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September 17, 2021

MitraMan Botanicals

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Ships from: Round Rock, Texas, USA
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The name ‘Mitraman’ gets tossed around a lot on kratom forums, and for good reasons. This long-standing vendor has been around for quite some time, and has earned the trust and confidence of kratom consumers around the web.

Scour the internet, and there’s really not much to glean about the people behind the brand. But even though the management seems to be shrouded in anonymity, they do a good job at engaging with their customers and providing a tailored experience to each one of their valued buyers.


Mitraman Botanicals Product and Service Overview

Information on the Mitraman Botanicals website claims that the vendor sells small batch, premium quality kratom. That means they don’t source their product from bulk suppliers who might not be able to guarantee the potency and purity of each individual batch they send out.

Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t really support those claims with any real documentation. It’s easy to claim the title ‘small batch vendor’, but without any lab tests to bolster their statements, it’s hard to believe the Mitraman promise.

That is until you start reading the reviews they receive. Mitraman gets loads of love and praise from quite a wide consumer base online. And although reviews on their own website might seem scarce, the vendor’s patrons come in clutch elsewhere on the internet.

If anything, their loyal buyers enjoy the quality of their products and their stellar customer service. Many of their customers also state that the vendor offers consistent quality product across batches, so you won’t have to worry about fluctuating effects.

On the downside, Mitraman Botanicals doesn’t sell kratom in any form other than powder. But despite that, they offer quite a wide range of strains that includes familiar favorites and a few rarities that could make the shopping experience just a little more exciting. This has also become one of the reasons for their popularity.

Price-wise, they’re not cheap. Mitraman Botanicals misses the budget-friendly kratom vendor category by a hair. Instead, they sell their products a few cents more expensive by the gram versus the usual cost of kratom powder. However according to loyal customers, the added cost is a small price to pay for the kind of service they provide.


Mitraman Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

It seems that across the kratom consumer base, finding cheap, high-quality kratom is a lot like striking oil. More often than not however, they come at a similar cost to the Mitraman line-up.

Although not exactly the most expensive product you’ll find, Mitraman Botanicals’ products definitely don’t fall within the bounds of budget-friendly kratom. They’re not too expensive though, so most customers should still be able to give them a try.


Powders Starts at $25 for 125g Starts at $8 for 25g Starts at $3.50 for 25g
$56 for 500g $25 for 100g $35 for 500g
$91 for 1000g $70 for 500g $60 for 1000g
$105 for 1000g


One thing about Mitraman Botanicals is that they don’t really sell their products in those tiny one ounce packets. Instead, their powders start off at 125g, which sell for $25 or a nice clean 0.2¢ per gram. Enter kilogram territory, and you’ll find yourself spending $91 per bag or 0.09¢ per gram.

To be fair, these aren’t over-the-top prices. But with brands like All Natural Artisan selling for as low as 0.06¢, budget-conscious kratom buyers might find Mitraman Botanicals’ range a little out of reach.


Mitraman Botanicals Customer Reviews

All of the products on the Mitraman Botanicals website gets provision for reviews. They don’t have much more than a couple hundred collective comments for their products. But even then, majority of the feedback they receive provides nothing but praise for what the vendor has to offer.

“I love Mitraman and anyone who hasn’t had it — don’t wait as long as I did to finally try it. I should’ve ordered a long time ago.” – Mitraman Botanicals website

“Good product, fast shipping, and efficient customer service.” – Mitraman Botanicals website

“I’ve tried about ten different strains from MitraMan. Easily my favorite vendor. The super green is great!” – Reddit

“Just got my first order from him last Friday it’s amazing. I purchased the red Kali and he even helped me pick it. Just message him he’s pretty cool and the quality is great!” – Reddit

“Just came here to say that I only buy from MitraMan and have for over a year now. Shipping is fast, prices are fantastic, and the product is always top shelf. Their seasonal blends are great, too!” – Reddit


Mitraman Botanicals Complaints

Even the best vendors get their fair share of criticism. That’s just the way the world works. Mitraman Botanicals may have a few negative reviews here and there. But on the plus side, the vendor’s critical comments don’t provide any truly damaging feedback that could taint the brand’s name permanently.

“Was hit or miss for me, but when it hit it was a great calm happy overall feeling, not fast, definitely mid-slow.” – Mitraman Website

“Every single gold bag has ripped around the Zip lock.” – Reddit

“Great leaf, bad bags agreed. The 125g bags rip as well.” – Reddit

“My first kilo with them was received a few weeks ago and I agree, all gold bags tore away. I even tried using a flathead to gently pry apart the seal.” – Reddit

Just for the record, the vendor has since resolved issues with their packaging. So even if the feedback might have dragged their ratings down quite a bit, Mitraman Botanicals has been quick to act on the matter.


Mitraman Botanicals Discount Codes and Coupons

Unfortunately, Mitraman Botanicals doesn’t provide too many direct options for customers to get discounts. They don’t have active social media pages or a newsletter for instant, routine promo send outs. But they do have a private Facebook group you can join.

And despite the lack of these usual customer retention methods, Mitraman Botanicals takes a more personal approach to buyer engagement. The owner himself communicates directly with their buyers through forums like Reddit where you might even be able to snag a discounted deal now and again.


Mitraman Botanicals Lab Testing

A lot of customers stand by Mitraman Botanicals’ ‘small batch’ claims because the quality of their products prove it. To be fair, based on feedback wherever it’s available on the web, Mitraman Botanicals doesn’t skimp out on the quality and consistency of their product.

But even then, third-party lab testing is still a different story. There’s no information on the website that talks about lab testing status. So despite the quality of their products, there’s never a guarantee of purity or potency.


American Kratom Association Membership

It’s hard for local governments to confidently release their grips on kratom when they can’t qualify how safe the product actually is. And that’s what the American Kratom Association is for. This initiative was formed with the single goal of regulating the kratom market.

They work to make sure that vendors abide by strict protocol and standards to keep their products sanitary and safe. Those vendors that pass the AKA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) validation  essentially prove that their facilities and products are up to code.

Unfortunately for Mitraman Botanicals, their lack of AKA-GMP certification waters down the interest that some customers might have in their products.


Is Mitraman Botanicals Legit?

Absolutely. Although the vendor might not send their products to third-party labs for testing and although they might not have AKA-GMP certification just yet, they take their business seriously. The vendor has a long history of keeping its customers happy and satisfied with their quality products and hands-on customer support.

It’s also worth pointing out that Mitraman Botanicals has never had to recall any of their products even if they don’t test their batches. They also have zero history of legal issues, making them as legitimate as any kratom vendor can be.


Should You Try Mitraman Botanicals?

Their products might not be the cheapest and they might not have all the fancy paperwork to prove their quality. But Mitraman Botanicals comes with a solid customer-generated footprint that cements their reputation as a legitimate, reliable source of quality product.

So whether you’re looking for an everyday strain or if you’re just hoping to tick yet another vendor off of your long-list of must-try’s, Mitraman Botanicals should have exactly what you need.

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