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October 01, 2020


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Ships from: East Java, Indonesia
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Kratomnesia is an Indonesian kratom vendor based in East Java. According to their site, Kratomnesia’s kratom products are sourced from their own kratom fields by experienced growers. Their strain selection includes classics like Red Borneo and Green Maeng Da. If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider their kratom blends, such as “Brown Borneo” and “Yellow Cambodia.”

Star Light Kratom


  1. Maxwell Horvath says:

    10/19/20 I confidently purchased 20 kilos on October 19th. This was my first and only order with them. I sent the money through PayPal. I sent it no friends and family, so I will never be getting it back. It was my first order with them and I was hoping for many more and much larger amounts. They responded to me quickly and were always very nice. They seemed like they offered very high quality kratom at a great price.
    10/23/20 I then was told a few days later it was shipped dhl Thailand and was already on its way. Was told about 5 days till delivery. I also didn’t get a tracking number and my order on the website still says processing.
    11/04/20 Then like 10 days later I get an automatic email from the website saying it got sent UPS with a tracking number. I emailed them confused because this whole time they were telling me otherwise; already shipped through DHL. They then gave me another excuse but again I was understanding about it.
    A little later(about a week) I began to become very concerned because the tracking number I have was not updating. We messaged back and forth and I was very understanding again.
    11/23/20 I then messaged them again wondering what’s going on because it has been a month and I’ll I have is a dead tracking number. They would not respond. I sent message after message and never messaged them disrespectfully..and still no response so here I am 12/06/20….almost 2 months and I’ll I have is a dead tracking number.
    I’m hoping this will get them to respond to me and get my package to me. And if not…sacrifice my money and send a warning to others. I miss the kratomnesia I met. This is my order number kratomnesia- ORDER # 13000001006
    I’m hoping you will now respond to me and we can move on from this. I really didn’t want to have to do this. If I get what I purchased I will change my review to 5 stars. And delete what I posted on Imgur….That’s a promise. Also if u can fix your problems I might buy from you again if it’s good kratom…hopefully we shall see 😉
    Tracking number: V0340654831

    Proof of order+shipping+emails: just look up “maxwell2142” on Imgur. I only have 1 post that’s the one you need to look at. there’s 3 images of order proof and 2 screen recordings of my emails with them.
    Ps. I tried to just put the link in the review but I wasn’t allowed.

    Update: almost 2 months later and still no response. But they happily respond when I pose as another person through a different email. I’ll ask them about the review I did on trust pilot posing as a different person. It’s honestly funny the lies they come up with.
    But yeah if you want to get scammed kratomnesia is definitely the place for you

    • Sam Meade says:

      Mr Horvath

      So sorry to hear about your difficulties with Kratomnesia. That sounds horrible. 20 kilos is a lot of money. I experimented with 3 kilo packs before jumping to five. They even made good on a screwed up order in which I got someone else’s order and they then sent my original order and I got 2 free kilos from it. I will contact them on your behalf just to see if I can accomplish anything as I have had good experiences. I would think they might be concerned about public image in a small community.

  2. Sam Meade says:

    While it may take a few weeks to get your product, it is good kratom. I’ve ordered about fifteen kilos from them and they are very responsive to queries. The kratom is nice and green, tastes fresh and presents excellent value if you order 5 kilos it’s about$270. I recommend them highly if you’re in no hurry. They send free samples with shipment, also.

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