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October 01, 2020

Odus’ Quality Botanicals

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Named after the owner’s all black senior pug, Odus Quality Botanicals has built quite the online reputation. This vendor is the central thesis of countless Reddit threads, with kratom users on the site raving about the brand’s spot-on collection.

Consistent, effective, and reliable, Odus Kratom offers both excellent product quality and prompt customer support. Of course, their prices could be better. But with the kind of satisfaction their customers get, most buyers feel the brand’s prices seem just right.


Odus Kratom Product and Service Overview

To be honest, the Odus Kratom website is far from enticing. The basic design offers simplistic navigation for easy online shopping. But when it comes to aesthetic, they just fall short. On the upside, Odus’ cheery little face makes up for the shortcomings.

All of their products are laid out on the homepage for your viewing pleasure. They’ve got quite a few rarities on their line-up, making them a suitable choice for buyers hoping to try something new. But don’t expect to glean much from their shaky product photos which also obviously need a lot of improvement.

Odus sticks strictly to powders, with nothing else on their range but that. They do sell quite a few signature blends however that may spice things up for those in an exploratory mood. 

Their powders come in weights of 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg. Don’t expect to find low prices though. In fact, Odus Kratom’s products veer a little closer to the expensive side, making them inaccessible to shoppers hoping to find ultra-low cost kratom.

Nonetheless, their buyers seem perfectly happy with what they offer. Most of those who leave comments for Odus Kratom have nothing to share but positive experiences. Kratom users seem to enjoy their products so much that it’s tough to find critical comments about the vendor — even in the cut-throat Reddit space.


Odus Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Odus Kratom’s powders come close to double the cost of other budget vendors. But they’re not really trying to market themselves as a budget brand anyway. Even then, buyers find that their products are well worth the cost, especially since they don’t push the price envelope all the way out.

Powders Starts at $45 for 250g Starts at $7 for 20g Starts at $12.64 for 30g
$65 for 500g $66 for 500g $22.27 for 100g
$120 for 1000g $121 for 1000g $75.57 for 1000g
$315 for 3000g

It’s a shame that Odus doesn’t sell their powders in smaller sample packets. But word on the street says that the vendor sends out sample packs for free to buyers who ask. All of that said, their cheapest powders are their 250g bags that sell at $65, or 0.26¢ per gram. If you’re buying bulk, 1000g packs go for 0.12¢ per gram.

For the record, these aren’t tremendously expensive prices. But just to make things clear, some vendors like Carolina Kratom go as low as 0.075¢ per gram on their kilograms. Other brands go even lower than that. So by comparison, Odus Kratom isn’t exactly the cheapest you’ll find.


Odus Kratom Customer Reviews

A quick glance at available reviews shows that buyers don’t really complain much about Odus Quality Botanicals’ prices. With their premium quality and consistent potency, buyers find that the vendor’s product cost is well justified.

“I got the same sample package from them recently and everything I have tried has been really good. I loved the red. It relaxed me so well last night.” – Reddit user

“Odus doesn’t get mentioned enough on here. He has some top notch quality leaf where you definitely get your moneys worth.” – Reddit user

“It’s [great]!! So quality is by far the best bent I’ve ever had. There were a few hiccups with getting a tracking number but the shipping speed was incredible.” – Reddit user

“They were very kind and responded extremely fast, so shoutout to Fredric for that! I would definitely recommend this company if you are looking for a higher tier/priced kratom.”- Reddit user

“I love white Jenny it gave me [loads of] energy I feel amazing from it! And the green one was very energetic as well. Both potent and definitely great strains to see how good Odus whites and greens are. I really like Odus Botanicals for their whites.” – Reddit user


Odus Kratom Complaints

Complaints for Odus Kratom are few and far between, but definitely not non-existent. You’ll find the occasional critical review now and again, most of which express that Odus’ stuff might not be all its cracked up to be.

“Meh. Odus is okay I guess.” – Reddit user

“Wasn’t too crazy about it not being boxed but eh.” – Reddit user

“I don’t really like any whites. They just don’t help with my pain or anxiety at ALL. Greens were a tad better[.]” – Reddit user


Odus Kratom Discount Codes and Coupons

Scroll down to the bottom of the Odus Kratom website, and you’ll discover their mailing list sign up. Through their newsletter, Odus sends out promotional offers, discount codes, and loads of helpful information so you can save on your next purchase.

According to reviews on Reddit, the vendor also regularly sends out samples with specific purchases. Of course, you could also reach out to them directly to ask for a few grams of a select kratom strain to go with your order for free. 


Odus Kratom Lab Testing

Perhaps one of the downsides of buying from Odus Kratom is that they don’t provide information on lab testing. Their website remains quiet on their status when it comes to testing their products.

For you, that means there’s no way to guarantee if their kratom is free from adulterants like heavy metals and biological contamination. It also means you can’t be sure as to the potency of their product for a lack of mitragynine measurements.


American Kratom Association Membership

One of the reasons why kratom legality is so controversial is because of the lack of regulation. Governments want to make sure that buyers can get safe product before they fully permit kratom freedom. And that’s where the American Kratom Association comes in.

This consumer-led initiative operates as a regulatory body. They evaluate vendors that submit to their Good Manufacturing Practices program and check for sanitation and safety. Brands that pass the test get a cGMP badge that they can flaunt to say, ‘Hey! Our products are clean and safe!’

While they don’t talk about it on their website, Odus Quality Botanicals is a certified AKA-GMP vendor. And that definitely helps their cause considering the undisclosed status of their third-party lab testing process.


Is Odus Kratom Legit?

Odus Quality Botanicals is about as legitimate as it can get. The vendor gets tons of support and praise from kratom users all over the web. But there’s more to their reliability than just that.

Unlike other vendors known to engage in questionable business and marketing practices, or those who have had to recall batches of product for contamination, Odus Kratom touts a clean slate. On top of all of that, the vendor has had zero involvement with legal battles concerning either their customers or the authorities.


Should You Buy from Odus Kratom?

Unless you’re on a super strict budget, there seems to be no reason to skip the opportunity to give good ol’ Odus a try. With quality product that’s backed by loads of reliable reviews, shopping at Odus might be more of a requirement than an option if you’re a true blue kratom connoisseur. 

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