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December 17, 2020

Ohio Botanicals

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Ships from: Louisville, Ohio, USA
Ships to: United States

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Vendor Description

Headquartered in Louisville, Ohio, Ohio Botanicals is a well-established vendor with a long history of reliable service. This brand offers an assortment of kratom powders and blends that they carefully select for purity and potency. But more than just the variety they provide, Ohio Botanicals’ polished customer support earns them trust.

Fast, efficient, and reliable, Ohio Botanicals understands what it takes to keep customers satisfied. So despite their slightly steeper prices, the vendor manages to secure the patronage of a pretty solid customer base that has stuck with the brand through years of operations.


Ohio Botanicals Product and Service Overview

That first visit to the Ohio Botanicals website can reel you in with no questions. Their website — although not exactly high end — features polished designs and layouts that exude a professional aura. The minimalist colorways creatively and tastefully use pops of bright color here and there for a truly dynamic visual.

The website is easy to navigate and features simplified categories that make browsing a breeze. It’s also worth noting that the vendor only sells powders, so there’s really not a lot of options to clutter their selection anyway.

Varieties under the Ohio Botanicals line up includes all of your familiar favorites, as well as a number of rarities that make shopping exciting. Powder packages come in weights of 28g, 112g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. And to support your due diligence, they make reviews for each product available on their website.

Keep in mind though that not all of their products are popular enough to get feedback. In fact, only a handful of their strains have reviews online, and these are mostly the more common varieties that people use as go-to strains.

Elsewhere on the web, it’s hard to find any information about the Ohio Botanicals brand even if they’ve been around for quite a while. Although we can’t really be sure why that is, we can assume that the vendor’s name has something to do with it. The words ‘Ohio Botanicals’ appear together all too often.

So a Google search might not turn up too many relevant results when you punch in the keywords. That said, it’s tough to glean any information from customers since organic, buyer-generated information is scarce.


Ohio Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

To be clear, Ohio Botanicals’ isn’t necessarily the cheapest vendor out there. In fact, they might not even fall into the budget category if you’re used to getting your kratom at extra low prices. If anything, Ohio Botanicals’ prices exceed the usual cost-efficient limit, so you might have to spend a little extra to get your hands on their product.


Starts at $5.99 for 28g Starts at $25 for 125g Starts at $8 for 25g Starts at $3.50 for 25g
$37.50 for 250g $56 for 500g $25 for 100g $35 for 500g
$59.99 for 500g $91 for 1000g $70 for 500g $60 for 1000g
$104.99 for 1000g $105 for 1000g


Their smallest packets sell for $5.99 for 28g, which is essentially 0.21¢ per gram. If you’re looking to cop a whole kilogram, you’d have to shell out $104.99 for the bag, or a price of 0.10¢ per gram.

Now, you might be thinking that doesn’t really seem like a lot. But when you consider the fact that other vendors go as low as 0.06¢ per gram, it’s tough to muster the willingness to spend close to double the price.

But then again, there are some buyers who claim that the prices that Ohio Botanicals peddles are just fine. That’s because a lot of their loyal customers claim to patronize the vendor for more than just their powders especially since they also provide quality service that’s fast, efficient, and reliable.


Ohio Botanicals Customer Reviews

Only a handful of the products on the Ohio Botanicals website have any reviews. What’s tough is that these reviews don’t even provide a lot of information about the vendor and its service, and instead leave comments about solely the products.

And while the vendor also has links to its social media pages on site, the broken links lead nowhere, making it tough to find any related information on Facebook and Twitter.

“I’m fond of most white strains but this is Def in my top 3. Great energy. I need to take less of it to feel the effects.” – Ohio Botanicals website

“One word – fantastic.” – Ohio Botanicals website

“Best blend I have so far, but I still have somewhere to go. Very happy very with it & the prices are great!” – Ohio Botanicals website

“Ordered this from different sites and Ohio botanicals is the cleanest feeling. I’ve had bad side effects when ordering products from [other vendors.]” – Ohio Botanicals website

“Ohio Botanicals has good product and service.”- Reddit


Ohio Botanicals Complaints

It’s hard enough to find any feedback about the vendor. So locating any negative comments on the web is near impossible. Of course, it might just be because Ohio Botanicals offers such polished service and high quality products that buyers feel no need to shit on them online.

But there’s almost always more to it than that. It’s not uncommon for some vendors to sanitize their feedback to maintain a certain image. And while we’re not insinuating that Ohio Botanicals deletes reviews that don’t support their narrative, it’s an angle worth considering.

After all, the vendor doesn’t use any sort of software to verify the comments they receive on their website. But on the other hand, if any disgruntled customers have ever had negative experiences with Ohio Botanicals, they would be quick to share their two cents with the rest of the internet.

The mere fact that no one seems to be airing out steam anywhere on the web about Ohio Botanicals supports the plain possibility that Ohio Botanicals is just that good.


Ohio Botanicals Discounts and Coupon Codes

As though making up for their expensive prices, Ohio Botanicals provides its customers a wealth of ways to cut back on the cost of their order. The first and the most obviously advertised on their website is their free shipping order for purchases $75 and over.

They also have a rewards program that grants points for successfully completed transactions and for various interactions like leaving reviews and referring friends. For first time buyers, the vendor offers to send a 10% discount code that’s sent through their mailing list.

You can also follow them on their Instagram to get updates on their latest discounts, promotional offers, and seasonal sales. And then of course, there’s the free sample with every order that they graciously send out regardless of how much or how little you’re buying.

Finally, for military personnel — whether retired or in active service — Ohio Botanicals offers up to 10% off an all purchases. This lifetime offer requires a few documents and proof of identity, but the discount that comes with it applies to all orders you make.


Ohio Botanicals Lab Testing

According to information posted on their homepage, the vendor guarantees the quality of their products by way of lab testing. However nowhere on their website do they make mention of the results.

This can be tricky since it’s always easy to make claims without any supporting documents. The vendor also doesn’t make clear exactly what they test for. Some brands test only for purity, while others extend the scope of the testing to check for alkaloid content.

Unfortunately, with limited information on the status of their third-party lab tests and their results, Ohio Botanicals leaves much to be desired in terms of the testing details they make available to their buyers.


American Kratom Association Membership

To make sure that customers can buy safe, clean product, the American Kratom Association (AKA) performs what they call the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) evaluation. The purpose of this audit is to protect buyers and to support kratom legislature by showing local governments that kratom is controlled and regulated.

The initiative uses a set of standardized requirements that they use to audit a kratom vendor to see how well it abides by safety and sanitation protocol. Vendors that submit to the audit and pass are granted GMP certification.

Presently, Ohio Botanicals isn’t an AKA-GMP certified vendor. That means they’ve never undergone the audit. So for customers, there’s no guarantee that the brand processes and handles its kratom products in safe, clean facilities using proper handling techniques.


Is Ohio Botanicals Legit?

The biggest drawback of buying from Ohio Botanicals is that there’s no safety net in the form of lab testing results or AKA-GMP certification. But there are tons of other vendors in the same boat who have successfully satisfied thousands of customers for decades. So in the grand scheme of things, it might not technically matter.

It all boils down to their online reputation. Ohio Botanicals might not have such a large customer-generated footprint, but the brand also doesn’t get any complaints about scams and fraud. They’ve never recalled any products, and they don’t have a history of legal battles with authorities, the FDA, or customers. So yes, they’re legit.


Should You Buy from Ohio Botanicals?

That all depends on what you’re looking for. There are definitely a few unique blends and strains that can make the vendor’s selection pretty darn appealing. But if we’re talking about go-to status, they might fall short especially because of their prices.

Nonetheless, if money is no object and you’re willing to shell out extra just to guarantee a polished, professional experience, then Oho Botanicals might be the right vendor to try.


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