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October 01, 2020

Kratom Virtue

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The Kratom Virtue brand has been around for over seven years. During that time, they’ve maintained their simple branding and hands-on approach to their buyers despite their remarkable growth.

Needless to say, their humble operation has received loads of support from the kratom consumer base. And while they might not sell capsules or liquids, their line of powders has proven more than enough to earn them the trust and positive response of their loyal customers.


Kratom Virtue Product and Service Overview

Kratom Virtue might not be too invested in appearances, and that’s something you’ll notice if you take the time to visit their website. Their logo and web design betray that first impression, and might even deter buyers who place particular value on a brand’s look and feel.

Regardless, most of those who decide to see beyond Kratom Virtue’s branding are usually pleasantly surprised. Their line of products touts impressive quality, potency, and consistency. All of these qualities are heavily backed by countless reviews posted online.

In terms of variety, Kratom Virtue definitely delivers. The vendor’s array of kratom picks include interesting rarities that most brands fail to provide. Their powders come in weights of 25g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g, and arrive sealed in kraft food-grade bags.

Kratom Virtue is a staunch supporter of the American Kratom Association (AKA). So, through their website, buyers can actually make a donation to the regulatory body. The vendor then promises to match any donations as their part of supporting kratom freedom and legislation.


Kratom Virtue Product Cost and Price Comparison

According to their customers, Kratom Virtue provides the ideal balance between quality and pricing. While their products definitely aren’t the cheapest on the market, their combination of potency, consistency, and affordability have made them a trusted go-to for countless buyers.

Powders Starts at $5.99 for 25g Starts at $29.95 for 250g Starts at $5 for 28g
$19.99 for 100g $49.95 for 500g $12 for 100g
$34.99 for 250g $89.95 for 1000g $25 for 250g
$89.99 for 1000g $90 for 1000g

The cost of kratom per gram through the Kratom Virtue store would set you back between 0.24¢ to 0.09¢ per gram. As the standard, prices for their kratom by the gram get much lower as you purchase larger bags.

Whenever available through their supplier, Kratom Virtue also offers kratom extracts. As of writing, they have a 20:1 Black Label Kratom Extract up for grabs. Prices for their packets are as follows:


  • $35.99 for 2g
  • $60.00 for 5g
  • $150.00 for 15g


All things considered, Kratom Virtue’s prices compete pretty well with other vendors in the same segment. Even their extracts tout prices that fall within the lower limits of the usual range.


Kratom Virtue Reviews

Kratom Virtue lets buyers leave reviews on their website, however not all of their products have received feedback through their online store. Fortunately, forums like Reddit provide a deeper look into what previous customers experienced with Kratom Virtue.

“Simply the best place to get your Kratom. I dealt with vendors in the past. KV is my place permanently. Will not go anywhere else.” – Kratom Virtue website

“I took a chance with the Red Malay, and I am glad I did! Truly one of my favorite strains so far this year. Thanks, Kratom Virtue and keep up the good work.” – Kratom Virtue website

“[T]hey are a good vendor. Their Green Malay is usually excellent, but all of their strains have been solid. They usually include treats in each order too. (Don’t know if they’re still doing that post-ban.) Also, they ship incredibly fast. Very professional. Highly recommended.”- Reddit user

“Despite the head shop sounding name, it’s the best red I’ve ever had.” – Reddit user

“Overall, I’m super happy. Service, product, price are all on point.” – Reddit user


Kratom Virtue Complaints

It’s not that easy to find complaints about Kratom Virtue’s products or services. And it’s not because they don’t exist, but mainly because they’re few and far between. Nonetheless, some buyers have been candid about their less-than-ideal experience on forums like Reddit.

“I made a batch of tea with the Green Apes last night. I had some very minor zing for about a half an hour. I tried some tonight and got nothing from it. It was also very bitter, even with Stevia.” – Reddit user

“Sometimes Bali is better. Sometimes Borneo is better. Varies from batch to batch.”- Reddit user


Kratom Virtue Discount Codes and Coupons

According to their FAQs, all of Kratom Virtue’s promos and discounts are sent out through their mailing list. Buyers can sign up for the newsletter through the vendor’s home page.

But aside from their mailing list, Kratom Virtue also offers discounts and freebies out of their own volition. Threads on Reddit reveal that the owner communicates directly with buyers to mitigate delivery issues and to engage with customers by handing out discounts and free samples.


Kratom Virtue Lab Testing

According to their website, Kratom Virtue tests all of their kratom products, and not only for contamination. The vendor goes the extra mile to test even for mitragynine content so they can guarantee the potency of their product.

The only downside is that they don’t make these tests public. They do however provide lot numbers for all of their kratom batches. That said, it may be possible to get a copy of the results by reaching out to the owner.


American Kratom Association Membership

Yes, Kratom Virtua is a proud member of the AKA. They even provide buyers the option to make donations to the AKA through their website, which they match as part of their initiative to assist kratom freedom and legislation.

GMP compliance simply means that a vendor meets protocol that maintains the cleanliness of their speciosa. Since all of their products are GMP-certified, buyers can be certain that Kratom Virtue’s powders meet standards for safety and sanitation.


Is Kratom Virtue Legit?

Back in 2017, Kratom Virtue had several hundreds of kilograms of kratom seized by customs, as reported through one of their Reddit threads. Aside from that however, there have been no other reports of seizures, recalls, or run-ins with the feds. So, it’s safe to say that Kratom Virtue is a legitimate vendor.


Should You Buy From Kratom Virtue?

The positive response from their buyers indicate that Kratom Virtue might be worth a shot. The fact that they also have very few complaints published online showcases their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

With low prices, GMP-certification, and a hands-on approach to customer relations, it’s hard to find reasons why you shouldn’t give Kratom Virtue a try.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Very good Green MD!, the only problem ive run into is that their stock is iffy; I haven’t been able to re-up on this particular strain that I really like from them for a while.

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