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April 21, 2022

New Dawn Kratom

Ships from: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Ships to: United States

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Vendor Description

New Dawn Kratom is the new kid on the kratom block, and they mean serious business. This fresh-faced kratom brand is making ripples across the industry with their low cost product and attentive customer service.

With their shelves lined by several dozens of kratom picks, New Dawn appeals to customers with a fancy for variety. But beyond their extensive assortment, the vendor secures customers’ confidence with supreme transparency and their no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.


New Dawn Product and Service Overview

Okay, so maybe the New Dawn website doesn’t look quite as polished and professional as other names on the market. But that doesn’t really take away from their appeal. Their website is exceedingly neat and easy to navigate, which is ultimately what’s most important.

The vendor categorizes their products based on color vein for easy browsing. Presently, their selection includes just powders and capsules. But that’s because they’re new to the ballgame. With time, the vendor may very well expand their line-up to include extracts and other interesting kratom finds.

While their clean website and product assortment might get you to consider a purchase, their prices should convince you to push through. These guys sell some of the cheapest kratom on the scene, with prices that are well within reach for most customers.

But don’t think they skimp out on quality to keep their cost low. On the contrary, New Dawn Kratom gets a whole lot of love from buyers who call their products some of the best stuff on the market.

Despite being relatively new to the kratom scene, New Dawn Kratom has amassed a substantial amount of reviews on their website and elsewhere on the internet. Generally, consumers appreciate their product quality and their starry-eyed customer support team that’s always at the ready to resolve any issues.


New Dawn Product Cost and Price Comparison

Compared to the range of other kratom vendors on the market, New Dawn Kratom’s prices don’t dwell far from the industry low. This makes them especially accessible for kratom buyers with restricted budgets.


Powders Starts at $19 for 250g Starts at $12.64 for 30g Starts at $9.99 for 28g
$39 for 500g $22.27 for 100g $35.99 for 112g
$79 for 1000g $75.57 for 1000g $204.99 for 1kg
Capsules Starts at $19 for 250ct Starts at $15.08 for 65ct Starts at $20 for 100ct
$39 for 500ct
$79 for 1000ct


Comparing New Dawn to Carolina Kratom, and you’ll find that their prices for smaller packs definitely take the cake. Their 250g bags sell for a meager $19 or 0.076¢ per gram. This definitely outshines Carolina’s price per gram of 0.22¢ at 100g.

In the kilogram department, New Dawn Kratom is not cheaper, that’s for sure. But even then, their prices aren’t too far out there. Their kilograms go for just $79 a bag, or a price per gram of 0.079¢. This places the vendor in budget-friendly territory considering that the lowest price per gram on domestic kratom is about 0.06¢.

Capsules at New Dawn are also especially cheap. Their 1000 count bags go for the same price as their kilograms, which means you’re paying about 0.079¢ for each capsule in the bag. Now, you can take those numbers and pit them against any vendor’s capsule prices, and you’ll find that New Dawn offers its caps at a steal.


New Dawn Kratom Customer Reviews

Despite being relatively new to the market, New Dawn has already earned the trust and respect of a pretty solid base of patrons. The vendor boasts a number of reviews on its website, as well as several threads on Reddit that talk about their products and services in a positive light.

“I’ve tried MANY vendors and this has to be my favorite!!! Great strain! Can’t wait to try the other products.” – New Dawn website

“Amazing product. I keep coming back to NDK. Literally the best Kratom for the best price. Most competitors don’t even come close to NDK.” – New Dawn website

“New Dawn is by far the best there is. I’ve been buying from them for over a year, and it’s been perfect every time. The best prices I’ve seen. Never had a single bad batch. I’ve only had one issue where part of my order was missing. But the next day, New Dawn sent it out to me. New Dawn is the only site I will order from. Good quality, inexpensive, trustworthy, and fast shipping.” -Google reviews

“This is the BEST vendor there is they have high quality kratom for a price that no other vendor can shipping i had in 2 days…excellent customer service..I made a specific request when ordering the sample pack and they filled it no problem..Vladimir is amazing…thank you you have a life long customer.” – Google reviews

“New dawn is really good especially for the price. I’ve had a couple I wasn’t feeling and they gave me a gift card for the amount spent on them so I could order different type.” – Reddit


New Dawn Kratom Complaints

Sure, New Dawn Kratom gets a few complaints now and again. But since they’re still getting a hang of how to run a full-scale kratom business, it’s definitely forgivable. What’s more, the complaints they get detail minor hiccups and quality concerns that are easily reconcilable.

“Best kratom out there. The only issue I had was I ordered one super green and one white Sumatra And got two bags of super green. Contacted them and only reached a voicemail where I stayed at my issue but nobody got back to me.” – Google reviews

“Arrived 2 days early. Not as potent as the Red Borneo I had from another vendor but I think that’s to be expected.” – New Dawn website

“When I usually make an order it takes 3 to 4 days for shipping and I made an order a week ago and still haven’t received my order. Very dissatisfied.” – Google reviews

“I bought 3 250g bags, Red Horn, Red meang da, and green super Malay. The green Malay had a nice buzz to it, didn’t really care for the red horn or meang da too much. Maybe it’s my tolerance? Curious of other people’s experiences.” – Google reviews

“My only complaint is that they fail to make LABORATORY RESULTS available even though there is a QR code labeled lab results on each package. When questioned as to why no results were available I was told that they are working on the problem and will have them available in the near future. I sure hope so. We’ll have to wait and see.” – Google reviews


New Dawn Discount Codes

Interestingly, the vendor doesn’t have a mailing list which is pretty much standard practice across the industry. But even then, they provide their customers unique ways to get price cuts.

All orders $39.99 or more automatically qualify for free shipping. No voucher required — the discount is instantly computed at check out as long as the products in your cart meet the limit.

Aside from that, you can follow them on Facebook to get updates, although their page has yet to truly get kicked off. So if you’re really hankering for a price cut, you can try finding the owner on Reddit where he communicates directly with customers to hand out discounts and special offers.


New Dawn Lab Testing

All of New Dawn’s products undergo third-party lab testing to guarantee purity. According to the vendor, they conduct at least 6 different tests per ton of product. These tests make sure that their products are free from heavy metals and biological adulterants.

They also conduct tests to measure mitragynine levels, which is how they provide specific measures on their website. If you’re looking for copies of their lab tests, the vendor provides a unique QR code on their packages that you can scan to get a full copy of the report.


American Kratom Association Membership

Since they’re pretty new to the scene, New Dawn Kratom isn’t yet affiliated with the AKA and neither have they received GMP certification. This means they haven’t yet submitted for an audit that checks the safety and sanitation of their facilities and procedures, among other things.

However because they are fairly new, that’s totally understandable. With time, we can expect New Dawn Kratom to request an AKA-GMP audit so they too can boast that badge on their website and product packaging.


Is New Dawn Kratom Legit?

Absolutely. Even with such a short stint on the market, the vendor has managed to wow its buyers with product that isn’t only affordable but also consistently strong. Plus, if you take the time to read through negative comments, you’ll find that the worst reviews they get talk about shipment delays and product mix ups.

Even then, the vendor does what it can to rectify these minor issues. So although they might still be trying to perfect their operations, you can trust they won’t scam you or send you substandard, unsafe products.


Should You Try New Dawn Kratom?

Why not? The breakthrough vendor has seen major success considering they’ve only been around for a little over a year. With loads of products, low prices, and responsive customer support, New Dawn brings you everything you might look for in a reliable, reputable vendor.

But just in case they don’t meet expectations and you feel their products just fall short, you can always leverage their satisfaction guarantee to get something that’s right for you.

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