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October 01, 2020

Laughing Lion Herbs

Ships from: Col. Springs, CO, USA
Ships to: United States, Canada, International

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This well-established Colorado-based kratom vendor sells quite the kratom selection — and then some. Laughing Lion Herbs fancies itself a revolutionary vendor with loads of innovative kratom products developed to satisfy buyers who enjoy variety.

With two retail locations in Colorado, Laughing Lion continues to grow its popularity among locals. Online however, Laughing Lion Herbs has long been praised and patronized for their alluring selection of kratom goodies and more.


Laughing Lion Herbs Product and Service Overview

Established in 2014, Laughing Lion Herbs is a botanical specialist that sells kratom, CBD, and kava. What really distinguishes them from other vendors though is their kratom shots that are marketed for e-sports players. The blend is said to put you in the perfect mood for streaming, keeping players upbeat and energetic for hours.

And just like any other vendor, Laughing Lion offers a wide spread of kratom powders. Their broad selection includes familiar kratom strains and a few rarities that can excite even the most experienced kratom users.

In terms of prices however, Laughing Lion might not be too budget-friendly. Their range of products push the envelope when it comes to cost. And while you might pay around $70 for a kilogram of kratom from your favorite go-to, Laughing Lion easily charges more than double that price for the same amount of product.

Nonetheless, their customers seem satisfied. Tons of reviews have been left behind for the vendor on Reddit, Google, and a few other places on the web. And while there might be a negative comment now and again, Laughing Lion Herbs enjoys a relatively positive reputation online.

But it wasn’t the same story a few years back. Early in their operations, Laughing Lion Herbs’ owner Matt Frank sat at the receiving end of unrelenting negative press on Reddit. According to the owner however, things have since changed, which definitely shows with the kind of reviews they receive now.


Laughing Lion Product Cost and Price Comparison

Let’s just get this out of the way — Laughing Lion is an expensive brand. And we’re not talking just a few extra bucks here. Their prices push the envelope and easily double the cost of kratom sold through most other vendors.

Powder Starts at $3 for 6g Starts at $5.99 for 20g Starts at $12.64 for 30g Starts at $8.15 for 28g
$100 for 500g $65.99 for 500g $22.27 for 100g $103.95 for 455g
$150 for 1000g $75.57 for 1000g
Caps Starts at $30 for 80ct Starts at $19.99 for 60ct Starts at $15.08 for 65ct Starts at $14.36 for 60ct
$65 for 250ct $59.99 for 250ct $51.10 for 250ct

By the gram, Laughing Lion Herb’s kratom powders will set you back between 0.5¢ and 0.15¢. While that might not seem like a lot versus Kats Botanicals and Kraken Kratom, Carolina Kratom — an equally popular brand — offers kilos for just 0.075¢ per gram.

In fact, loads of other vendors go even lower with prices like 0.06¢ per gram. So, it’s tough to come to terms with Laughing Lion Herb’s cost especially when there are choices that provide much cheaper options for the same product.

If you’re looking to try their e-sports kratom shot, get ready with $17 for just a single bottle of the stuff. You could also buy in bulk to save you a few extra bucks. The 12 bottle bundle sells for $170, which is still pretty steep considering each bottle contains just 30mL of the blend.


Laughing Lion Herbs Customer Reviews

Even with their overpriced product, Laughing Lion Herbs still gets major approval from countless kratom shoppers across the web. In recent years, their reputation has seen a major boost after the owner worked to fine-tune various store policies to improve customer satisfaction.

“Their customer service was top notch with an issue I had and were very understanding and helpful. […] The product matched my expectations, went a bit beyond it as well. If you’re looking to try a new vendor I cannot recommend them enough!” – Google Reviews

“I have been a Laughing Lion customer for 3+ years. The staff are always upbeat, helpful and very knowledgeable of all the products.
I recommend Laughing Lion as your Kratom source no matter where you are in the country.” – Google Reviews

“Love the store. Live in the Springs and the hours open are great. Being open until 8pm allows me to run by after work. Great prices [and] customer service.” – Official Facebook page

“I think they’re some good [people.] I loved their golden blend.” – Reddit user

“It has a clean kick to it as I am a sensitive to energy strains like whites. I also took away a headache I’ve had all day. The packaging is very upscale I wish I could post a pic but I’m too ADD for that. All in all, I am impressed with my first strain from them!!! Thank you LL.” – Reddit user


Laughing Lion Herbs Complaints

Laughing Lion Herbs faced a lot of backlashes before they became the (seemingly) polished vendor they are today. The brand’s owner aroused the ire of kratomites on Reddit for years because of the vendor’s unprofessional approach to customers during the first few years of their operations.

“Their quality is inconsistent and nothing to brag about to begin with. Customer service is horrible! I was accused of trying to get free kratom even when I offered to ship it back.” – Reddit user

“LL is an overpriced vendor with slightly better than average Kratom. I still have some laying around from an order I placed last year.” – Reddit user

“Not really impressed. The billing was confusing and the quality was average. I thought I bought the combo with a sample shot, but never got the shot. Oh well.” –

“Completely and utterly messed up order. Can’t seem to get a handle in the shipping department.” –

“Ordered two different strains and the quality was subpar and I had to do more grams than I usually do due to lack of quality. I do not recommend Laughing Lion Herbs Kratom.” – Google Reviews


Laughing Lion Discount Codes and Coupons

Orders amounting to or exceeding $100 automatically get upgraded to free 2-day shipping via FedEx. But if you’re looking for more ways to save on your purchase, you can sign up for the Laughing Lion Herbs mailing list through which they send promotional offers, discount codes, and coupons.


Laughing Lion Lab Testing

To make it easier for customers to get updated lab tests on their purchased products, Laughing Lion Herbs shares a live Spreadsheet that customers can access and view through their website. This is where they post up-to-date lab results for their product batches, which showcase mitragynine content and contamination status.


American Kratom Association Membership

Throughout their website, Laughing Lion Herbs flashes the cGMP badge to showcase their AKA membership. This means the vendor has submitted itself for an inspection, and passed every area of the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practices certification.

For buyers, this means you can trust that all products sold at Laughing Lion Herbs go through clean facilities and machines using safe handling procedures, under the guidance of experienced employees.


Is Laughing Lion Herbs Legit?

Aside from the critical comments directed at the vendor’s owner from several years back, Laughing Lion Herbs maintains a fairly clean reputation. All of their batches go through rigorous testing, so they’ve never been included in FDA recalls. They also have no history of involvement with legal battles concerning their products.


Should You Buy From Laughing Lion Herbs?

Their broad range of products and guaranteed clean and safe kratom might make them a viable choice for some buyers. That entails however that you be ready to spend a little more than you usually do. 

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  1. Chelsea
    Active Commenter

    Very good product.

  2. Isaac Lewis says:

    I have purchased from Laughing Lion Herbs 9 times in total (in store pickup, I live in the area) and every time has been excellent, bar one time they were closed when I got there. The owner quickly credited me $50, which was a great gesture. The quality is always top notch, with sealed mylar bags, clear labeling and conspicously clean packaging. I am a huge fan of their red strains especially, and their Ryujin Infinity blend is my favorite kratom I’ve tried so far. The owners personal pain problems and inspiration for starting the business is also a great sign of his personal investment into the quality customer service LLH provides.

    Prices have gone up recently, so LLH definitely isn’t the cheapest, but I’d rather get my product from a known source. All of his Kratom is organic as well and not treated with pesticides from what I know.

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