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October 01, 2020

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Low prices, fast shipping, friendly customer support, and pages upon pages of kratom varieties — it seems like Kratom OG has it all. Doing what it can to deserve its name, this brand has amassed a wide patronage for their well-oiled operations that consider every angle of the consumer experience.

It’s not exactly clear when they first opened their doors. But regardless of their blurry past, Kratom OG stands as among the most popular vendors across the web. And although complaints definitely exist, these are easily overshadowed by the countless positive reviews that the vendor has earned through years of operation.


Kratom OG Product and Service Overview

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the Kratom OG website is their extensive kratom selection. With over forty different kratom picks up for grabs through their website, it’s tough not to fall into a buy-and-try rabbit hole with each new visit to their virtual storefront.

Of course, the only problem is that their website might not be too polished. Unlike other vendors that place a high estimate on branding and web design, Kratom OG takes a different route. Their dated design and clumsy navigation make browsing and online shopping a chore.

Nonetheless, the quality of their kratom seems more than enough to keep customers coming back for more. Based on reviews posted throughout the web, Kratom OG provides high-quality kratom that’s right on the money. They even managed to land in the good graces of kratom consumers on the relentless Reddit scene.

On their website, the vendor allows buyers to leave comments and feedback about their products. Needless to say, almost every item on their line has received nothing short of five-stars. It pays to note though that they don’t use any validation software for website reviews, so there’s no way to tell which ones come from actual buyers.


Kratom OG Product Cost and Price Comparison

Kratom OG achieves the ideal balance between quality and cost. Their products come at prices that are just within reach. And although they might not offer the cheapest products in all of the kratom market, they definitely fall right within the standard range.


Powders Starts at $18 for 100g Starts at $29.95 for 250g Starts at $12.64 for 30g
$35 for 250g $49.95 for 500g $22.27 for 100g
$52 for 500g $89.95 for 1000g $39.77 for 250g
$89 for 1000g $75.57 for 1000g

Versus other well-known budget-friendly brands, Kratom OG doesn’t fall far behind. They sell their kratom powders between 0.18¢ and 0.089¢ per gram, which isn’t a far cry from some of the industry lows we’ve seen in the past.

Do note however that Kratom OG doesn’t sell their kratom as capsules or extracts. All of their products come solely in powder form. But even then, they offer more than forty strains with their prices the same across the entire spectrum of their selection.


Kratom OG Reviews

It’s not hard to find positive reviews for Kratom OG and their products. In fact, almost every item on their list has received nothing short of 5-stars. Even on websites like Reddit, the vendor enjoys a near blemish-free reputation.

“My wife absolutely loves this one as well. Best part is, I can burn this pretty much every day, and it always performs! Every review on here is great for a reason. So, if you’re on the fence about trying this one out, hopefully what I shared here will push you over to give it a try.” – Kratom OG website

“This is my first dose from Kratom OG and I’m impressed!! Very energetic great for depression and anxiety. Very much a feeling of overall well-being. I willbdiff be ordering more of his strains and diff some more supergreen!!” – Kratom OG website

“Harry is the best!!! I really enjoy his custom samplers since he’s got so many strains.” – Reddit user

“Very high quality. Very impressed. [F]or how good his strains are, it’s worth it to me. Been an everyday user for about 5 months now and with tolerance build up, this stuff was still very very good. Harry truly has something special going on. He is worth the shout out here.” – Reddit user

“Their customer service is excellent. Emailed back and forth several times, had my questions answered and received a few more suggestions after my samples arrived. A pleasure to find good customer service anywhere these days.” – Reddit user


Kratom OG Complaints

Critical reviews are few and far between, and you won’t even find them through the brand’s website. Nonetheless, there are a few minor complaints about the Kratom OG vendor. Even so, you can’t really expect to find anything too controversial.

“I’ve been interested in ordering from him, but he caused a small amount of controversy a few months ago and seemed like he was just talking his product up.” – Reddit user

“Shipping has taken a while, but I’ve heard Harry is backed up with orders at the moment.” – Reddit user

“He wasn’t the most knowledgeable person about every aspect of kratom, and if I remember correctly he had a claim on his website that made an incorrect statement regarding kratom and opioids. The users here called him out and he quickly changed it. I think that’s where the controversy really started.” – Reddit user


Kratom OG Discount Codes and Coupons

Kratom OG doesn’t have social media pages or a mailing list, so buyers need to get creative in search of discount codes. The brand’s owner, Harry, has been known to be particularly accessible to his buyers. He communicates regularly with customers both old and new, and sends out samples and offers discounts randomly to buyers.


Kratom OG Lab Testing

Their website makes no mention of lab testing. So, we can’t really draw any conclusions as to whether the vendor sends out samples for contamination testing and for mitragynine content measurements.


American Kratom Association Membership

According to information posted online, Kratom OG also isn’t affiliated with the American Kratom Association. This consumer-led organization audits vendors to make sure they handle and process products in sanitized facilities, using safe practices and techniques.

Their Good Manufacturing Practices certification is granted to vendors that pass their evaluation. As of writing, Kratom OG has not submitted itself for audit to the AKA.


Is Kratom OG Legit?

Although they don’t test their products, Kratom OG has yet to recall any of the batches they’ve sold through several years of operations. Having been on the market for over five years, they also haven’t been involved in any legal battles or run-ins with the authorities.

Considering all of the positive reviews that the vendor gets, and the owner’s openness and transparency with his buyers, it’s safe to assume that Kratom OG is in fact a legitimate vendor.


Should You Buy From Kratom OG?

If you’re in the mood to try something new, Kratom OG’s ultra-wide selection of kratom strains might be exactly what you’re looking for. The vendor’s low prices and friendly customer relations also make them a hot choice for buyers looking to settle with a new go-to.

Customers who are particular about lab testing and AKA-GMP compliance however might feel a little wary of the brand. Nonetheless, their overflowing collection of positive reviews should demonstrate their dedication to both quality and safety.

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