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October 01, 2020


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Despite experiencing a few hiccups in their product quality, Mitragaia is back with a vengeance. Offering a comprehensive range of kratom products, this vendor has successfully bounced back from troubles that could have easily run any brand out of business.

Today, Mitragaia’s issues with product contamination seem like a distant memory, and buyers are back on their website to patronize their products anew. And based on consumer reviews, their dedication to make things right has earned them the trust and respect of a sizeable consumer base.


Mitragaia Kratom Product and Service Overview

Back when they started out, Mitragaia Kratom went by the name Gaia Ethnobotanicals. The kratom vendor was just like any other, offering a slew of products mostly in the form of kratom powder.

However, in 2018, after importing a bad batch of salmonella-contaminated kratom, the vendor backtracked and recalled all concerned shipments. They then promptly closed down their shop to avoid further scrutiny from the FDA. Needless to say, the entire ordeal was a hot topic throughout the kratom market.

About a year later, a new vendor emerged, going by the name Mitragaia. And it was only really a matter of time before buyers figured out it was the same old brand sporting a new name. And although most consumers were wary of making a purchase, Mitragaia soon proved they were out to set things straight.

Today, Mitragaia offers a broad range of kratom products including not only powders and capsules, but also hard-to-find extracts and tablets. Their prices are also relatively reasonable, competing closely with the cost that other kratom vendors slap on their products.

They’ve also performed a complete revamp of their branding. Their website attempts to appear high-end and so does their packaging. All of their powders and capsules come in black, resealable mylar bags to guarantee freshness. In terms of achieving that ‘luxury look’ however, Mitragaia’s branding falls a little off target.


Mitragaia Product Cost and Price Comparison

Across the board, Mitragaia’s products cost just within the average range for kratom products from similar brands. To see how they fair compared to their competition, here’s a side-by-side comparison of some of their products.

Powders Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $9.99 for 28g Starts at $45 for 250g
$30 for 250g $67.90 for 224g $120 for 1000g
$100 for 1000g $204.99 for 1000g
Capsules Starts at $6.99 for 28g Starts at $20 for 100ct Starts at $25 for 100ct
$40 for 200g $175 for 1000ct
$140 for 1000g

Starting at 0.17¢ to 0.10¢ per gram, it’s easy to see that Mitragaia offers budget friendly products versus their competition. But that’s not to say however that they’re the cheapest vendor on the market. There are others that sell kilograms for as low as $75 each.

Nonetheless, Mitragaia’s products are well within reach for most buyers. The same goes for their extracts and tablets that retail for reasonably low prices.


  • Tablets – Starts at $25 for 10
  • 20x extract – $1.50 for 1g; $550 for 1kg
  • 50x extract – $3 for 1g; $1,500 for 1kg


Buyers that aren’t quite sure what they want can try the vendor’s ultimate sampler pack. This bundle includes three 1oz powders, three 1oz capsules, and three 1g extracts for just $50. They also have a variety of other sampler bundles that increase in weight up to 1000g in total.


Mitragaia Customer Reviews

Despite their dark history, Mitragaia has managed to bounce back from the controversy to restore their buyers’ trust. Today, it’s not too hard to find positive feedback about the vendor and its products and services, most of which are scattered throughout the web.

High quality product. Ordered this repeatedly, and the quality remains very high every single time. Great for pain relief.” –

Always high quality product, arrives super-fast too. Typically have my order 3 days after placing. I love the product and their service so I highly recommend giving them a shot. They also do a lot of holiday sales and other random times which is always when I order.” – Reddit user

Their stuff is good. I’d give it a 4/5. Their prices are decent, selection is broad[.] It has a unique taste compared to other suppliers which makes me think they have a different process. […] But their stuff works. I stick with them because I trust their stuff and it’s cheaper.” – Reddit User

Their Gold MD is the best strain I’ve ever tried. I burn 5 capsules twice a day and enjoy the hell out of it every time. Been using it for almost 2 years now.” – Reddit user

Great company. Great customer service. Reliable, fast processing and shipping. They always have great deals so sign up for the newsletter on their website. I’ve been a loyal customer for over 3 years and only go through MitraGaia for my kratom needs.” – Mitragaia Facebook Page


Mitragaia Kratom Complaints

Even the best vendors get bad reviews, and Mitragaia is no exception. The vendor has received quite a number of negative reviews in the past. And despite their efforts at rebranding their whole company, the vendor still manages to step on the toes of a few of its consumers.

Mitragaia use to be the best. For three years I always got the same quality of kratom. But the last 10 kilos in a row have been garbage. I ordered the same strain every time. […] The effects are zero. It’s like they’re cleaning out their inventory and sending me whatever they want. I can’t continue to buy from here.” – Mitragaia Facebook Page

I used them for 2 years when I started using Kratom. They were good at first then sometime summer of 2020 things went bad. I tried to order a few more times thinking it was just the wrong season and last time I ordered in March. It was still crap!” – Reddit user

I tried Mitragaia earlier this year (due to a great sale), and every variety I received (4-way split) looks and responds the same. It’s all dark and very weak. Oh well.. I now have a few bags from Mitragaia sitting around in case of emergency.” – Reddit user

Very poor quality and the owner is a con man. Same owner as Golden monk. Really old, dry poor quality. You can get much better, fresher and top shelf elsewhere for less money.” – Reddit user

Do not buy kratom from this vendor! It had no effect and I got sick after using. If you look at their lab reports, they are 2 years old.” –


Mitragaia Coupons and Discount Codes

Products on the Mitragaia website regularly go on sale. So, it helps to check back on their offers if you’re hoping to get your hands on a bargain batch of kratom. Other than that, the vendor also provides a newsletter sign up that sends coupons and promotional offers directly to your email address whenever available.

Recently, Mitragaia also developed its own rewards program. The program lets you earn points for certain interactions and transactions. Accumulated points can then be used to redeem exclusive discounts. As members spend more, they also rise through the loyalty ranks to unlock more benefits.


Mitragaia Lab Tests

According to the product descriptions on their website, Mitragaia tests all of their batches to guarantee that they’re clean and safe for use. They do not provide any of the results on their website however, which casts doubt on their lab testing claims.

Previously, Mitragaia did have results available for viewing on their website. However as numerous reviews on site pointed out, the lab test outcomes were outdated and represented batches from several years prior. Since then, Mitragaia has not posted their reports online.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is an organized body of kratom activists that work to audit vendors. Their Good Manufacturing Practices certificate proves that a vendor abides by strict quality assurance standards to minimize the risk of product contamination.

Today, Mitragaia is a proud member of the AKA. All of their products are processed and handled using standard protocol and in GMP-certified facilities for the safety of their consumers.


Is Mitragaia Legit?

In June of 2018, Mitragaia voluntarily recalled batches of their kratom products for salmonella contamination. The report for the recall can be found through the FDA’s official website. During the time, numerous other vendors had to recall their products for the same issue.

Since then, Mitragaia has changed its name twice and has switched to a different supplier, explaining the increase of their kratom products’ prices. Other than that, however, there are no noteworthy incidents that involve Mitragaia in any cases with the authorities or the FDA.


Should You Buy From Mitragaia?

Offering an extensive range of products at reasonable prices, Mitragaia might be a suitable option for buyers looking to try something new. It pays to keep in mind however that previous reviews might point to inconsistencies in the quality of their products.

Nevertheless, with renewed dedication to satisfying their customers and AKA-GMP compliant products and facilities, Mitragaia does what it can to regain the trust and patronage of the kratom consumer base.

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    Good selection and prices

  2. kj says:

    They screwed up an order and for almost 24 hours have yet to remedy the issue. Very disappointed!

  3. Arthur Stair says:

    inconsistant quality.

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