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October 01, 2020

Madam Kratom

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Had Madam Kratom continued its operations, it would have been the oldest existing kratom vendor in all of Canada. Established in 2011 before kratom became a global sensation, Madam Kratom had a unique opportunity to dominate the Canadian kratom market. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Sometime in 2019, this vendor ultimately ended up having to close its doors and it wasn’t because their product was bunk. With their strange methods of dealing with customers and erratic business behavior, Madam Kratom doomed itself to certain failure.


Madam Kratom Product and Service Overview

Based on older reviews posted online about Madam Kratom, it seems the vendor offered mainly powders. Although they didn’t carry exotic kratom strains, they did sell all of the basics. These included the usual go-to’s like Maeng Da, Boneo, and Hulu. These came in packets as small as 25g, up to bulk bags that weighed a kilogram.

You could find all of these products through their official website, Later down the line however, the vendor opened up a second website with exactly the same content, layouts, and designs, with the domain

Both websites were operational at the same time, stirring confusion throughout their consumer base. But of course, this strange online behavior was only secondary to an anecdote online that detailed how Madam Kratom offered to meet up with a customer to fulfill an order.

They met up in the lobby of a seedy old building, and the individual who identified herself as Madam make the exchange seem like a drug deal. Needless to say, the buyer was spooked, and the odd behavior condemned by the kratom consumer base.

On top of all of the vendor’s strange practices and curious methods of conducting business, there were their prices. Madam Kratom’s products were head and shoulders above the rest in terms of prices during its time.

Maybe the vendor felt the leverage to charge such because of they were one of the first few to hit the Canada market with fresh kratom from Southeast Asia. But as competition grew, and younger vendors started offering more cost-effective product, they were easily outshined.


Madam Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Although their website is no longer up and available, Madam Kratom’s prices appear on various reviews across the web. Based off of these numbers, you can  pretty much conclude for yourself that Madam Kratom was charging way more than the standard vendors of today.

Starts at $40 for 25g Starts at $20 for 56g Starts at $17 for 100g Starts at
$95.95 for 300g $45 for 250g $79 for 1kg $19.99 for 100g
$328 for 1000g $80 for 500g $345 for 5kg $139.99 for 1kg
$499 for 5kg

For the record, Beaufort Kratom, Moon Kratom, and Super Speciosa don’t sell particularly cheap kratom. But even then, their prices go much lower than Madam Kratom’s exorbitant numbers.

Their 25g packets sell for a whopping $40, which brings each gram to a cost of $1.6. If you take 8g a dose, that means you’re paying $12.8 for every fix. If you’re buying in bulk, you’ll have to spend $328 to get a kilogram, which is almost five times the price of kilos sold through other reputable vendors.

And just to put things into perspective, Madam Kratom kilos sell for about 0.38¢ per gram. That’s a far cry compared to Moon Kratom’s mere 0.079¢ per gram for their kilogram bags.


Madam Kratom Customer Reviews

You would think that their early rein on the kratom scene would have made them a popular vendor during their eight year stint. But it’s actually quite the opposite. Not a lot of people know about Madam Kratom. Although the ones that have tried their products did manage to leave positive feedback for the brand.

“Been ordering from them for a while now. Could not have better service, always here within 3 days and they send free samples and my last order they sent me a free 25 gram bag. Very happy with my experience.” – Google reviews

“Best company in Canada by FAR! Quick service, excellent product, and great customer service. I’ve had a lot of experience with multiple other companies in Canada, and this one is head and shoulders above the competition.” – Google reviews

“Regular customer here. In my opinion, the best way to get kratom in Canada : great customer service, fast delivery and great product quality.” – Google reviews

“Madam Kratom is a Montreal, Canada based vendor and has been for long time. They are a legitimate source for kratom in Canada and I have personally ordered from them numerous times. Good vendor!” – Reddit user

“Madam Kratom has been wonderful in terms of quality, price in bulk, and customer service.” – Google reviews


Madam Kratom Complaints

As of writing, there’s not enough resources online that talk about negative experience with Madam Kratom. But with a little super sleuthing, you should be able to get a glimpse into the other side of the experience that Madam Kratom offers.

“I was getting it from madam kratom but all of a sudden the quality went to shit so I’ve been trying to find one that’s has quality stuff all year. I just don’t wanna buy garbage anymore waste of money if it doesn’t do a thing.” – Reddit user

“The last batch of borneo I had was probably the worst I’ve had in about five years, but the Maeng Da is always a-ok.” – Reddit user

Aside from that, the vendor has received a number of one-star reviews on their Google business page. The problem however is that these individuals don’t leave any comments as to why they felt the need to rate Madam Kratom the way they did.

Overall however, the vendor has received a rating of 4.6 on Google. So if we’re looking at things from a holistic perspective, they might not have been all that bad.


Madam Kratom Lab Testing

There’s no information online about Madam Kratom’s lab testing status. However a Reddit comment from a few years back had this to say:

“Fairly new to the market. They also don’t test their products.”

Since they emerged during a time that kratom was fairly new, it’s easy to see why Madam Kratom probably didn’t test any of their products. But even then, that’s really no excuse. Their lack of third party lab testing made buyers susceptible to potentially dangerous and contaminated product.


American Kratom Association Membership

Another safeguard against risky product comes in the form of AKA accreditation. Vendors that submit for an AKA Good Manufacturing Practices evaluation get audited to verify the safety of their processes.

AKA accreditors visit facilities to inspect for sanitation and safety. They also include employees and procedures in their long list of things to evaluate. If a vendor passes on all counts, then they receive the AKA-GMP certification of compliance.

Unfortunately, Madam Kratom never submitted itself for an audit. So the vendor has never been approved by or affiliated with the AKA. Perhaps the fact that they’re based outside of the United States also plays a role in their choice to skip the audit.


Is Madam Kratom Legit?

In all fairness, Madam Kratom has never once been accused of scamming its buyers. The vendor, with all of their odd business practices, remained true to their customers by fulfilling all orders in a seemingly acceptable fashion. They also don’t get a lot of complaints about product quality.

And even though they were never AKA accredited or lab tested, it seems their products were reasonably safe. The fact that they also didn’t get dragged into legal battles with customers or the authorities speaks volumes about their legitimacy.


Alternatives to Madam Kratom

While it would have been interesting to give Madam Kratom a try, their unceremonious exit from the market makes it presently impossible. However with their social media pages remaining in existence, some buyers cling to the hope that the brand will re-emerge sometime in the future.

For the meantime, there are plenty of other vendors to try. And because you can find much cheaper kratom both in Canada and south of the border, you might not be missing out on a lot with the Madam Kratom brand.

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