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October 01, 2020

One Stop Herbal Shop

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During its hay day, One Stop Herbal Shop provided everything that a natural health nut could ever want. They sold kratom of course, but also offered a range of other products that were geared towards organic, plant-based wellness. And while they did boom in terms of Reddit popularity, the vendor is now nowhere to be found.

What happened to One Stop Herbal Shop exactly, no one seems to know. But what we do know is that the vendor was a pretty well received name across the web. They were so we popular in fact, that right before they closed their virtual doors, they managed to open up a physical store in Delaware.


One Stop Herbal Shop Product and Service Overview

As of writing, it seems that the One Stop Herbal Shop website remains out of order. The vendor never really made any announcements that they planned to leave the online scene. So it’s not entirely clear why their online storefront had to get taken down.

On top of that, the vendor has stopped updating their Facebook and Twitter profiles all together. Back in the day, they used to post quite frequently on Reddit as well. But based on their most recent threads, they haven’t made an appearance on the website in the last year.

Fortunately, there are quite a number of reviews about One Stop Herbal Shop throughout the web. That’s mainly because the vendor rose to popularity during its time, taking the place of a go-to for a wide consumer base.

According to reviews however, their website left a lot to be desired. They didn’t invest too much in branding or in web design, so you couldn’t really expect a seamless online shopping experience. Nonetheless, they made up for it with their product selection.

More than just their wide range of kratom picks however, One Stop Herbal Shop really magnetized buyers with their insanely low prices. Now, to be clear, these guys were a US-based vendor. But even then, they managed to dial down their product cost so low that they almost appeared as a Indonesian vendor.

Their kilograms and retail packets sold for just a fraction of the cost that others would charge. And because their product quality wasn’t too shabby, buyers gravitated towards their online store front.

Today, it’s not entirely clear whether their Delaware location is still operational. What we do know however is that the vendor seems to have taken a break from online sales. How long they intend to stay off of the web, or whether they plan to permanently shut their website isn’t entirely clear.


One Stop Shop Product Cost and Price Comparison

While they were around, One Stop Herbal Shop had some of the cheapest products around. Their kilograms sold for incredibly low prices that made them highly accessible to budget-restrained customers who were on the prowl for quality kratom that didn’t put too much of a dent on the wallet.

Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $5.99 for 25g Starts at $29.95 for 250g Starts at $5 for 28g
$25 for 250g $19.99 for 100g $49.95 for 500g $12 for 100g
$40 for 500g $34.99 for 250g $89.95 for 1000g $25 for 250g
$60 for 1000g $89.99 for 1000g $90 for 1000g

Sixty bucks for a whole kilo? Sounds too good to be true, but that’s actually what they used to charge. Heck even their small retail packets came at pretty good prices, similar to those at Botanical Bunny. But when it came to kilograms, One Stop Herbal Shop just refused to be beat.

To put things into context, that would be like paying just 0.06¢ per gram that you take. If your usual dose sits at 10g, you’d be paying a meager 0.6¢ for every dose you have. Even compared to Herbal RVA’s ultra low cost $69 kilograms, One Stop Herbal Shop was an obvious winner.


One Stop Herbal Shop Customer Reviews

Sure, their product was cheap. But was it any good? Although their website doesn’t really exist anymore, threads upon threads about One Stop Herbal Shop continue to showcase the brand’s sheer popularity. During its time on the market, people loved the brand and the products they sold.

“The owner is a great guy. Very trustworthy vendor.” – Reddit user

“I definitely recommend them. I don’t own a scale, but I could swear these guys have nearly doubled my order at times. Orders usually arrive within 2-3 days, the product is great, and the prices are unbeatable.” – Reddit user

“They’re solid. I just put in an order myself.” – Reddit user

“If you haven’t ordered from here, you’re missing out. Great products, great value and fast shipping. I highly recommend One Stop Herbal Shop.” – One Stop Herbal Shop Facebook page

“Absolutely fantastic people! Take it from me a regular dude. They provide a top quality product at a great price.” – One Stop Herbal Shop Facebook page


One Stop Herbal Shop Complaints

Even the best of kratom vendors get their fair share of complaints — it comes with the territory. For the most part, a lot of the critical reviews that pour in for One Stop Herbal Shop express disappointment over their customer service and their website functionality which isn’t always the best.

“Placed an order then their website went down. Never got any update.” – One Stop Herbal Shop Facbeook page

“I ordered from them last night. I tried to email them and it came back and said “their server is misconfigured” and that the email didn’t go through.” – Reddit user

“I’ve emailed them a couple times and not gotten a reply and their site seems kinda skimpy from what it used to be. I’ve got an order pending and usually they’re real good about sending info.” – Reddit user

“I never received a confirmation email for my order, and they didn’t respond to my emails either.” – Reddit user


One Stop Herbal Shop Discounts and Coupon Codes

There’s no information on the web that indicates that One Stop Herbal Shop had any sort of mailing list on their website. But they did used to have quite an active Facebook page through which they regularly shared information about their latest sales, discounts, and promotional offers.

A few years back, they also closely engaged with their customers on Reddit. However as of writing, since the vendor took down their website, it’s not clear whether they’re still taking orders or issuing discount offers at that.


One Stop Herbal Shop Lab Testing

Here’s another thing we can’t be sure about. The vendor’s ultra cheap product may have satisfied a handful of buyers, but their lack of testing might sound the alarms for many others. One Stop Herbal Shop’s undisclosed testing status means that their products could contain potentially hazardous adulterants.

A lack of testing information also means that you could never really be sure as to the potency of their products. That’s why other vendors would test for mitragynine content to provide some sort of guarantee that their products were up to standards.


American Kratom Association Membership

The One Stop Herbal Shop isn’t affiliated with the AKA. So this means the vendor has never requested for a Good Manufacturing Practices Audit. Simply put, no one knows for sure what happens behind closed doors at One Stop Herbal Shop’s facilities.

AKA-GMP certification guarantees that vendors observe strict protocol to guarantee the sanitation and safety of their products. This involves getting their facilities, machines, personnel, and procedures checked by the AKA. A vendor that passes the test gets to claim GMP compliance. Unfortunately, OSHS isn’t one of them.


Is One Stop Herbal Shop Legit?

Well, they definitely used to be. One Stop Herbal Shop has long had issues with communication, which was never their strongest suit. The vendor often left customers hanging on the status of their orders, which inevitably caused dissatisfaction among their buyers.

Today, the vendor continues with this unprofessional behavior. A comment left behind on one of their reviews on Facebook indicates that the owner claimed that his car was impounded and that his phone was left inside. This he says, explains why he couldn’t respond to latest orders.

He hoped this would also explain why their website suddenly went down, but buyers cry foul. Since posting, the owner hasn’t responded to any of the inquiries and continues to hold on to their payments without fulfilling any orders.


Should You Try One Stop Herbal Shop?

Even if their website were still functional (which it isn’t), we can’t really recommend One Stop Herbal Shop. Not that their products weren’t any good. It’s just that the vendor would almost always fall short of communication standards.

No one wants to even be confronted with just the idea of being scammed. And since this brand doesn’t seem to value the importance of keeping their buyers updated, then it might be best to check other options. 

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