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October 01, 2020

Kratom Sensation

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Vendor Description

The Canada-based vendor Kratom Sensation lines their shelves with a modest range of kratom strain choices. The vendor is one of a handful located in Ontario, which gives them dominance over the growing kratom consumer base in Canada. In fact, they’ve even managed to extend their reach south of the border.

In spite of all of that however, Kratom Sensation remains its status as a relatively small vendor. From their website down to their socials, the brand’s low profile
(and low cost) marketing makes it tough to see them as anything more than a last resort.


Kratom Sensation Product and Service Overview

Don’t expect anything special when you hop into the Kratom Sensation website. For starters, their logo looks like a pre-made design you’d find through a free app. They also don’t post actual photos for any of their products. Instead, they use a bunch of stock images for kratom, which definitely doesn’t add to their products’ appeal.

They don’t have a fixed strain selection, but at any given time, you should be able to find at least eight or ten options on their website. That’s because the availability of their products depends largely on what their suppliers have available.

That’s another thing — the vendor sells just powders. Their powder packets come in weights of 35g, 65g, 125g, 235g, 350g, and 500g. The vendor also doesn’t put too much effort into packaging, with all of their products sealed inside basic, transparent, plastic bags.

If you were hoping to learn more about what customers think of Kratom Sensation, they share feedback on their website. Do note however that the vendor doesn’t use any sort of software to verify these reviews. So essentially anyone on the internet can leave a comment whether or not they’ve actually tried the product.

And that’s another thing. All reviews on their website, albeit limited, don’t dip any lower than five stars. They also don’t have any updated feedback on site, with most of the comments available dating back to 2016 and 2017.

Unfortunately, reviews for Kratom Sensation don’t really exist elsewhere on the web. Aside from a few mentions of Reddit, netizens remain relatively muted on their thoughts about the vendor, their products, and their services.


Kratom Sensation Product Cost and Price Comparison

Since they’re based in Ontario, Canada, the prices on the Kratom Sensation website are expressed in Canadian dollars. When converted to US dollars however, the cost of their products remains pretty steep.

In fact, if you’ve been on the kratom scene for a while, Kratom Sensation’s products might even join the ranks of high-end brands based on prices alone.

Starts at $9.58 for 35g Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $5 for 28g Starts at $9.99 for 28g
$63.88 for 235g $25 for 250g $30 for 250g $67.90 for 224g
$111.80 for 500g $85 for 1000g $100 for 1000g $204.99 for 1000g

Keep in mind that these prices are converted from the Canadian dollar figures on their website. In USD, Kratom Sensation’s powders come to a cost of between 0.27¢ and 0.22¢ which is pretty expensive.

To put things into perspective, some vendors — like Kraydo Organics — sell their powders for as low as 0.085¢ per gram. Others even go as low as 0.06¢ per gram which is about four times cheaper than Kratom Sensation’s prices.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the prices listed above represent their cheapest offers. Some of their more expensive choices reach up to 0.34¢ per gram.


Kratom Sensation Customer Reviews

The good news is that positive reviews for Kratom Sensation aren’t hard to come by. The bad news is that they mostly exist on their website. Even worse, their customers seemed to have stopped leaving reviews all together, with their most recent entries dating back to 2018.

“I highly recommend this strain & company. I received my order the next day & enjoyed the much needed benefits of a FREE sample of the green MD!” – Kratom Sensation website

“Enjoyed this strain. Gave me a good amount of energy and motivation which I was looking for. Look forward to trying another from you guys. Thank you for the sample, by the way.” – Kratom Sensation website

“Great product from a great company.” – Kratom Sensation website

“I am their regular customer. They offer the best quality kratom in Canada and the best thing is I always have my delivery on time.” – Reddit user

“I live in the states and it arrived in a week. I was pleased with the product. I ordered Red Maeng Da and they gave me a little sample of white Borneo. I got the best results when I mixed the 2. I wasn’t able to take more than half a tsp, so it lasted longer than I expected!” – Reddit user


Kratom Sensation Complaints

There seems to be a scarcity of complaints for Kratom Sensation on the web. And while that might seem to bid well for the brand, it raises red flags for more discriminating buyers.

While they do have a few four star reviews on their website, the customers who left the feedback don’t really indicate why they felt it necessary to take out a star. Elsewhere on the web, kratom users remain quiet about the vendor and their products.


Kratom Sensation Discount Codes and Coupons

A few years back, Kratom Sensation was pretty active on Reddit. The vendor would give out free kilograms of product to random Redditors who would participate in their giveaways. Today however, it’s been four years since the brand’s most recent Reddit activity.

On the upside, they still maintain their mailing list which you can sign up to through their website. They’re also pretty active on social media, posting regularly on their new Facebook page to keep followers updated on their latest discounts and sales.


Kratom Sensation Lab Testing

Lab testing allows vendors to guarantee that their products don’t contain harmful chemicals and substances. Most third-party labs check kratom batches for heavy metals and biological adulterants to name a few. Others go as far as checking mitragynine levels, to see how potent a specific batch might be.

Kratom Sensation makes no mention of lab testing throughout their website. Nevertheless, we can’t really say for certain whether they test their products or not.


American Kratom Association Membership

Being that they are headquartered in Canada, Kratom Sensation isn’t an American Kratom Association (AKA) certified vendor. That means that they have not submitted their brand for an audit under the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program.

The purpose of AKA-GMP certification is to verify that vendors follow specific standards to keep their products clean and safe. Brands that pass the audit can guarantee their buyers that all of their kratom is processed in safe, clean facilities using safe and sustainable production practices.


Is Kratom Sensation Legit?

No bad news means good news. Because kratom consumers are pretty vocal about bad experiences with shady vendors, Kratom Sensation’s lack of critically damaging comments actually bids well for the brand.

The vendor has no record of unshipped packages or of contaminated batches that have been voluntarily recalled. They also have no prior history of involvement with lawsuits, so they’re pretty legit if that’s what you were wondering.


Should You Buy from Kratom Sensation?

For the kind of price they charge, you’d think they’d put a little more effort into branding, packaging, and lab testing. But it is what it is. At the end of the day, Kratom Sensation might not be anything to rave about.

Their lack of lab testing and their limited selection definitely dampens the mood. However, while their products might not have the qualities you’d expect out of a go-to, they might work out if you’re just looking around for something new to try. 

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