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October 01, 2020

Okie Kratom

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Kratom users on Reddit shape up to be the toughest of crowds. So, it says a lot about a vendor to make it to the top of Subreddits like /thekratomreview. And that’s why Okie Kratom has a lot of reason to brag. Sitting pretty at the top of the said Reddit thread, Okie Kratom smashed 22 other reputable vendors to get to the top.

Reliable, effective, and insanely affordable, Okie Kratom pretty much has it all. So, it’s really no wonder how they’ve managed to meet the high standards of the discriminating kratom consumer base and the kratom experts of Reddit, no less.


Okie Kratom Product and Service Overview

The guys behind Okie Kratom don’t really talk about themselves too much. So don’t expect to find a lengthy About Us article on their website. Instead, they get straight to the point with their line of kratom products. According to the vendor, they work closely with small-batch farmers who meticulously cultivate kratom to maintain quality.

But other than that, and saying that they ‘sell the best’ kratom, Okie skips the flashy copy and branding. In fact, some buyers might even describe their website as clumsy. With texts laid over backgrounds of leaves, it’s hard to read certain parts of the site. They also don’t post pictures of the powders — just the bags they come in.

Funny, you can even hover your cursor over those photos and find they still have the watermark. This means the brand probably didn’t pay to get their sample pictures done. Altogether, Okie Kratom shapes out to be a vendor that’s not interested in paying for things that probably don’t matter to them — like branding and pizzazz.

But even if they don’t win in the aesthetics and personality department, they blow competition out of the water with their quality. The vendor enjoys the positive reception of a large patronage. Even on cut-throat forums like Reddit, Okie Kratom gets a ton of love and positive feedback which is nothing short of a feat.

All of that said, it’s easy to see why most of their products run out fast. Selling powders in bags of 5g, 56g, and 250g, Okie Kratom’s line of speciosa — especially their reds — rarely ever last a few weeks in stock. They probably also have their prices to thank for that.


Okie Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Part of the reason why Okie Kratom sells their product so cheap is because of the low acquisition cost. They don’t spend a lot to buy their kratom from their small partner farmers. So, they have the opportunity to sell their products for less while still making a profit.

Do note though that they’re not the cheapest, but they come pretty darn close.

Powders Starts at $2 for 5g Starts at $9.75 for 100g Starts at $12.64 for 30g
$8 for 56g $23.75 for 250g $22.27 for 100g
$18 for 250g $69 for 1000g $39.77 for 250g
$75.57 for 1000g

Herbal RVA offers some of the cheapest prices for bulk kratom at just 0.069¢. But even with their enticing low-cost kratom, Okie Kratom creeps up on the budget vendor by offering theirs at a minimum of 0.07¢ per gram.

It also pays to consider that these prices apply to Okie’s 250g pack as opposed to Herbal RVA’s 1000g pack. At 250g, Herbal RVA’s kratom costs 0.095¢ which technically makes them the more expensive choice.


Okie Kratom Customer Reviews

Being the Reddit favorite means that Okie Kratom gets mostly positive reviews for their products. And that applies all across the web. So regardless of where you prefer reading up on kratom feedback, you’re bound to find positive comments for Okie and their offers.

“I am a new customer and I really didn’t understand when people talk about how different each vendor can be. I found Okie Naturals powder to be of a much better quality than my previous vendor! […] So, I will no doubt be a repeat customer! Thanks!” – Okie Kratom website

“Great product, amazing prices and excellent customer service. One of my favorite vendors so far.” – Okie Kratom website

“Always quick to answer a question with kindness and understanding. I couldn’t make my order last night due to an overdraft problem, Gary lowered my price enough to where I could place my order instead of waiting for my next deposit.” – Reddit

“Top of our vendor list over at r/thekratomreview out of 22 different vendors. Definitely worth a shot at the very least!” – Reddit

“They have wonderful customer service and the shipping hasn’t been bad either. Their products are top notch also. I would highly recommend Okie to anyone who could benefit from their products.” – Okie Kratom Facebook page


Okie Kratom Complaints

It’s actually ideal that you find a few negative reviews about a brand now and again. That just goes to prove that they’re not out and about, trying to sanitize the feedback they get from their buyers. And while you might find a critical review for Okie now and again, they usual content definitely isn’t a deal breaker.

“Most recent batch didn’t live up to the hype. I was expecting a lot better. Service is great though.” – Okie Kratom website

“Got it to me very quickly. First time trying the vendor. The product looks/smells normal but only one of the “strains” worked for me.” – Okie Kratom website

“It feels great, pain relief is great, and energy is great. The only issue I had was that in my order, I selected priority mail in shipping and it was shipped as first class. But otherwise, no problems.” – Okie Kratom website

“I placed order ten days ago and it has not arrived. I was told by Okie that it was not their problem. I’ve been ordering from Okie for about 8 months. I will be taking my business elsewhere.” – Okie Kratom website

“Works really well but takes a little bit to take effect.” – Okie Kratom website


Okie Kratom Coupons and Discount Codes

To make it easier for their buyers to get quality kratom at low prices, Okie Kratom has a dedicated promotions page. Here, they regularly update customers on their latest price cuts, offers, and discount opportunities. Buyers who want updates sent straight to their email can sign up for the vendor’s mailing list.

While the vendor’s prices are already impressively low, they still manage to hand out discounts at their discretion. One buyer even detailed an experience where the vendor offered to cut down their prices to match the customer’s budget. So, if you’re lucky, they might just give you a unique offer if you reach out directly.


Okie Kratom Lab Testing

Perhaps the only real drawback about buying from Okie Kratom is that they don’t really tell you whether they test their products or not. The vendor makes no mention of third-party lab testing on their website. So, buyers who are particular about buying only tested kratom might find this a major downside.

According to some sources on the web, it may be possible that Okie Kratom tests but just prefers keeping things hush hush. Whatever the case, we can’t really draw any conclusions as to their testing status.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association (AKA) lists dozens of vendors on their website. These vendors are the ones that have submitted their business for an audit and successfully passed the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) evaluation.

What does that mean for buyers? Well, AKA-GMP compliant vendors adhere to specific quality assurance measures to guarantee the safety of their products. Unfortunately, Okie Kratom does not appear on their list of accredited vendors, which means they have yet to undergo the audit.


Is Okie Kratom Legit?

Despite the shady third-party lab testing situation and their non-AKA membership, Okie Kratom still gets the thumbs up from majority of their buyers. The vendor has never encountered any issues with the authorities or the FDA. None of their batches have ever been recalled. And of course, they have never had legal cases with buyers.

So, all things considered, we can safely say that Okie Kratom is definitely a legitimate source of kratom.


Should You Buy From Okie Kratom?

That depends. While they offer excellent product at low prices, Okie Kratom’s lab testing and AKA-GMP status might make some buyers wary. Nonetheless, the vendor’s unmatched reputation makes them a solid choice for customers who want nothing but the good stuff.

Altogether, they’re definitely worth a shot. With a clean track record and overwhelmingly positive reviews, Okie Kratom might just be your next go-to.

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  1. MytraGuy9
    Active Commenter

    I’ve placed four different orders with Okie Kratom over the past year and a half and the product is always top shelf and the service is excellent. Okie knows how to source some amazing white batches as well which are very difficult to find. Love the WMD, White Fire, GMD and several others. Definitely a trusted vendor with professional ethics and world class service.

  2. Rachel Branan says:

    Mouse, you must be getting your vendors confused! The owner of Okie would not do that! Anyone reading this definitely go to the website and see for yourself the great prices and read those reviews!

  3. Jeff says:

    Great prices and services. Very fast shipping and also very good product. Have never has a problem with okie kratom ever.
    Review section in this ad is flawed and would let me pick 5 stars.

  4. Never happened!!!!
    If we make a mistake, we own it and go above and beyond to make it right.
    Over charged…. We offer some of the best priced, high quality product out there. We almost always bill lower than the total of the order.
    We take care of our customers. Period

    You want true reviews …. Visit our website and read those there. Anyone can post here.

  5. Mouse says:

    He will over charge you and send you a partial shipment ,then he ignores your email and won’t reply ,stay away

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