October 1, 2020

Motark (Vendor)

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❔ Vendor Description

Motark is an American kratom vendor. They offer a small selection of kratom powders, including Red Maeng Da, Green Hulu, and more. With Motark’s flexible product sizing, you can order as little as 100g or a kilogram (1000g) of kratom powder. However, you won’t be able to see their kratom products unless you search their store for “speciosa.”

👥 User Comments & Reviews

  1. Tried to order from this Motark the company name is "Natures Home Remedy" good pricing available but in checkout process I was asked to send cash payment through a app called "Cash App" entire payment process is very unfriendly for user COD with 35$ charge or use a janky app to pay. I don't trust it left with bad taste in my mouth and it wasn't the Kratom.

  2. 56
    Motark quality bad, everything else is an a++++

    Good and bad I’ve experienced with motark. The owner was extremely nice, quick and knowledgeable prior to my purchase. I ordered a kilo total. 4x250. The shipping was fast and packaging secure, discreet, and sturdy. The selection of strains were lacking, but in his defense he communicated to me he was looking to add more. I got red md, red elephant, white md, and white Hulu. The red elephant is extremely good. Couldn’t be happier. Great pain reliever and sleep inducer.

    The other three strains however were extremely bad. No effects whatsoever from white md, white Hulu, and red md.

    Overall I wasn’t happy with my purchase. I would like to try him again when more batches and strains are added. If they are also bad, will not be buying again.

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