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October 01, 2020

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Grossly overpriced and flaky communicators — at least, that’s what most buyers have to say about Online Kratom. This vendor has been around for close to a decade, and started out as a promising new venture looking to offer quality, small batch kratom to the eager consumer base.

With time however, things turned sour and what was once a budding business became the bane of various buyers across the web. Don’t get us wrong though — Online Kratom continues to have its fair share of high points. But with inconsistent customer support and fluctuating quality, they might not be as good as they used to be.


Online Kratom Product and Service Overview

Obviously, Online Kratom’s name attempts to make the vendor more prolific as brand satiate the internet-based market. But with so many other, more popular vendors using the same phrase throughout their websites, it’s become pretty tough to find a consumer-generated footprint for Online Kratom.

As expected however, Reddit comes through. The internet forum provides loads of helpful information about the vendor. And while older threads reflect a reliable, respectable reputation, newer threads reveal that the vendor’s stature may have tarnished.

On their website, the vendor offers limited information about who they are, but they do reveal that they’re based in California and that they’ve been in business since 2011. 

Their website is fairly easy to browse, letting you arrive at your chosen products within just a few clicks. Don’t expect to see anything too flashy however — branding and web design aren’t their strongest suit.

The vendor sells a sundry of products aside from just kratom. In the speciosa department however, you’ll find powders, extracts, and capsules. Each one uses a brand-given name based off of Hindu gods and deities. And while it might seem creative, the whole name game makes browsing confusing.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Online Kratom doesn’t sell bulk kratom packs. Instead, their biggest weight for their powder offers sits at just 200g. Moreover, their products also aren’t all that cheap, touting prices that are easily double (or triple) the cost of other vendors.


Online Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

The most common complaint that Online Kratom gets involves their prices. Buyers perceive the vendor to offer some of the most expensive kratom around. And comparing their prices with their closest competition proves that it’s not just an exaggeration.

Powders Starts at $5.99 for 15g Starts at $45 for 250g Starts at $6.99 for 28g
$18.99 for 50g $120 for 1kg $114.99 for 1kg
$69.99 for 200g $512.50 for 5kg $425 for 5kg
$1,000 for 10kg $750 for 10kg
Capsules Starts at $7.79 for 30ct Starts at $25 for 100ct Starts at $9.99 for 50ct
$90.99 for 400ct $175 for 1000ct $59.99 for 400ct
$687.50 for 5000ct

For the record, EZ Kratom and PA Botanicals usually rank as two of the more expensive kratom vendors on the market. Even then, their prices pale in comparison to Online Kratom. At 0.39¢ to 0.35¢ per gram, their kratom powders are slightly more than double the price of standard powders you’ll find elsewhere.

It also helps to know that the prices indicated here represent their cheapest offers. Some of their blends cost upwards of $300 for 200g, and those aren’t even extracts. Their concentrated kratom extract powders sell for as much as $240 for just 10g of product.


Online Kratom Reviews

Every now and then, Online Kratom will still get the occasional positive review. But recently, these optimistic reviews have waned in frequency. Nevertheless, they do exist on forums like Reddit.

“I made several orders, great service with lots of follow up e-mails, their products are generally stronger than “standard” strains, you need half of what you usually use with other sites. A little pricey but, you pay for quality.” – Reddit user

“OK was the first vender I tried and their product is consistent and potent. They’re a bit pricey compared to Kwik and Peoples Kratom but I keep them on usual rotation due to their customer service and quick shipping.” – Reddit user

“If you are looking for another vendor and something new and fresh I would highly suggest checking these guys out. Online Kratom is now on my top 3 vendor list. Cheers.” – Reddit user

“Long story short all 3 powders were excellent. I started off with 5 grams of the Durga fusion and it felt like the first time I had taken kratom. Their fusion mixes are multiple plain leaf powders with extract. It took about 45 minutes for it to kick in which is a little longer than normal for me but once it did I was good for rest of the day, I didn’t even need to redose like I typically do.” – Reddit user

“I really like that it can be a relaxant/mood enhancer in small doses for social settings or you can take quite a bit and have an awesome time watching movies/playing video games. All with almost no hangover and (hopefully) no long-term side effects.” – Reddit user


Online Kratom Complaints

Back when they were starting out, Online Kratom was the recipient of countless positive reviews. But with time, the vendor lost its spark and buyers started seeing cracks in their products and customer service.

“I was loyal to them too – until finding out that their stuff was grossly overpriced. My fault for not doing my due diligence, but I wonder how many people never knew this herb was as cheap as it is.” – Reddit user

“In my experience they can be horrendous communicators. And their prices are obscene.” – Reddit user

“My wife and I both took a dose. Neither of us really felt anything from it other than some very light Euphoria and Stimulation. I’d it was 3/10 compared to my usual Kratom.” – Reddit user

“That’s one of the first places I ordered from they’re very expensive but same stuff from everybody else.” – Reddit user

“It’s nothing special, yet crazy overpriced. You can get the same quality elsewhere without having to pay so much.” – Reddit user


Online Kratom Coupons and Discount Codes

Online Kratom used to be quite active on their socials. However as of writing, their most recent post dates back to 2017. That’s why today, most of their coupons and discount codes are coursed through their mailing list. Interested buyers can sign up for the newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of the website and entering their email.


Online Kratom Lab Testing

Online Kratom doesn’t really talk about lab tests on their website. Throughout their product pages, the vendor makes no mention of testing for either contamination or mitragynine content. However, since some vendors have been known to keep lab reports under wraps, there’s no way to confirm or deny whether they actually test or not.


American Kratom Association Membership

Online Kratom is not an AKA-affiliated vendor. This means that they haven’t submitted their business for an audit. Kratom brands that pass the AKA inspection are granted a certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance. Vendors that have this certificate prove that their products and facilities are clean.

As of writing, Online Kratom has yet to submit itself to the AKA for GMP evaluation. This, combined with the fact that they don’t disclose the status of their lab testing practices, has raised a few brows among discriminating kratom buyers.


Is Online Kratom Legit?

One report posted on Reddit in 2017 detailed an experience where buyers were met with an error message after settling their payment for Online Kratom’s products. This happened during the ban scare, at which time Online Kratom posted on their Facebook page claiming to do right by their customers by fulfilling orders and refunding payments where necessary. The day after, the post was deleted and the vendor stopped responding to all buyers involved. As expected, many of them initiated chargebacks just to get their money back.

Aside from this incident however, Online Kratom has yet to be involved in any other controversies, issues, or legal cases. It’s also worth mentioning that none of their products have been recalled by the FDA.


Should You Buy From Online Kratom?

At the end of the day, there are vendors that offer the same (or even better) quality kratom for less the cost. And with all the negative publicity that Online Kratom has received in recent years, it’s really not advisable for kratom customers to spend hard earned money on their offers.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to explore and you want to try something new, perhaps a small packet of kratom powder from the Online Kratom brand should satisfy your hankering for variety.

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