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August 07, 2020

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Just as their name suggests, Legit Kratom aims to provide its buyers with quality speciosa that’s both effective and within budget. Open since 2017, this vendor offers an attractive spread of kratom products in various forms and strains. And despite their relative newness to the market, they’ve managed to earn the trust of thousands.

Based on customer reviews online, Legit Kratom’s products provide consistent, potent effects that make them worth the cost. While there are a few negative comments here and there, the overwhelmingly positive response to Legit K’s products maintains their relevance as a vendor worth trying.


Legit Kratom Product and Service Overview

Legit Kratom embodies their moniker — from their web design right down to their packaging. The vendor’s website easily wiggles its way into the best kratom vendor websites around. Easy to navigate, well organized, and just overall, professional and polished, their online storefront makes shopping both effortless and enjoyable.

Their products come packaged in standing resealable mylar bags. The vendor offers their powders in weights of 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. These products, along with all of the others listed on their website, are covered by their 30-day guarantee.

Although their prices might not be the lowest on the market, Legit Kratom still gets quite a lot of patronage. Most reviews on their website and elsewhere on the internet claim that Legit Kratom’s products are both potent and effective, which explains the widespread support for their brand.

Aside from kratom, Legit Kratom also sells CBD products, botanicals, and accessories like scales. But what has drawn significant attention is their kratom alternatives category that provides buyers access to various herbs and extracts that might work just as well as speciosa.


Legit Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Penny-pinching kratom buyers on a strict budget might find Legit Kratom’s products to be a little on the expensive side. Their powders clock in up to double the price of other vendors on the market. So, customers hoping to get the most out of their money might be able to purchase more kratom weight by scouting other options.

Powders Starts at $20 for 10g Starts at $20 for 100g Starts at $6.99 for 28g
$25 for 100g $84.99 for 1kg $114.99 for 1kg
$120 for 1kg
Capsules Starts at $19.99 for 70ct Starts at $42.99 for 500ct Starts at $9.99 for 50ct
$39.99 for 150ct $128.99 for 2000ct $59.99 for 400ct

Per gram, Legit Kratom’s powders will set you back between 0.20¢ and 0.12¢ each. That’s definitely not a lot, and their products fall well within the ‘standard’ kratom prices. But just for the sake of context, some vendors offer their products for as low as 0.06¢ per gram.

For some buyers however, Legit Kratom’s prices are absolutely justified considering the quality of their product, their dedication to customer support, and their overall value as a brand. They’re also pretty big on discounts which we’ll get into a little later.

Other Legit Kratom speciosa products include:


  • Liquid kratom extract – $200 for 1fl.oz.
  • Gold reserve kratom extracts – starts at $27.95 for 10g
  • Kratom isolate tablets – starts at $12.95 for 4 pieces


Legit Kratom Reviews

Legit Kratom uses CusRev services on their website, so viewers can be pretty confident that the feedback they get is verified and legitimate. There are also quite a few threads on Reddit about the brand, albeit hard to find because of the vendor’s name.

“Best products and consumer service! Love this company!” – CusRev feedback

“I have been with Legit Kratom for a few years. Always fast delivery and great product. Excellent customer service. I won’t order from any other kratom vendor.” – CusRev feedback

“Always a quick turnaround. Always a quality product. That’s why I only get my kratom from Legit.” – CusRev feedback

“I just got my free 20 gram sample of Legit Kratom today! I chose green Bali as it is my favorite and let me just say that this brand is AMAZING. I mixed 4 grams with some apple cider and am almost feeling euphoric. Legit Kratom definitely has my business now. Their customer service is top notch too!” – Reddit user

“Their products come in really fast. Got major effects with just 5g.” – Reddit user


Legit Kratom Complaints

While they do receive complaints, negative feedback only makes up a small fraction of their reviews. These also only seem to exist on the vendor’s website. Reddit threads that discuss Legit Kratom remain largely positive, which is a statement in itself.

“It took three weeks to get my order.” – CusRev

“My order hasn’t arrived. Normally things go smooth but something happened this time I guess.” – CusRev

“Everyone is different and this did nothing for sleep. I worked up to a high dose taking it every fourth day. At 16g, no sleep but extreme nausea the next day. I avoided Red Maeng Da due to possible stimulation.” – CusRev

“These capsules are difficult to swallow. They’re large and get sticky right away. I still use them, but I wish the capsules were easier to swallow.” – CusRev

“Customer service and website is awesome. But I wish the shipping wasn’t so expensive.” – CusRev


Legit Kratom Discount Codes and Coupons

To make up for their slightly higher prices, Legit Kratom offers buyers a number of ways to save up on their order. The first and most obvious would be their mailing list. They also have a customer rewards program that lets you earn points for every dollar you spend on their products.

For customers who refer a friend who subsequently makes and completes a transaction with the brand, Legit Kratom gives out 100 Legit Points as an incentive. And then of course, they send out the occasional surprise freebie or sample pack to keep their customers hooked.


Legit Kratom Lab Testing

According to the Legit Kratom website, all of their products pass through strict testing to detect the presence of harmful adulterants as well as alkaloid content. Batches that don’t pass the test don’t make it to their shelves.

It’s worth pointing out however that despite their lab testing claims, Legit Kratom doesn’t make the reports available for viewing online. Buyers who want to get a copy may have to request from the vendor.


American Kratom Association Membership

Surprisingly, Legit Kratom is not affiliated with the AKA — a consumer-led initiative that aims to protect buyers from possibly dangerous, contaminated, or unsafe kratom. The AKA achieves this goal by inspecting vendors, their processes for handling their product, and their facilities to make sure they abide by strict standards.

Brands that pass the inspection are granted the Good Manufacturing Practices certification. Legit Kratom isn’t AKA-GMP compliant, so they don’t have the seal on their website.


Is Legit Kratom Legit?

Of course, limited testing information and non-GMP compliance might raise a few brows. But all things considered, Legit Kratom is definitely a legitimate source of kratom. With no history of legal battles or FDA recalls, Legit Kratom maintains a clean track record evidenced by thousands of positive reviews for their products.


Should You Buy From Legit Kratom?

There’s really nothing to lose. With excellent kratom quality and loads of products to choose from, Legit Kratom stands as a worthy source of speciosa. For penny pinching buyers however, their slightly steeper prices might not seem too enticing. Nevertheless, if you’re just looking to explore, their products won’t disappoint.

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    Super Green Thai is the best strain this vendor sells in my opinion.  Quick shipping, discounts and sales often, and several decent strains, but with a little smaller of a selection.  Otherwise, you can definitely trust them.

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