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October 01, 2020

Malaka Kratom

This vendor appears to be inactive.

Ships from: Pontianak, West Kali, Indonesia
Ships to: United States, Canada, Europe

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Malaka Kratom stood as one of many Indonesian vendors hoping to take their slice of the cake. These guys used to sell crazy cheap kilograms that enticed customers into taking the risk of transacting with a vendor from far away. Of course, that was until they ceased operations all together.

The allure of their exotic kratom that came straight from the source could only take them so far. Without a favce behind the brand or any way to hold them accountable for order fulfillment mishaps, the temptation to just take the money and run ultimately won them over.


Malaka Kratom Product and Service Overview

No one knows for sure when Malaka Kratom started out. But based on Reddit records, the vendor has been an active member of kratom threads for over four years. They also used to have a website, but the domain no longer exists today.

Headquartered in Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia, Malaka Kratom once offered an extensive range of kratom strains through their website. These exotic choices added to their overall appeal, and lured in customers looking to experience real, all-natural kratom.

But aside from just their variety, Malaka Kratom also managed to reel in customers with their low prices. Presently, there’s no record of their regular kratom powder pricing. However promotional threads on Reddit showcase that the vendor would often discount their kilograms to less than half the usual price.

However despite their prices, Malaka struggled to get any attention online. While they were definitely present on websites like Reddit, the brand didn’t get much attention from the community. Instead, the vendor found itself having to post promotional content on various threads just to get attention.

It’s unclear what buyers really thought about Malaka Kratom because of the scarcity of detailed reviews. But what we do know is that about a year ago, they were repeatedly tagged a scam. And since then, the vendor has closed its doors.


Malaka Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Because they’ve taken down their website, it’s tough to figure out how much Malaka’s products actually cost. They did post several times on Reddit however to advertise their sale prices for bulk kratom kilograms.

With that information, we can confirm that even their regular prices were probably cheaper than the usual.

$42 for 1000g $69 for 1000g $89.95 for 1000g $75.57 for 1000g

Keep in mind that the price for Malaka listed above represents their sale offer, while the rest are regular price. Even then, since Malaka Kratom is an Indonesian vendor, we can assume their prices were significantly lower than the usual kratom prices you’ll find through traditional, US-based vendors.

By the gram, their kilogram packs cost just 0.042¢ on sale. That makes their product just a fraction of the cost of even the cheapest kratom vendors on the scene. By comparison, their kilos are a full $27 cheaper than Herbal RVA which is hailed as the cheapest vendor on US soil.


Malaka Kratom Customer Reviews

Despite being present on the kratom market for close to five years, Malaka Kratom failed to accumulate any significant reviews that would bolster their personality. Nonetheless, the vendor did manage to weed out some positive feedback here and there which litter various crevices of the web.

“This vendor has enthralled the magic of kratom upon me for the first time. Being in a country with no access to this wonderful plant made me upset because I had to submit to big pharma to deal with my nerve pain[.] Thank you to Malaka Kratom for helping me out, and I highly recommend them for great prices and swift shipping.” – Reddit user

“They are legit, I can’t personally vouch for them.” – Reddit user

“Good place.” [Translated from Indonesian] – Google reviews

On Google, Malaka Kratom has a 4.1 star rating out of 22 reviews. Most of the feedback left behind for the vendor comes from Indonesian locals who don’t really leave comments about their experiences. So despite the relatively fair overall rating, it’s tough to picture out why they deserve a 4.1.


Malaka Kratom Complaints

Again, complaints and critical reviews for Malaka Kratom are painfully few. Don’t get us wrong — they definitely exist. But since the buyers who leave these ratings don’t care to elaborate on what went wrong, we really can’t draw any conclusions as to why Malaka fell short of expectations.

“Scam!” – Google Reviews

“Scam. Avoid like the plague.” – Google Reviews

Since these reviews were posted, Malaka Kratom seems to have stopped operations all together. Aside from their website being officially taken down, the vendor has also stopped any activity on social media.


Malaka Kratom Discount Codes

It’s not clear whether Malaka Kratom had a mailing list or a rewards program on their website. But if we’re following the trend for most Indonesia-based vendors, they probably didn’t.

Most of the discount offers that the vendor provided were coursed through Reddit. If you take the time to check their Reddit user page, you’ll find that they would typically offer discounts from 10% to 20% off, especially during holidays and special discount seasons.


Malaka Kratom Lab Testing and AKA Membership

Again, there’s no way to confirm whether Malaka Kratom tested their kratom products. Considering the cost of their kratom however and their stature as a super low budget Indonesian kratom vendor, it’s unlikely that they took the time to send their samples to a lab for testing.

Nonetheless, we can neither confirm nor deny their stance on testing. For the most part, we can assume that they didn’t. But there are loads of vendors out there that test their products without flaunting it, so we might as well give them the benefit of the doubt.

But what about AKA membership? Well, since Malaka Kratom is based outside of the USA, it’s not likely that they would apply for AKA membership. And true enough, Malaka Kratom doesn’t exist on the AKA’s list of accredited vendors.


Is Malaka Kratom Legit?

The first problem with Malaka Kratom is that they’re based outside of the United States. Southeast Asian kratom vendors (although not all of them) are particularly risky because they’re shrouded in anonymity. Very few of these vendors lend clue to the people running the operation, so there’s no one to chase after should things go south.

Malaka Kratom never provided information about its owner or the specifics of their business. They also didn’t accept credit card payments, which left customers uniquely susceptible to scams. And true enough, Malaka did pull of a few stunts close to the end of their stint.

Ultimately, Malaka Kratom doesn’t seem like such a reliable source for kratom products. Sure, they might not have had any legal suits tossed their way, but their ‘take-the-money-and-run’ operations have left numerous buyers disgruntled.


Watch Out for Scams

The alluring prices of Southeast Asian vendors might cause you to consider making a purchase. But be warned — these unregulated brands might leave you out of cash and without kratom.

There are lots of other reliable, overseas kratom vendors that you can try aside from Malaka Kratom. So make sure to perform your fair share of due diligence to make sure you’re transacting with a vendor that won’t leave you hanging.

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    My first order with them went smoothly, with fast shipping and high quality. I will be doing more business with them in the future.

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