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September 17, 2020

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The members only Lucky Herbals kratom vendor has been around for years. And during their stint on the kratom scene, the brand has built for itself a stainless reputation. The guys over at Lucky Herbals enjoy the trust and patronage of a sizeable consumer base that’s quick to share their praise with the rest of the market.

All over the web, you’ll find loads of positive reviews about Lucky Herbals. Offering a wide spread of lab-tested products vouched for by dozens of verified buyers, this vendor paints itself as a must-try for dedicated kratom consumers.


Lucky Herbals Product and Service Overview

For the record — there’s really nothing special about the Lucky Herbals website. But you have to admit that stepping into their domain exudes the feeling of indie exclusivity. Their website, albeit unimpressively basic, just emanates that underground vendor appeal, which adds to the overall allurement.

The fact that they also only take orders from registered members makes it even more exciting to shop. And if that isn’t exclusive enough for you, it helps to know that they aren’t always open for new members. They open up their membership sign-up only a few times a year, so registered members might feel a cut above the rest.

Their kratom selection extends only as far as powders, but that hasn’t stopped their popularity from growing. While their strain range tends to vary depending on availability from their supplier, they typically stock up close to 25 strains at any given time.

Weights for their kratom powders include 100g, 200g, and 1000g. And although they might not be the cheapest in the price department, they have been known to send out freebies. But again, just like membership sign up, freebies only get sent out during certain times of the year.

Packaging, much like their website, remains relatively basic. Their powders arrive in sealed, standing, kraft paper bags. They make sure to use the ones with a little plastic window so you can see the product before even cracking the bag open. They also provide loads of helpful info on their packages, like lot numbers and test reports.

All together, Lucky Herbals is quite the trusted vendor. They have tons of reviews all over the web, propping them up as potentially among the best kratom brands around. Of course, there’s always the occasional critical review now and again, but the vendor has yet to receive comments damaging enough to taint their reputation.


Lucky Herbals Product Cost and Price Comparison

So maybe they’re not the cheapest guys around. But Lucky Herbals prices don’t stray too far from the norm. So even if you might find a few vendors that offer cheaper speciosa than Lucky, you still can’t blot them out as a choice based on prices alone.

Powders Starts at $12 for 100g Starts at $9.75 for 100g Starts at $7 for 20g
$18 for 200g $23.75 for 250g $66 for 500g
$90 for 1000g $69 for 1000g $121 for 1000g

The only bummer for buyers exploring their horizons is that Lucky Herbal’s powders don’t get any smaller than 100g, which costs 0.12¢ per gram. And in true kratom vendor fashion, their powders get cheaper the bigger the bags you buy. With their kilograms, you’re getting powder at a cost of 0.09¢ per gram.

Now, this definitely isn’t anything to complain about. But just for the record, there are vendors like Herbal RVA that sell kilograms for just 0.069¢ per gram. Of course, if you’re particularly frugal, that miniscule difference might be a lot to think about. However for the rest of the kratom consumer base, Lucky’s prices should be just fine.


Lucky Herbals Customer Reviews

Positive reviews for Lucky Herbals are way too easy to find. With their customers spreading the good news throughout websites like Reddit, Google, and the vendor’s own domain, you should be able to paint the perfect picture of Lucky Herbals with the sheer density of their consumer-generated footprint.

“Lucky’s Green MD has been one of my go-to’s for almost 2 years. I always keep this one in my rotation because it consistently delivers, regardless of the batch. It’s the right mix of energy and anti-anxiety whether I take it in the morning or at night (especially paired w a red) it’s a can’t miss. Great Customer service and quick shipping helps too!” – Lucky Herbals website

“I’ve tried many different strains from many different vendors, but never have I had such a high quality strain such as I have from Lucky. Best kratom, best customer service, and best pricing. I plan on being a Lucky customer for a very long time. Thanks lucky!” – Lucky Herbals website

“I love Lucky’s kratom. Fresh and potent. I got all his green strains and there are some differences in color and potency. Love the green Hulu my favorite.” – Reddit user

“You won’t be disappointed. Everything for lucky is fantastic!! They also have the only red I’ve ever liked!” – Reddit user

“The people at Lucky Herbals are the best in the business. Amazing products, very very affordable prices, and quick order shipping. What more could you ask for? This is the best Kratom at the best price. 10/10 highly recommend.” – Google reviews


Lucky Herbals Complaints

You can’t please everyone. For as polished as Lucky Herbal’s operations might be, there are still a few buyers who find fault in what they do. On the upside, complaints are few and far between.

And when you take time to read through what these customers have to say, you’ll find that they’re more likely to be isolated incidents than anything else.

“Terrible vendor. Supplied by bulk kratom that sits in cargo containers for months.” – Google Reviews

“I was a bit underwhelmed can someone tell me which strain would be the most euphoric from lucky. I got a mood lift and focus but very mild and no euphoric feeling which typically I like my Kratom to hit a bit stronger.” – Reddit user

“Easy to take too much and get [nauseated] or not enough and feel little. Could be that I just haven’t found my dose as I see it has great reviews from others.” – Lucky Herbals website


Lucky Herbals Discount Codes and Coupons

Since they are a members-only vendor, they don’t have a mailing list or social media pages where you can find their latest discounts and promotional offers. And while the vendor has been known to send out freebies now and again, they also close off their sample pack freebie distribution during certain times of the year.

The best way to get a discount with the vendor would be to simply stay loyal. Customers who have a long established relationship with Lucky often communicate directly with the owner, Ben, for discounts.


Lucky Herbals Lab Testing

Yes, Lucky tests all of their products. And they walk the talk. Instead of simply stating that they test their kratom, the vendor provides buyers access to all of their updated lab reports through their website.

Complete with lot and batch numbers for all of their kratom products, the vendor makes sure that buyers are fully informed before making a purchase.


American Kratom Association Membership

Out of all of Lucky Herbals qualities, their lack of AKA-GMP certification might be the only real drawback. As of writing, the vendor has not been approved by the American Kratom Association, and it’s not entirely clear whether they’ve actually even submitted for an audit.

The AKA is the regulatory body that hopes to make the kratom market safe for buyers. Their goal is to evaluate vendors and guarantee that their products are processed and handled in clean facilities using safe techniques. So without AKA-GMP certification, heaven knows what happens behind Lucky’s closed doors.


Is Lucky Kratom Legit?

If legitimacy was the only question, Lucky Herbals would pass with flying colors. These guys have a clean track record that’s free from recalls, legal battles, and reports of scams. The engage in clean business and refrain from the usual feedback censorship to keep their reputation clean.


Should You Buy from Lucky Herbals?

This reputable vendor gives buyers every reason to try out their products. With loads of verified reviews, reasonable prices, and quality, lab-tested products, Lucky Herbals showcases all of the makings of a standard go-to. Of course, that is if you manage to sign up for their elusive membership.

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  1. J tosa says:

    Solid vendor. Super honest guy. Sticks to his strong points. Great pricing.

  2. GT77 says:

    Some of the best Kratom of the Year. The Green Maeng Da is one of the best GMDs that I’ve tried in over 8 years of supplementing with Kratom. The Whites are excellent accross the board. The service is unrivaled. Highly recommended vendor.

    • Ricky_Kromantical
      Active Commenter

      Went here to go to check them out…I read their description or kratomaton’s description…
      Says “not receiving new customers…HUH??? Ok…. lol

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