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October 01, 2020

MMM, Speciosa

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With over 12 years of experience selling kratom, Mmm Speciosa has become something of a household name. They have a massive consumer-generated footprint online. So buyers can get the full picture by reading through countless, genuine reviews. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily bid well for the brand.

Mmm Speciosa, albeit their internet fame, receives mixed feedback from their kratom consumers. Sure, their products might tout slightly better effects than others on the scene. But the negligible quality upgrade still doesn’t warrant the unreasonable prices.


Mmm Speciosa Product and Service Overview

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Mmm Speciosa started out with just one person manning every department of the operation. Today, the business flaunts a much more sophisticated set-up having earned significant popularity over the course of over a decade.

However, don’t expect sophisticated branding just yet. While the brand has been able to grow its operation, it still maintains relatively unimpressive logos and designs. Their website looks pretty flat, with basic colorways and confusing product organization that doesn’t really help with the shopping experience.

And that’s another thing — their selection isn’t particularly wide. If anything, Mmm Speciosa focuses on bringing their buyers just the basics. But there isn’t anything inherently wrong with that. Just that if you were looking to explore exotics, Mmm Speciosa might not have much to offer.

The brand sells both capsules and powders, but not all of their available strains come in cap form. Weights for their powder packages start at 25g, and increase to 250g, and 1000g. Capsules on the other hand, come in packets of 1oz or 4oz.

All things considered, nothing really stands out too much about Mmm Speciosa. That is, until you check their prices. This vendor falls into the high-end category with the cost of their products. In fact, their stuff costs even more than reputable, top-tier brand Kats Botanicals.

According to customer reviews, Mmm Speciosa definitely delivers in terms of product quality. But although their products might be slightly more potent than the usual kratom, their prices still don’t seem justified. So while some buyers state that they might be worth a shot, their prices prevent them from becoming a full-fledged go-to.


Mmm Speciosa Product Cost and Price Comparison

For the uninitiated, Mmm Speciosa’s prices might seem just right. And that’s exactly what veteran buyers accuse them of — taking advantage of buyers who don’t know any better.

Compared to many other vendors on the scene, Mmm Speciosa emerges as seriously expensive, to the point that you mght say they’re price gouging.

Powder Starts at $12.99 for 25g Starts at $5.99 for 20g Starts at $8.15 for 28g
$79.99 for 250g $65.99 for 500g $103.95 for 455g
$169.99 for 1000g
Caps $19.99 for 1oz (50ct) Starts at $19.99 for 60ct Starts at $14.36 for 60ct
$79.99 for 4oz (200ct) $59.99 for 250ct $51.10 for 250ct


Even up against heavyweights like Kats Botanicals and Kraken Kratom, Mmm Speciosa fights it out as a more expensive vendor. Their powders sell for between 0.51¢ and 0.17¢ per gram. But those aren’t even their most expensive strains. Some of their picks sell for as much as $14.99 for 25g. That’s 0.56¢ per gram. Just wow.

To give you a little extra context, renowned vendors like Herbal RVA go as low sa 0.069¢ per gram on their kilograms. That means you could be paying more than double or even triple the price whenever you shop at Mmm Speciosa.


Mmm Speciosa Customer Reviews

You would think that their prices would have customers avoiding their business like the plague. But the opposite is true. Mmm Speciosa enjoys relative success, with loads of positive feedback left behind by happy customers. Do note however that you won’t find these reviews on their website.

“Mmm has the best red Bali I’ve ever tried. [I]t’s lit . No other red Bali has compared for me, not Socal, not anyone. If it’s in stock, their red Bali can’t be matched.” – Reddit user

“They have high quality leaf. And if you subscribe to their newsletter you get discounts and extras. I always get at least one, but sometimes two 25g bags tossed in free depending on what specials they have going, plus 10-15% off. And the more you buy, the cheaper they get. I don’t find them terribly expensive considering the quality.” – Reddit user

“I will say mmm has great customer service and prompt shipping.” – Reddit user

“I think MMM is really good I’ve never had a problem with them. Their customer service is excellent as well.” – Reddit user

“A great vendor has really good leaf, phenomenal customer service, are proffessional, treat their customers with great respect, and guarantee everything they sell no matter what. MS is the leader on all of the above. They are number 1 for a reason. I go back to them all the time because I know I will like what I buy, and if I don’t, they will respect my word with the product and do whatever it takes to make it right.” – Reddit user


Mmm Speciosa Complaints

And then of course, there are the critical reviews. You’ll notice about Mmm Speciosa is that they have pretty much equal amounts of positive and negative feedback on the web — most of which you’ll find on Reddit. And while a lot of their customers agree about quality, most buyers have issues with their prices.

“They are largely capitalizing off the naive and they know it.” – Reddit user

“If you have some spare money, yes MS will not dissapoint. If your budget isn’t negotiable like most of us however, i can honestly say the huge price increase does not equal out to the increase in quality. Keep that in mind.” – Reddit user

“Not at all worth the price.” – Reddit user

“I won’t ever order from them again considering the huge amount of great and cheap vendors out there today.” – Reddit user

“Their kratom is good, but nothing amazing. Not worth the price at all in my opinion.” – Reddit user


Mmm Speciosa Discounts Codes and Vouchers

In an effort to make their prices more appealing to their buyers, Mmm Speciosa imposes what they called tiered pricing. Their website automatically calculates discounts depending on what you put into your cart.

In essence, it’s like you can put together your own promo bundle to see which weights and products will bring you the best price cuts when you buy them all together.

They also send free 25g samples with every order, regardless of how much or how little you’re actually buying. And of course, there’s the standard mailing list that lets you get first dibs on coupons and discount offers that they send straight to your email address.\


Mmm Speciosa Lab Testing

It’s not clear where Mmm Speciosa stands in terms of lab testing. The vendor’s website remains mum about any sort of lab testing, and they don’t really make any claims about sending their batches to third-party inspections. Elsewhere on the web, numerous sources claim that the vendor doesn’t really test at all.


American Kratom Association Membership

No, Mmm Speciosa isn’t a member of the AKA which might raise a few red flags. This organization takes the shape of the kratom industry regulator. That means they check on vendors to make sure their facilities are clean, procedures are safe, and employees are knowledgeable on proper handling and sanitation.

Without Good Manufacturing Practices certification (GMP) from the AKA, a vendor could be doing any number of questionable practices behind closed doors. The fact that Mmm Speciosa doesn’t seem to test their products plus their non-membership with the AKA might turn away tons of customers.


Is Mmm Speciosa Legit?

Even with all of the red flags, Mmm Speciosa remains a legitimate source of kratom. The vendor doesn’t go around screwing buyers over, and they’re even highly praised for their spot-on customer support that aims to make things right with unhappy or unsatisfied buyers.

Heck, the vendor even has a satisfaction guarantee in place that replaces or refunds products that don’t meet expectations. Plus, because they have no history of FDA recalls for any of their batches, and no lawsuits with customers or the authorities, Mmm Speciosa maintains a clean slate.


Should You Buy from Mmm Speciosa?

Well, that really depends. If you’ve got extra budget to spare and you’re looking to try their allegedly high quality kratom, then there’s no reason not to give their smaller packs a try. But then again, if you’re working with a tight budget, there are loads of other vendors out there with comparably potent herb sans the sky-high prices.

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  1. Alexis Cummings says:

    Mmm,speciosas kratom is HANDS DOWN the BEST kratom on the market and is WELL worth the price. They were the first vendor I ever used, and their products set a pretty high bar. Their green malay is what I got hooked on. But because if the cost I ventured out to try others. I have spent close to $1,500 on sooo much different kratom from Kats botanicals,soap Korner,Happy Hippo Herbals,MBC botanicals,Alaskan Green Clover Kratom,Carolina Kratom,Blue Diamond herbals,Blue Magic Kratom,and OPMS and NONE of them have done was Mmmspeciosa has done. I can’t even use most of the kratom I have because it doesn’t work. Mmmspeciosa was the ONLY kratom I could feel that gave me relief while I came off of suboxone. I had relapsed so many times before over kratom that just didn’t do anything for me. But Mmm,speciosa has saved my life in that aspect. And so for me, that makes it worth it! Yes it may be expensive BUT you don’t have to use very much AT ALL, so one 250g bag should last you a month. And for me, $70 per month is sooo much better than $50 everyday on drugs. Many people knock Mmmspeciosa because of the price but I say this.. most of them haven’t even tried it. You get what you pay for and when it comes to Mmmspeciosa that couldn’t be more true. Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed. And their customer service is top knotch, and shipping is fast. Right now there are people all over the country that have been waiting weeks on priority mail packages because of how backed up USPS is, but despite that, Mmmspeciosa got my package to me in 4 days flat. #1 in the industry. Period. And they know it

  2. E. Gingrich
    Active Commenter

    This was my third vendor to try for MD, and their Plantation didn’t disappoint – about 3 years ago. Sadly, I noticed a decline after buying for awhile. I assumed it was due to a bad batch, but the decline continued through a few orders. Then I noticed a new strain of MD labeled as Reserve and it was fantastic! Problem is, after my first order, it was always out of stock. I have yet to get the same quality of MD as I had from Plantation in the beginning or from the Reserve and have finally, reluctantly, given up on them.

    There have been many online complaints about pricing, but when I first began ordering from them, I was happy to pay their prices. They always send samples (you get to choose the strain and number depends on how much you spend), they offer discounts for higher volume, and ship very quickly.

    However, this review will be based on current experience with my most recent purchase, approximately 3 months ago and again, I’m sad to say, I’m moving on.

  3. John T
    Active Commenter

    Unbelievably high prices.

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