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October 01, 2020

Magnum Opus Botanicals

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Once the apple of the kratom market’s eye, Magnum Opus offered a solid selection of speciosa that easily captured the hearts of its buyers. The vendor received praise all over the web, and proudly became the focal point of countless Reddit threads. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

After the demise of its owner and founder, the Magnum Opus brand permanently closed its doors. Well, at least under the ‘Magnum Opus’ name. According to the people left behind to manage the brand, they’ve since merged with Alkhemical Roots to continue on the kratom legacy.


Magnum Opus Product and Service Overview

Headquartered in Texas, Magnum Opus started out their kratom stint as a small vendor that sold a few bags of kratom here and there. With time and proper management, the owner soon built himself a relatively successful kratom brand and customer feedback started pouring in.

Because of their consistent quality and their stellar customer support, Magnum Opus won over the patronage of even some of the choosiest kratom buyers. All over Reddit, you’ll find loads of positive comments for the vendor and their range of products.

And that’s another thing — they sold quite the range of kratom products. Based on past reviews posted on the web, Magnum Opus offered almost everything, including extract powders, capsules, ultra enhanced powder, full spectrum extract, liquid kratom, and yes, even a kratom-infused skin salve.

Interestingly, you’ll notice that the vendor didn’t actually sell standard kratom powders. That’s because they mainly focused on extracts, becoming the go-to for buyers who prefer the added potency.

When it came to prices, Magnum Opus also fared pretty well versus its competition. Of course, their products may have seemed a little expensive up front. But considering the fact that these extracts allowed users to dial down their dose, their prices aren’t actually all that expensive.


Magnum Opus Product Cost and Price Comparison

Although the Magnum Opus website remains up and running, it’s been entirely stripped of any previous content. Pay a visit today, and you’ll find nothing but a notice that says they’ve merged with Alkhemical Roots.

With that, it’s tough to find records of the exact prices for their products, but here’s a rough estimate of the cost based on reviews dated a few years back:


Capsules $14 to $39 for 8ct
Ultra Enhanced Powder $17.50 to $52.50 for 5g
Full spectrum $35 for 1g
Liquid extract $39 for 1oz
Skin salve extract $25 for 1oz


The prices for extracts vary widely across the board, so it might not be fair to pit Magnum Opus versus other vendors based on prices alone. But just to give you an idea as to how much their products cost in context, 10g of UE costs $29.95 at Super Natural Botanicals, and $89.99 at Kraken Kratom.

Versus Magnum Opus $30 for 10g of UE, you’ll surmise that their product wasn’t actually overpriced. Keep in mind though that extracts don’t really follow a structured pricing system since formulations and strengths vary so much. But even then, just a look at Magnum Opus’ basic prices show that they were definitely within budget.


Magnum Opus Customer Reviews

There’s plenty of Magnum Opus reviews to go around. Although their website no longer provides archives of comments and feedback left behind by their clients, Magnum Opus’ reviews on Reddit remain easily accessibly. In fact, most Redditors agree that Magnum Opus was one of the best vendors during its time.

“Pricey, but their tincture and 30% Ultra Enhanced are the best I’ve ever had.” – Reddit user

“They are for sure legit. He’s an alchemist and not a web designer for sure lol. I’ve purchased twice so far. I tried [and have not been disappointed.] One thing for sure, [I] take a lot of kratom and [I’ve] tried just about everyone out there but there’s only a select few [I] say have above standard products. [Magnum Opus] is one of them.” – Reddit user

“Most definitely legit. Looks beautiful, very professional, I will vouch for the pure, the tincture, and the capsules. You won’t be disappointed.” – Reddit user

“Finally tried [Magnum Opus Botanicals] and I loved it!” – Reddit user


Magnum Opus Complaints

Even long after leaving the kratom scene, Magnum Opus doesn’t have a lot of complaints on the web to tarnish their reputation. Perhaps the biggest issue surrounding their name is that they were repeatedly accused of paying shills to uplift their brand’s image and reputation.

Of course, no one was ever able to confirm that Magnum Opus paid anyone to post positively about their products. Aside from that however, it’s tough to find any real, substantial complaints about Magnum Opus that actually hold true.


Magnum Opus Discount Codes and Coupons

Based on information taken off the web, it seems that Magnum Opus did have a mailing list. They sent out weekly updates to subscribers, offering discount codes and coupons to buyers through their routine emails.

They weren’t too active on socials however, so Facebook and Instagram price cuts were pretty much non-existent. Nonetheless, they did have a pretty strong Reddit presence. The owner would often communicate directly with buyers, and frequently sent out freebies to go with random orders.


Magnum Opus Lab Testing and AKA-GMP Compliance

Well, here’s where things get a little iffy for the brand. There are no records online that confirm that Magnum Opus actually tested any of their products. That means you could never really tell if their products were as potent as advertised. Aside from that, the lack of testing also meant that the vendor couldn’t guarantee safety.

To add to that, Magnum Opus was also never an AKA-certified vendor. The purpose of the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program is to audit vendors.

They inspect every aspect of an operation — from facilities, to employees, to procedures — to make sure the vendor does what it can to minimize the risk of contamination. And since Magnum Opus never got certified, we can’t really confirm the status of their safety and sanitation efforts.


Is Magnum Opus Legit?

The worst accusations that Magnum Opus has ever received involves their alleged shilling. But aside from that, it seems the vendor maintains a clean track record. Heck, even if the shilling were true, lots of reviews for Magnum Opus come from genuine customers with positive experiences to share about the brand.

From the moment they opened their doors up to the time they finally bid the market farewell, Magnum Opus had zero reports of product recalls and legal issues. They also don’t get complaints about unshipped orders or incorrect shipments. So if legitimacy was the test, they passed with flying colors.


Alternatives to Magnum Opus Botanicals

It’s a shame that Magnum Opus had to cease operations. But hey, the guys behind the owner attempt to continue his legacy by merging with Alkhemical Roots. While reviews for this vendor remain scarce, if they were anything like Magnum Opus, they might be worth a shot.

Alternatively, there are loads of other vendors out there that sell extracts. Just make sure you perform your due diligence and look through the facts before you make a purchase.

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