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December 10, 2020

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Established in 2013, Kratom Trading Co. has a long standing reputation as a trusted kratom source. The vendor offers a modest range of kratom picks, but tosses in other interesting finds like mushroom extract. And for low-tolerance, no-nonsense users, their capsule selection definitely exceeds expectations.

Interestingly, despite their long run on the kratom market, talk about Kratom Trading Co. remains relatively scarce outside of their own website. Even then, there are quite a few positive reviews about the vendor that shed light on exactly what buyers can expect when they decide to make a purchase.


Kratom Trading Co. Product and Service Overview

According to information on their About Us page, Kratom Trading Co. is a family operated business. The owner himself is a US Marine Veteran. Based on the details shared on their website, they sell “100% all-natural products, the way nature intended.”

While they offer mushroom extract and colloidal silver, Kratom Trading Co. waves kratom as their flagship product. As of writing however, Kratom Trading Co. limits their kratom selection to just powders and capsules. Powders come in weights of 28g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. Capsules however come strictly in 250g bags.

Product packaging at Kratom Trading Co. isn’t really anything special. Powders and capsules both arrive in standing, resealable, gold foil bags. Each one gets the brand’s distinct sticker plastered on its front side. Kratom varieties are quite interesting however, especially when it comes to their range of blends.

For the most part, Kratom Trading Co. gets pretty positive reviews from its customers. The vendor gives buyers the opportunity to leave feedback on their website, however they don’t use any software to verify whether reviews come from actual customers.

Nonetheless, there are other sources to find customer generated feedback about the brand. These include threads on Reddit and Google reviews.


Kratom Trading Co. Product Cost and Price Comparison

For the record, Kratom Trading Co.’s products aren’t cheap. The vendor’s prices easily compete with more established, high-end names. Although they probably might still fall within budget for mid-range customers.

Powders Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $17 for 100g Starts at $19.99 for 100g
$49.95 for 500g $79 for 1kg $89.88 for 1kg
$99 for 1000g $345 for 5kg $424.99 for 5kg
Capsules Starts at $38.50 for 250g Starts at $25 for 100g Starts at $59.99 for 250g
$160 for 1kg $179.99 for 1kg

All things considered however; they definitely make up for it with their capsules. The vendor’s capsule selection comes at a much cheaper cost versus most other brands.Kratom Trading Co.’s powders sell for between 0.18¢ and 0.099¢ per gram. If we’re being objective, these prices aren’t exactly expensive. But when you consider the fact that vendors like Moon Kratom can sell for as low as $79 (and others, even less) it’s easy to see why some buyers might brand Kratom Trading Co. as expensive.


Kratom Trading Co. Customer Reviews

While the vendor does let buyers read about past customers’ experiences with on-site reviews, these aren’t exactly verified. That said, it might be ideal to check other sources like Reddit and Google to get the full picture.

“I want to thank you guys for the sample I requested, it was very generous of you. I recently made another purchase; you guys are the best and the shipping is lightning fast!” – Kratom Trading Co. Website

“. I think, in comparison shopping, they might be a little on the high-end, but I will take that for good customer service[.] The powder was very fine and I had no issues with intake no matter which of the various methods I tried. I would definitely use them again[.]” – Reddit user

“I’m a big fan now of KTC – [their] customer service and shipping are excellent.” – Reddit user

“Great place to buy kratom. Have been buying from these guys for years. Personal service and great product. Can’t speak more highly of them. Thanks for everything!” – Google Reviews

“Using Kratom Trading Co. for years. Kratom helps husband severe pain. […] Packages always arrive on time.” – Google Reviews


Kratom Trading Co. Complaints

Every now and then, Kratom Trading Co. gets hit with complaints and critical reviews. But the fact that the vendor doesn’t try to censor any of these comments — even on their own website — proves that they’re not here to fool prospective buyers.

“This is more of a coffee replacement than a strain of kratom to me. Ramps me up with almost no euphoria which translates into this feeling like you took raw energy. Not the best in terms of pain relief, but it’ll reset your mood.” – Kratom Trading Co. Website

“Heart rate went up, respiration increased, and I was actually starting to get scared, like what did I take? Became nauseated within the hour and headache as well. Felt like someone was pushing on my eyeballs. […] Finally, starting seeing rainbow tracers and got really paranoid about what other people might be seeing in me. Had to lie down, sweat, and ride it out. This was truly unlike any kratom I’ve ever had and I will never, ever take it again.” – Kratom Trading Co. Website

“This blend [Morning blend] clearly has caffeine in it. If you have a hypersensitivity to caffeine like me, do not buy. Wish I had known it before I spent $85. Lesson learned.” – Kratom Trading Co. Website

“It did absolutely nothing for my pain! They have gone downhill. Took 9 days to get from Florida to New York then it was basically useless. Got a stomach ache and threw up! Not using this company again! Sad but I need my kratom to work! […] Terrible disappointment.” – Google reviews

“The only issue I had was the customer service, I sent them an email that they did not respond to.” – Reddit user


Kratom Trading Co. Discount Codes and Coupons

Just like any other self-respecting kratom vendor, Kratom Trading Co. hands out discounts through their mailing list. You can sign up for the newsletter through their website. They also have a fun little rewards program that lets you earn points. Every 500 points translates to a $5 voucher.

While it’s not advertised on their website, Kratom Trading Co. can send out free samples to buyers who ask. Lots of reviews online talk about receiving samples with their orders simply by asking the vendor to include them in the package.


Kratom Trading Co. Lab Testing

Lab testing allows vendors to guarantee that their products are free from harmful contaminants like heavy metals and biological adulterants like salmonella and e. coli. Vendors can also send their kratom to third part labs to test for mtiragynine content.

Kratom Trading Co. makes zero mentions of lab testing on their website. Even then, there’s no way to know for sure whether the vendor actually sends their product batches out for testing or not.


American Kratom Association Membership

Aside from lab testing, kratom vendors can also get their brand certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA.) This consumer-led body regulates vendors, checking them against their Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) protocol to see if they’re producing clean, safe kratom.

The AKA GMP involves inspecting a vendor’s facilities, machines, employees, and procedures. The evaluation hopes to make sure that a vendor uses safe practices and environments for handling all of the product they sell. As of writing, Kratom Trading Co. isn’t GMP certified.


Is Kratom Trading Co. Legit?

All things considered, they’re definitely a legitimate source of kratom. The vendor’s clean track record boasts zero FDA recalls and no legal battles with either customers or the authorities. And although they might receive the occasional complaint, the vendor’s reputation remains largely positive.


Should You Buy From Kratom Trading Co.?

Although there are cheaper vendors out there, there’s really no reason not to give Kratom Trading Co. a shot. Their extensive range of kratom products backed by dozens of positive reviews can make them a solid choice for any buyer. Just make sure you’ve got a slightly bigger budget, and you should enjoy the vendor just fine.

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