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October 01, 2020


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Despite their basic web design, limited strain offerings, and scant business information, Kratom One takes a seat as one of the most trusted vendors across the web. This is in part because of their longevity on the market, with their business proudly operating online for close to a decade.

But aside from their long-standing reputation as among the veteran online kratom vendors, Kratom One has earned the trust of its buyers through their dedication to customer satisfaction. The owner works at the grass roots level to assist their consumers and this has placed them in the good graces of discriminating buyers.


Kratom One Products and Services Overview

For buyers who are big on first impressions, Kratom One’s website might not give that initial wow factor. The vendor’s site touts basic layouts and colors that make it boring to the average viewer. Nonetheless, it’s fairly easy to navigate and provides substantial information to help you make an informed choice.

On their site, Kratom One lays bare all of their kratom choices — which might not be too extensive. Nevertheless, their patrons appreciate their selectivity when it comes to the kratom varieties they offer. For the most part, buyers believe the brand stocks limited choices because of their strict adherence to quality standards.

Kratom One exclusively offers kratom powders. These come in resealable mylar food-grade bags, in weights of 100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, and 2000g. In terms of prices, they’re definitely not competing with budget vendors.

Even then, Kratom One still gets major patronage from the eager kratom consumer base. While reviews on their website are scarce, lots of their customers have taken to forums like Reddit to spread the good news about their offers.

However, despite their relative success on the market, the vendor has received a few complaints now and again. These typically point to low kratom quality and ineffective speciosa, detailed in threads throughout Reddit.


Kratom One Product Cost and Price Comparison

While their branding definitely doesn’t exude that premium aura, their prices do. Kratom One’s products come at significantly higher prices than their competition. Naturally, this has been the bane of buyers who might have tried quality kratom at lower prices in the past.

Powders Starts at $25 for 100g Starts at $17 for 100g Starts at
$180 for 1kg $79 for 1kg $19.99 for 100g
$360 for 2kg $345 for 5kg $139.99 for 1kg
$499 for 5kg

The prices listed here reflect the cost of Kratom One’s cheapest kratom offers. Other strains cost more, like their Triforce Kratom. Combining red, white, and green vein kratom, Triforce costs a whopping $29 for 100g, or $260 for 1kg.

If you crunch the numbers, you’ll find that Kratom One’s powder costs between 0.18¢ and 0.26¢ per gram. Sure, that might not seem like a lot, but there are other brands out there that sell kratom for as little as 0.07 per gram, which really places into perspective just how inflated Kratom One’s prices might be.


Kratom One Reviews

Kratom One’s prices seem to be a minor obstacle in the face of their loyal customers. Countless buyers swear by the brand and their products, claiming that Kratom One offers the best kratom they’ve tried.

“Believe the hype. Tri-Force is a perfectly balanced blend for workaholics with pain and focus issues. […] Bravo, KratomOne, as ever the speed of shipping was supernaturally swift. Already recommended this to a close [bud] of mine. My dosage is 6 grams which came on slowly, then very strong, then swiftly mellowing into a solid 4-5 hour burst of painless, elated energy[.] Thank you so much again!” – Kratom One website

“KratomOne = Exceptional speed, service, quality, and value! Kratom has helped me keep off of opiates, and still allows me to get my quality of life back! Did I mention… My last order was placed early on a Thursday, and was in my mailbox Friday!? From CA to mailbox drop in NH in less than 36 hours! Unparalleled speed is right!” – Kratom One Website

“You guys are great, kratom saved me from depression and being an alcoholic. Thankyou kratomOne for turning my life around” – Reddit user

“I’ve had a great experience ordering from KratomOne. So much so, that I had to send them a thank you email. I placed an order, and within 2 days it was in my mailbox. That is just fantastic that a company gets their orders out so quickly. The quality of everything is great as well. Would highly recommend.” – Reddit user

“You guys are the only place I order from. Good product, good prices, good service. No need to even search around.” – Reddit user


Kratom One Complaints

There have been a few people who were less than happy with their Kratom One purchase. Some people feel that the complaints might stem from each individual person’s unique response to kratom. But others assert that fluctuations in user experience might be because of the quality of the product itself.

“It’s super expensive, even more then MMMs. I bought some and took 4gs…. nothing…. 2 hrs later took 4 more and nothing.. It’s supposed to be a connoisseur blend, what gives!?!” – Reddit user

“I got it as a free sample. While I think their leaf is high priced, a majority is good. But this isn’t. I think I ended up taking a 10g dose. Which is almost double my normal. I didn’t feel anything. It’s definitely not the worst I have ever had. But pretty close.” – Reddit user

“Only some of their kratom worked for me and it was one of the ones that did. It’s definitely nowhere near the best of the things I’ve taken, but I liked it well enough.” – Reddit user

“I didn’t buy from them directly, but I got their Super Green Malay and Bali. Like someone else said, their packaging is more impressive than the Kratom.” – Reddit user

“I’m just starting out and they’re where I decided to get my first kratom pack from since they’re local. The White Fire did nothing for me, but the Maeng Da and Bali are both great.” – Reddit user


Kratom One Discount Codes and Vouchers

On their website, discounts are scarce. However, the vendor does automatically adjust prices for their routine sales. And although they don’t appear to have a mailing list, Kratom One communicates directly with their buyers to provide price cuts and promotional offers.

Interested customers can reach out to them through Reddit or through their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter to try their luck for a price cut. Keep in mind though that the vendor hasn’t been actively communicating with buyers online in recent years.


Kratom One Lab Testing

Does Kratom One send samples to third party labs for testing? It doesn’t seem like it. The vendor doesn’t make mention of lab testing anywhere on their website. So, it’s unclear whether they get their products tested or not.

As for American Kratom Association affiliation, the vendor also isn’t AKA-GMP certified. That means they have not submitted themselves for the audit that helps protect buyers against contaminated or potentially poor quality kratom.


Is Kratom One Legit?

While their undisclosed testing status and their non-AKA membership might be concerning for some, Kratom One has yet to recall any of their batches. They also have a clean track record with the authorities, which makes it safe to assume that they run a legitimate operation.


Should You Buy From Kratom One?

If one thing’s for sure, most buyers seem to appreciate Kratom One’s products that are brandished as some of the best on the market. And while their prices might be easily stumped by budget-friendly vendors with cheaper speciosa, there’s really no harm in giving their products a try — unless you’re particular about lab testing and AKA membership.

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