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June 26, 2020


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For every polished, professional, high-quality kratom vendor, there’s bound to be about a dozen head shop brands. These names pop up out of thin air, and make up a large majority of the number of kratom sellers you’ll find on the market. And while their product isn’t the best there is, they play an important role as a gap-bridger.

Nirvana Kratom is one of many head shop brands on the market today. Selling an assortment of kratom strains in powder, capsule, and extract form, these guys get most of their revenue from B2B sales. But despite that, Nirvana makes itself a viable option thanks to their un.


Nirvana Product and Service Overview

Step over to the Nirvana Kratom website, and you’ll discover a functional yet basic storefront. Much like many other head shop kratom brands, Nirvana doesn’t reveal a lot about itself or its product through their website. Instead, they provide just the necessary details, adding to the utilitarian vibe of their online store.

Products in their inventory are listed in categories of powders, capsules, and extracts. They offer quite an extensive variety, albeit their status as a head shop brand. As you might expect however, their powder selection far exceeds their capsules, with nine different kratom powder strains to choose from.

All of their products arrive packaged in sealed, standing mylar bags. These tout the vendor’s loud and colorful branding to help their products stand out against other choices on a vape shop’s shelves. These bags come in weights of 30g, 90g, 250g, and 1000g — another distinction that sets them apart from other vape shop names.

But if there’s anything that might really magnetize you to Nirvana’s products as you browse your local smoke shop’s selection, it’s their prices. The vendor offers their kratom at reasonably low prices — even lower than reputable names on the market. So when sitting side by side with expensive head shop brands, Nirvana sticks out.

What do their customers have to say about their product though? Well, that’s a bit of an enigma. Nirvana Kratom doesn’t generate a lot of chatter online. Although they do have a small number of reviews on their website, they’re generally not enough to draw conclusions about their product quality.


Nirvana Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Powders Starts at $7.99 for 30g Starts at $19.99 for 60g Starts at $9.95 for 28g
$79.99 for 1000g $99.99 for 1000g $59.95 for 450g
$35.99 for 420ct $149.99 for 1000ct $57.95 for 300ct

Across the board, Nirvana Kratom outshines both of these other head shop names in the price department. In fact, Nirvana even comes close to popular full-fledged kratom brands like Austin Organic Village. Sure, they’re still not the cheapest around. But if you were looking for budget-friendly smoke shop kratom, Nirvana might be it.

Their 30g packets sell for $7.99 each, or a price per gram of just 0.26¢. Their kilograms on the other hand, go for a meager price of just $79.99 each, bringing the price of each gram to just 0.079¢.

If we’re looking at capsules (which are notoriously expensive), Nirvana Kratom takes the cake yet again. Their 90ct pack sells for just $9.99 versus OPMS Kratom’s 60ct pack that goes for just about the same price at $9.95.


Nirvana Kratom Customer Reviews

It’s common among head shop brands to keep a low profile. The reason for that is because they deal mainly with distributors and retailers. So most of the customers they get discover them through their partners, and thus don’t really find the need or the opportunity to leave reviews.

Nirvana tries to encourage customers to talk about their products by providing a space for reviews on their website. Even then however, only a select number of their products received feedback over the course of their operations. What’s more, these reviews don’t go through verification, so you can’t tell for sure if they’re legit.

“This is by far the absolute best Kratom I have ever had! The customer service is remarkable and I feel like it’s very personal! The wonderful group of people that make this company what it is are truly the best!! Thank you for everything you do!” – Nirvana Kratom website

“Their Maeng da is my favorite. It helps with the pain I’m suffering with in my back.” – Nirvana Kratom website

“This is my go-to Kratom for mid day relaxation. Leaves me very clear headed still with energy, but it is very relaxing for the body and nicely calming.” – Nirvana Kratom website

“I have tried several different brands over the years and most have been okay. But nirvana’s Green elephant kratom is more than okay. Very strong and effective.” – Nirvana Kratom website

“I’ve tried many reputable online vendors, and this is some of the best and most potent I’ve had. Very fresh.” – Nirvana Kratom website


Nirvana Kratom Complaints

Experts advise that you steer clear of kratom brands with little to no negative comments online, especially if they’ve been around for a while. That’s because there are loads of vendors who try to maintain a clean image by censoring critical reviews and feedback.

In the case of Nirvana Kratom, we can’t really determine whether that’s something they do. The brand is so low profile that negative reviews are close to non-existent, save for one on their website that complains about online store navigation:

“This site needs some work, it’s a little complicated to maneuver between products.” – Nirvana Kratom website

Unsavory comments about the quality of their product and the efficiency of their services pretty much don’t exist online. Search for the vendor on Reddit, and you’ll find exactly zero threads about the vendor. So if you were particular when performing due diligence, then this might raise a red flag.


Nirvana Kratom Discount Codes and Coupons

Being that they are a head shop brand, Nirvana Kratom’s prices tend to fluctuate depending on where you buy them. Some distributors can sneak in a little bit of extra profit, so the cost of Nirvana’s stuff never stays the same — unless you buy from their website.

With no social media pages, no Reddit user profile, and no mailing list, it seems that Nirvana has called off every possible opportunity for buyers to get a discount. Of course, they still hold the occasional sale. But don’t expect to get your hands on any deep discounts and major price cuts.


Nirvana Kratom Lab Testing

Well, they are a head shop brand after all. Like most other vendors in its segment, Nirvana Kratom is more interested in producing large bulks of product to sell to their partner stores. So they don’t really have time to test all of those batches.

The problem here is that you can never tell whether their products are contaminated with potentially dangerous microbes and adulterants like e. coli and salmonella. On the upside though, they’ve never been reported for such contaminations and they’ve never had to recall any of their batches.


American Kratom Association Membership

No, Nirvana Kratom isn’t affiliated with the American Kratom Association (AKA). To become an accredited AKA member, a vendor has to request an audit. This costs a couple hundred dollars, and ultimately kicks off the accreditation process.

Once the AKA receives the request, they schedule the vendor for a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) evaluation. This assesses various aspects of the operation including their facilities, procedures, and personnel.

If a vendor passes the assessment on all points, they’re deemed safe and sanitary and receive the GMP-compliance certification. Nirvana Kratom has never applied for AKA membership, so there’s really no way to tell what goes on behind their closed doors.


Is Nirvana Kratom Legit?

Reviews about Nirvana Kratom don’t provide enough insight as to whether or not they’re legit. But had the vendor been involved in any scams, fraud, or court trials, the internet would be the first to know.

That said, the mere fact that the brand’s name doesn’t get mentioned in any of these controversies indicates that they could be a legitimate brand. But even then, buyers are encouraged to tread lightly when dealing with non-AKA brands that don’t perform third party lab testing.


Should You Try Nirvana Kratom?

If you’re running low on kratom and you really need a quick fix, Nirvana Kratom might be a suitable alternative. Their cheap prices could make them the most affordable brand on your local smoke shop’s shelves.

But, as with any new brand you might try, you should practice a little caution. Nirvana doesn’t test their products, and they’re also not GMP-compliant. So stick to smaller packets and start with smaller doses to avoid any major issues.

Star Light Kratom


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    Nirvana is truly an amazing product. It helps relieve any aches and pains caused by migraines or PMS. It helps me to push through my day and gives me an overall greater quality of life.

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