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October 01, 2020

Kratom Divine

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Headquartered in Oregon, Kratom Divine opened their doors in 2013. But despite their almost decade-long run on the kratom market, Kratom Divine remains a low profile vendor with not a lot of information online. With limited customer reviews to their name, it’s not entirely clear how they’ve managed to stick around.

Nevertheless, Kratom Divine brands itself a ‘top seller’, offering a substantial range of kratom products powders and capsules. And while their spread of kratom strains might have you contemplating a purchase, their exorbitant prices might have you second guessing that decision.


Kratom Divine Product and Service Overview

You would think that a kratom business that’s been around for close to a decade would appear a little more polished. But Kratom Divine proves that longevity does not equal professional branding. The vendor’s overall aesthetic remains pretty substandard, and that reaches into their packaging territory.

Products at Kratom Divine arrive packaged in generic silver mylar bags. To identify the products, the vendor slaps a Kratom Divine sticker front and center. Funny, they don’t even bother to take images of the actual product and post the same mylar bag stock photo with a superimposed KD logo for all of their picks.

According to the vendor, they take careful measures to guarantee the quality of their product. And to that end, they traveled straight to Indonesia in 2019 to personally meet their partner farmers and ensure their raw material is farmed using the best practices.

What’s interesting about Kratom Divine and their product selection is that they sell their powders in packet sizes that increase by the ounce. So you can find powders in weights between 1oz and 16oz, as opposed to other vendors that only offer three or four different weights.

Another curiosity worth pointing out is the fact that Kratom Divine doesn’t have much of a customer-generated footprint outside of their website. While they do get reviews on site which pass through YotPo, Kratom Divine’s Reddit presence is close to non-existent.

Based on information collected online, Kratom Divine is actually a well-known headshop brand. The vendor sells their products wholesale to a bunch of retailers and distributors, which explains how they’ve managed to stay afloat despite their muted online presence.


Kratom Divine Product Cost and Price Comparison

Although we’re not entirely sure why Kratom Divine isn’t too popular despite their longevity, we can assume it has something to do with their prices. These guys are expensive.

Powders Starts at $9.99 for 28g Starts at $12.64 for 30g Starts at $9.99 for 28g
$89.99 for 255g $22.27 for 100g $35.99 for 112g
$159.99 for 454g $75.57 for 1000g $204.99 for 1kg
Capsules Starts at $24.99 for 56ct Starts at $15.08 for 65ct Starts at $20 for 100ct

While those prices might look expensive enough, the numbers listed here represent their cheapest kratom strains. Some of their picks push prices through the roof, costing $191.99 for 454g.

When it comes to price per gram, Kratom Divine’s products cost between 0.35¢ and 0.42¢ which isn’t a great look. That means that for a 2g dose, you could be spending close to a whole dollar. And because most kratom users average a dose of 8g, it’s easy to see how Kratom Divine’s prices might become a burden over time.


Kratom Divine Customer Reviews

Most of the positive feedback that Kratom Divine gets funnels through their website and Google. So if you were hoping to get more in-depth back and forth discussions about the vendor through Reddit threads, you might find yourself disappointed.

“This business and their product is simply the best. If you need customer support, they answer the phone. If you have questions, they are incredibly helpful. The product […] is my absolute favorite. I’ve tried numerous brands and types but have made this my go-to. I cannot recommend them strongly enough!” – Google reviews

“Kratom Divine has high quality products. I especially enjoy the extracts. But it’s the customer service that will keep you coming back for more. I had an issue with an order, and Wendi went above and beyond just to make sure I was 100% satisfied, and I can’t say enough about them and their integrity. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed!” – Google reviews

“I am new to Kratom and found their quality and customer service to be outstanding. Looking forward to using other products from Kratom Divine.” – Google reviews

“Nothing but good to say about Kratom Divine. The transactions are smooth, their products are great, and Wendi is there to help with everything. I have had great service from this company and will continue to be a loyal customer!” – Kratom Divine website

“Not only was shipping crazy fast but this is probably some of the best Green Maeng I’ve came across. Good packaging allowing for minimal waste and easy resealing. The sample caps are also great at around a half gram each. Overall good prices, variety and variable sizes, who could ask for more!” – Kratom Divine website


Kratom Divine Complaints

Kratom Divine has amassed a couple hundred reviews on their website, but it’s interesting how none of them seem to dip below five stars. For even the best vendors, that’s no simple feat. Elsewhere on the web however, negative comments outside of the brand’s control bubble to the surface.

“I used some samples from a head shop, it’s nothing special. […] An expensive meh experience, just like with most head shop stuff. Though there are times when you can find something great, it could just be that a lot of product is old.” – Reddit user

“This company could have better transparency, by putting their certificates of the product online. The owner promised this would be changing in the future.” – Google reviews

“Do you guys have samples at your retailers? I was at American Market in Hubbard and it looks like they are selling your “Not For Resale” samples for $3.99. Too bad, just wanted to try before I buy.” – Google reviews


Kratom Divine Discount Codes and Coupons

Even with their exorbitant prices, it seems Kratom Divine leaves no room for price cuts. Sure, they offer to shoulder shipping expenses for orders exceeding $50. But other than that, the vendor doesn’t provide customers too many opportunities to for price cuts. 

They don’t have a mailing list and they don’t have any active socials. It’s also worth considering that if you’re buying from one of their partner retailers, you might get slapped with slightly steeper prices.


Kratom Divine Lab Testing

The vendor claims to test all of their products before putting them up for sale. However as of writing, the vendor has yet to upload any lab tests on their website, despite promising customers the same roughly eight years ago.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Assocation’s (AKA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program aims to audit vendors to secure customer protection. This initiative regulates kratom brands, checking their facilities and procedures to make sure their producing clean kratom products.

To receive GMP certification, a vendor must first submit itself for an audit. Presently, Kratom Divine has yet to request an evaluation so the vendor remains non AKA-certified.


Is Kratom Divine Legit?

By the looks of things, yes, they are a legitimate vendor. Although their prices might not be too enticing, Kratom Divine doesn’t really have a history of product recalls or legal run-ins with customers or the authorities.

Of course, it’s a little concerning to see that the vendor doesn’t get less than five star reviews on their website. But aside from possibly censoring negative comments, the vendor remains relatively trustworthy.


Should You Buy From Kratom Divine?

Prices play a huge role in choosing the right kratom. While there are a handful of reviews that praise Kratom Divine’s products and services, their prices make it tough to recommend them. Nevertheless, if you’re stuck in a loop of buying and trying, then a few ounces from Kratom Divine shouldn’t hurt.

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