scams, and no involvement in any legal battles, Organa Kratom might still be worthy of your business.


Should You Try Organa Kratom?

Well, that depends — got the dough for it? This vendor is painfully expensive. So while they might be a suitable choice for curious cats who just want to give new brands a shot, there are loads of more affordable vendors out there who offer consistently high quality kratom worth your regular patronage.

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