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October 01, 2020

Naturally Kratom

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While you’ve probably already seen their products loads of times in the past, it’s almost impossible to find any information about Naturally Kratom online. This vendor sells directly to distributors and retailers, so you won’t be able to shop for their products online.

Nonetheless, Naturally Kratom has more than a handful of partner merchants. That means you should find their products lining the shelves of your local gas station convenience stores and smoke shops.


Naturally Kratom Product and Service Overview

Yes, Naturally Kratom is a headshop brand. Strictly limiting transactions with business accounts, Naturally Kratom makes heaps of revenue by selling in bulk. Offering their products only to distributors and retailers means that they can cut out a load of operating expenses while selling huge amounts of product per transaction.

But unlike other headshop kratom brands that still give a toot about their online presence, Naturally Kratom seems to have tossed their internet reputation out the window. Their website serves no purpose other than to tell visitors that they only sell to business accounts.

With no information about the brand, their products, and their prices, it’s tough to figure out how they even manage to reel in business partners in the first place. They’re also inactive on social media, with their latest tweet dating back to 2017.

So even if you were a buyer hoping to learn more about the vendor’s products first before buying from your local vape shop, they don’t provide a lot of resources for you to do so. And if you depend largely on customer reviews, Naturally Kratom doesn’t have too many of those either.

Reddit remains mainly quiet about Naturally Kratom and their products. This leaves interested customers without too much of an organic, customer-generated footprint to guide their selection of Naturally Kratom’s products.

And that’s another thing. It seems Naturally Kratom doesn’t sell too many varieties of kratom — just like any other vape shop brand. With only White Maeng Da, Red Bali, Green Malay, and Bali Gold under their belt, they don’t provide their buyers with too many options.


Naturally Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

In true head shop kratom brand fashion, Naturally Kratom’s products come at insanely expensive prices. They also don’t sell in bulk, with their kratom powders coming in bags of 28g, 112g, and 333g only.


Powders Starts at $18.99 for 28g Starts at $17 for 100g Starts at $19.99 for 60g
$39.99 for 112g
$79 for 1kg $99.99 for 1kg
$64.99 for 333g
Capsules Starts at $33.99 for 90ct Starts at $25 for 200ct Starts at $12.99 for 30ct
$53.99 for 180ct
$160 for 2000ct $149.99 for 1000ct
$74.99 for 360ct

Every gram of Naturally Kratom’s product will set you back between 0.20¢ and 0.68¢. And to give you a little extra context, other vendors like Moon kratom go as low as 0.079¢ per gram. Even Krave Kratom — a well-known head shop brand — sells for much less than Naturally at 0.099¢ for their bulk pack.

Naturally Kratom also sells liquid kratom tinctures. These come in single-use plastic shot bottles containing 7mL each. According to the vendor, each bottle equals 18g of powder. These sell for $21.99 each, which comes to $3.14 per mL of extract or $1.22 per gram of kratom.

Other than that, it seems Naturally Kratom also offers edible kratom in the form of chewable. These retail for $9.99 without any indication of how many chews are in each pack.


Naturally Kratom Reviews

Reviews for Naturally Kratom are hard to come by. But if you dig through their distributor’s websites, you should be able to find a few comments left behind by customers. Unfortunately, Naturally Kratom doesn’t seem to exist on Reddit forums, so these scant reviews provide the only customer input for the brand across the web.

“My favorite. Excellent for pain relief, with a bit of euphoria. My everyday go-to.” – My Kratom Club website

“Best product. This is one of the best brands of Kratom, and seemingly works better than cheaper options. Highly recommend!” – My Kratom Club website

“Just what I like, more energizing and euphoric. Similar to the green Malay but more intense in those aspects, from my experience.” – My Kratom Club website


Naturally Kratom Complaints

It seems even negative comments about the brand are hard to come by. Reviews for the brand are so limited that it’s difficult to find any complaints about their products. However, there are a few distributors online who have collected less than 5-star reviews for the brand, albeit scarce.

“Just about an average reaction. Nothing too special but serviceable.” – My Kratom Club website

“Wasn’t sure what to expect with this gold bali strain, but from my experience it was more calming and made me feel more sleepy than other strains. I prefer the more euphoric/energizing effect.” – My Kratom Club website


Naturally Kratom Discount Codes

Since the vendor doesn’t use their website for promotions, and because they don’t have any active socials, the best way to get discounts on their products would be to check your local Naturally Kratom distributor.

Keep in mind that the prices for Naturally Kratom products aren’t set in stone since retailers reserve the right to come up with their own prices. So, if you take the time to scout, you might find cheaper Naturally Kratom through other vendors.


Naturally Kratom Lab Testing

On each product package, buyers can find a QR code they can scan to retrieve the lab test results for that specific batch. It’s not clear however whether they test for contamination, mitragynine content, or both.


American Kratom Association Membership

No, the Naturally Kratom brand isn’t affiliated with the American Kratom Association or AKA. The purpose of the AKA is simple — to audit vendors and guarantee that they abide by strict standards for the safety of kratom buyers. The regulatory body aims to support kratom legislature by keeping vendors in check.

They do this through their Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. This evaluates their facilities, equipment, employees, and procedures to make sure they’re all safe, ethical, and sanitary. As of writing, Naturally Kratom has yet to submit itself for an audit.


Is Naturally Kratom Legit?

Kratom buyers are pretty vocal about scams and bunk product. So, although Naturally Kratom isn’t the star of kratom forums online, the mere fact that no one has anything nasty to say about them might also indicate that their products aren’t that bad.

Aside from that, Naturally Kratom has no record of lawsuits or FDA recalls. And with a history that spans over seven years, that says a lot about the brand and their products.


Should You Buy from Naturally Kratom?

Kratom users caught in a bind might find Naturally Kratom a suitable alternative until the next kratom haul arrives. Of course, they’re overpriced. And their product selection is severely limited. But that’s what you get when you work with a head shop brand.

At the end of the day, reviews seem to indicate that Naturally Kratom’s products work. But with steep prices and limited varieties, they might be more of a spare tire than a go-to.

Star Light Kratom


  1. Brad says:

    Best kratom I’ve gotten from a shop by far. White was very strong compared to the kratom I had been getting before. Just bought the Green and can’t wait to try it out

  2. Alicia Carland says:

    Wonderful! I tried the white, it gave me the energy I needed and left me feeling amazing!

  3. Everett Vance says:

    Very clean and pure kratom. I I’ve tried the red Bali and the green Malay from Naturally Kratom and they are both excellent strains. You’ll get exactly what you want from the strain you pick, no surprises or unknown blends. I recommend mixing a red and green vein.

  4. Damon Cicero says:

    Thought I would try this brand out from a head shop in NYC. It is quality grade and the even give you a little scooper !

    I had a serious migraine prior to burning, 20 minutes and poof. Feeling happy.
    I would recommend for sure.

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