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October 01, 2020

Left Coast Kratom

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Despite being fairly new to the kratom trade, Left Coast Kratom has managed to stay afloat versus many other vendors on the scene. Established in 2017, Left Coast aims to provide its buyers an assortment of kratom varieties that might not be too easy to find.

While their variety definitely makes them an interesting choice for some, Left Coast Kratom’s relatively steeper cost may deter many others. And although they do try to paint themselves as a reliable, trustworthy vendor offering quality product, feedback to support that concept seems lacking.


Left Coast Kratom Product and Service Overview

Left Coast Kratom has been around for half a decade, and their long-standing reputation has contributed greatly to their success. The vendor leverages their extensive kratom selection to woo buyers and reel them into making a purchase.

As of writing, the vendor offers powders, capsules, and extracts in a wide variety of strains and color veins to keep customers coming back for more. In terms of package sizes however, it seems that Left Coast Kratom’s offers might be limited.

All of their powders are sold in bags of 28g, 56g, 112g, and 225g. So, buyers looking to get their hands on larger packs of product for the long haul might find that Left Coast doesn’t provide the options to do so.

Capsules on the other hand, come in weights of 28g, 56g, 112g, and 455g. For buyers looking to get their hands on something a little stronger, Left Coast Kratom sells extracts in various forms including tablets, powders, softgels, and liquid.

Everything that Left Coast Kratom offers can be found through their website. Although it might not be particularly high-class, their online store-front is decent, clean, and easy to navigate. All products have their own individual pages where you can read about their specifics and what previous buyers have to say.

All of the reviews posted under their products are managed through YotPo’s services. Keep in mind though that YotPo actually allows its clients to reject reviews, which means the vendor may filter out negative feedback that doesn’t reflect the image they want.

Interestingly, Left Coast Kratom has very limited reviews through websites like Reddit which is usually teeming with talk about various vendors. This also comes as a shocker considering Left Coast’s popularity and longevity, which should warrant at least a few threads on the popular r/KratomVendor subreddit.

Their Facebook page has only one review posted, so there are not a lot of places outside of their website where buyers can clue in one what past customers actually have to say about the vendor.


Left Coast Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Left Coast Kratom doesn’t really try to be a budget brand, and their prices prove that. The vendor offers some of the most expensive speciosa on the block, even when compared to other similarly costly brands.

Powders Starts at $8.49 for 28g Starts at $5.99 for 20g Starts at $8.15 for 28g
$127.95 for 455g $65.99 for 500g $103.95 for 455g
Capsules Starts at $14.99 for 28g Starts at $19.99 for 60ct Starts at $14.36 for 28g
$44.99 for 112g $59.99 for 250ct $51.10 for 112g

It’s important to point out that Left Coast Kratom’s powders, capsules, and extracts don’t follow a specific pricing. That means their offers change in price depending on the strain. The prices above represent their cheapest offers. They also sell powders that go for as much as $9.99 for 28g.

By the gram, Left Coast Kratom’s products cost between 0.28¢ and 0.32¢. For reference, some vendors sell their kratom products for as little as 0.065¢ a gram, which shows just how exorbitant Left Coast Kratom’s prices might be.

In part, the vendor sees it fit to impose such a steep cost on their products because of their ‘rigorous testing’ and AKA-GMP certification. Even then, there are other brands who promise the same testing capacity and certificates without their products costing as much.

Aside from their powders and capsules, Left Coast Kratom offers a range of other products, including:


  • Ultra-enhanced kratom starting at $44.99 per 5g
  • Ultra-enhanced tablets starting at $22.95 for 5 pieces
  • Kratom softgels starting at $21.99 for 5 pieces
  • Liquid extract starting at $32.99 for 10mL
  • 50x kratom extract starting at $29.99 for 5g


For buyers who aren’t exactly sure what they want, the vendor offers kratom powder and kratom extract powder samples. These 10g packets start at $7.95 each, but become free if you spend at least $15 on other products they offer in store.


Left Coast Kratom Customer Reviews

Most reviews for Left Coast Kratom exist on their website. Needless to say, positive feedback on their official site is nothing less than overwhelming, with each product average 4.5 to 5 stars.

Take the time to look a little closer however, and you’ll find that the feedback on their website only indicate the star rating with no actual subjective input from the buyers. Reviews are left blank, so there’s no way to tell what specific experiences buyers had with their products.

“Absolutely love this company I ordered product every 2 weeks. I pay overnight shipping and always get it the next day. Highly recommend this company. The quality is amazing and packaging is perfect! I love the stickers they send too! Thank you.” – Facebook comment

“I had great mood boost, great uplifting energy begin about 20-30 mins after taking this. Very happy!” – Reddit user (describing his experience after mixing five kratom products together, one of which was Left Coast Kratom’s)

“Love this company order from them every 2 weeks. Definitely my favorite!” – Facebook review

“I am so grateful for this company. We have placed several orders with them and their products and quality are always A+. Hands down these guys are the #1 kratom vendor in my book.” – Google reviews

“This company has provided excellent service and amazing prices and products. My go to kratom spot.” – Google reviews


Left Coast Kratom Complaints

Interestingly, the entire internet seems pretty mum about any negative experiences with the Left Coast Kratom brand. This may seem suspicious since every vendor will have a complaint now and again — no matter how polished their products and services might be.

“The number given is an answering machine that says they do not offer phone support but to contact them online or leave a voicemail to be contacted again at a later time. After 3 calls different days, different times no one has gotten back to me, ever. If I had any inclination to maybe buy from them online, this poor lack of communication convinced me otherwise. Shame, I read some great reviews of online customers (if very few, they were all positive). I thought I finally found a convenient herbs place to get what I wanted in person, but alas, my search will thus continue.” – Google reviews

“I’m not ordering because they only take the gold card or whatever it is. I prefer an easy cc payment checkout experience. I’m not jumping through loops to order a plant lol.” – Reddit user

“I’m skeptical about it being 2.1%.” – Reddit user


Left Coast Kratom Coupons and Discount Codes

Because their products are a little on the expensive side, Left Coast Kratom does what it can to lighten the financial load. The brand offers a sundry of discount offers for online buyers who join their Loyalty Program.

The program categorizes each buyer into tiers, with every higher tier offering bigger discounts and better benefits. They also send out coupon deals each week to buyers who sign up for their newsletter.

Plus, all orders are qualified for free shipping regardless of the amount you purchase. However, orders that exceed $49 qualify for Priority Mail, while those amounting to $99 or more get shipped out with Next Day Delivery.


Left Coast Kratom Lab Tests

According to the vendor, all of their products are tested prior to sale. In fact, they claim that their basic powders and capsules contain at least 1.5% mitragynine, while some of their extracts contain upwards of 2.0%.

However, despite their claims, Left Coast Kratom doesn’t provide any lab reports on their website. That said, it’s unclear whether the products are actually tested for mitragynine content.


American Kratom Association Membership

Left Coast Kratom is a proud member of the American Kratom Association which simply means that they abide by strict protocol to guarantee the safety and sanitation of their products.

All of the vendors kratom is processed and handled in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facilities using techniques that help preserve the quality of the herb and reduce the chances of contamination.


Is Left Coast Kratom Legit?

Do a little extra digging, and you’ll find that Left Coast Kratom once went by the name ‘Soul Speciosa’. This vendor has had multiple products recalled by the FDA for salmonella contamination.

Since they weren’t too well known at the time, the vendor managed to quietly exit the kratom scene without setting off any alarms. They soon resurfaced as Left Coast Kratom. Despite this history however, Left Coast Kratom hasn’t been involved in any FDA seizures or legal cases since.


Should You Buy Left Coast Kratom?

If variety was your soft spot, then maybe Left Coast Kratom’s wide array of products might be worth a shot. But because their kratom can be expensive, it’s hard to recognize the vendor as a viable go-to.

It’s also worth pointing out that Left Coast Kratom has very limited consumer-generated reviews, which might raise questions as to the quality of their product. Nonetheless, they may be a suitable choice for buyers hoping to explore their horizons.

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