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October 01, 2020

Kratom Deal

Ships from: Wilmington, NC, USA
Ships to: United States, Canada, International

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Offering impressively low prices on their bulk kratom bundles, Kratom Deal appeals to buyers who might be looking to start their own micro-business. The vendor sells a whopping 27 different strains on their website and provides some of the most reasonable prices across the board.

With their wide array of products and surprisingly low prices, they’ve managed to reel in quite the patronage. But for as promising as Kratom Deal might seem on the surface, a little digging will reveal that their large customer base has some pretty mixed sentiments about their products.


Kratom Deal Product and Service Overview

Kratom Deal’s About Us page doesn’t really provide too much unique information about the brand. Essentially, the copy talks about their ‘dedication to quality’ which is pretty much what any vendor tries to sell their consumers. There also doesn’t seem to be too much information about the brand online.

According to their Contact Page, they’re located in Wilmington, North Carolina, but other than that, the people behind the brand remain shrouded in anonymity. Fortunately, reviews posted about the vendor shed a little lighter on what kind of products and services you can expect.

Albeit mixed, the feedback they receive paints a more detailed picture of the vendor’s operations. While most buyers truly appreciate their prices, it seems that their product’s consistency remains problematic. Some buyers even go out on a limb and allege that the vendor mixes their kratom with fillers due to a lack of effects.

On their website however, the reception seems to take a different angle. All of their products receive a five-star rating from their buyers on the site. But it’s important to consider the fact that their feedback feature doesn’t use any sort of verification software. So, anyone on the web can leave a comment.

Kratom Deal sells powders, capsules, and a few extracts. Some of their kratom products however — like their kratom shots — come from other brands. When it comes to packaging, you can’t really expect much from Kratom Deal since their products are so cheap.

Powders come in sizes of 28g, 56g, 112g, 224g, 1000g, and 5000g. If you’re buying in bulk, the powders arrive in nothing but plain, non-resealable plastic bags. Capsules on the other hand come packaged in standing resealable kraft paper bags, regardless of whether you’re buying retail or bulk.


Kratom Deal Product Cost and Price Comparison

For the record, Kratom Deal’s prices for their smaller retail bags aren’t the lowest. However, you will start to appreciate how cheap their product is as you climb up the weight ladder. Bigger bags come at a much lower price per gram. And it’s safe to say that Kratom Deal offers some of the cheapest 5kg kratom you’ll find.

Powders Starts at $8.95 for 28g Starts at $20 for 100g Starts at $6.99 for 28g
$79.95 for 1kg $84.99 for 1kg $114.99 for 1kg
$249.95 for 5kg $350 for 5kg $425 for 5kg
$750 for 10kg
Capsules Starts at $59.95 for 250ct Starts at $42.99 for 500ct Starts at $9.99 for 50ct
$99.95 for 2000ct $128.99 for 2000ct $59.99 for 400ct
$449.95 for 10000ct

Buy Bulk Kratom and PA Botanicals are both respected brands in the bulk kratom business. But even then, Kratom Deal trumps them both across the board. By the gram, Kratom Deal’s powders range from 0.31¢ to 0.049¢ each.

To put things in perspective, their smaller packets amounting to a few ounces of product might be a little on the expensive side. But when it comes to their five kilogram bundles, the brand offers industry low prices — bar none.


Other Kratom Deal products include:


  • Full spectrum pure extract – Starts at $29.95 for 1oz (28g)
  • Kratom kandies – Starts at $4.95 for 3 pieces
  • Kratom extract capsules 50:1 – $79.95 for 25ct

Kratom Deal Reviews

Kratom Deal has seen some pretty positive feedback from its buyers. Their ultra-low prices made it possible for the brand to attract new buyers and keep old ones who don’t want to spend too much on their kratom haul.

“Good prices. Just ordered again today. Quality is good!” – Kratom Deal website

“This place is GREAT!! Quality is GREAT!!! Demi dry is GREAT!!! Price?! Best around!! Why aren’t you buying from Kratom Deal!!” – Kratom Deal website

“I ordered Fri nite, got it Mon noon. Can’t beat that kind of service. The aroma is just what you would expect, pain relief/pickmeup. Very nice product. You’re at the right place. Go ahead.” – Kratom Deal website

“Shipping only took 4 days once my payment arrived. Decent quality for the price considering you get half the price for twice the amount.” – Google reviews

“Great product good delivery time only down side is that you have to pay by mailing money order or bitcoin but since this is outside their control I’m not judging.” – Google reviews


Kratom Deal Complaints

The thing about Kratom Deal is that the feedback they receive is neither predominantly positive or negative. It seems the vendor has its equal share of high points and drawbacks, and their consistent stream of complaints is evidence of that.

“Shipping bags are very messy and I had to restock all 5 kilos to other bags and containers.” – Google reviews

“Better packaging could be done. Maybe something sturdier and more resealable but we’re paying for the kratom not the packaging I suppose.” – Google reviews

“I recently order 5 kilos through this company. I order both Red Maeng Da and Green Maeng Da. Both were only 30%-50% effective compared to product I have received from 3 other vendors. I believe this company is mixing their product. It smells like either talc or Diatamaceous Earth. I would not recommend.”- Google reviews

“Be careful about sending some stranger a check. Poor service. promised one thing, delivered something I didn’t order, wouldn’t provide refund.” – Google reviews

“Bad business. Low quality product. Probably the worst green Maeng Da I’ve used.” – Google reviews


Kratom Deal Coupons and Discount Codes

All orders $25 or more are eligible for free shipping, which is definitely a nice little promo. Buyers who want to get even more price cuts however would have to sign up for the brand’s mailing list.

They regularly send out exclusive deals and discounts to people who sign up for their newsletter. And this may come in handy considering the fact that they don’t have a rewards or loyalty program in place.


Kratom Deal Lab Testing

All of the kratom products listed on their website are lab tested for contamination. Reports for these tests can be found through each individual product page. What you will notice however is that they don’t test for alkaloid content.

This somehow explains why their product quality fluctuates so much. Without an idea as to the amount of mitragynine in each batch, it’s hard to say which batches will work best and which ones might be bunk.


American Kratom Association Membership

There’s no indication on the Kratom Deal website that they’re affiliated or approved by the American Kratom Association or AKA. This means that the vendor has not submitted itself for a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit.

The AKA functions as a regulatory body that makes sure all the kratom available for purchase through their partner vendors pass strict inspections. The purpose of this is to make sure that buyers are protected from products that might be handled and processed in dingy facilities with unsanitary techniques.

As of writing, Kratom Deal has not undergone the AKA-GMP inspection. However, their third-party lab testing may be enough to prove the cleanliness and safety of their products.


Is Kratom Deal Legit?

Definitely. Negative comments and complaints aside, there’s really no reason to think that Kratom Deal is a bunk vendor. They sell real kratom product and haven’t been involved in any legal cases since opening their doors. It’s also worth noting that none of their batches have ever been recalled by the FDA.


Should You Buy From Kratom Deal?

Buyers looking to get their hands on super cheap bulk kratom to start a business or to simply stash up for the long-haul might find Kratom Deal’s prices to be extra easy on the wallet. And since they do have quite a number of positive reviews, there’s really no reason not to give them a try.

But if you’re more of a retail buyer who enjoys frequently purchasing kratom in small packets, you might be able to get a better deal on one or two ounce packets by scouting other options.

Star Light Kratom


  1. Quincey says:

    Very good prices and pretty easy to deal with. Sent a sample of a blend of several strains of theirs to a lab. No heavy metal problem. Low end of average for potency but not bad. No E-coli , Salmonella, or Staph.
    Other coliforms were a bit high but that’s not that uncommon and not dangerous. No Yeast or Mold. All the strains seem adequate but the old adage applies
    “You get what you pay for”. I am using it to make extracts so was good deal for me.

  2. Sam Meade says:

    I’m always happy to give a solid endorsement to a good business. Unfortunately, if the only good thing about a business is fast shipping…well y’all know it’s about quality in the kratom world. I don’t know that they cut their kratom, it tastes horrible. Probably old. It contains maybe 25% of the mitragynine that quality kratom contains. This vendor absolutely will not respond to any message. In short, I would prefer to get sodomized by a local head shop vendor than give these IDIOTS another cent. Don’t bother with kratom deal. They suck.

  3. John says:

    Horrible! I’ve been using kratom for many years and this is BY FAR the worst kratom ( I’ve ever had! It’s apparently very heavily cut with something if there is any actual kratom in it at all. Crooks!

  4. Bill says:

    Agree. I bought a bunch from this “vendor” and only 1 dose in 10 is worthy. RIPOFF. DON’T waste your money

  5. Kristine Kinsey says:

    Horribly ineffective kratom…Im doubtful it was geniune kratom at all….asked for a refund and I’ve been ignored for weeks..DON’T BUY THIS CRAP!

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