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October 01, 2020

Kratom Crazy

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Kratom Crazy has been around for the better part of six years. Their selection of products includes familiar favorites like Borneo, Bali, and Thai. And although their range of varieties might not be too exciting, the fact that they sell bulk bags at up to 5kg each can definitely tickle kratom hunters on a budget.

As of writing however, it’s been about six months since Kratom Crazy’s controversial exit from the kratom market. And while speculations on the reasons for their sudden closure saturate the internet, a little super sleuthing will reveal that it was probably for the best.


Kratom Crazy Product and Service Overview

Just like any other vendor, Kratom Crazy claims that their products are superior to other options on the market. Visit their website, and it might definitely seem that way. Their online store-front touts a polished aesthetic and easy navigation for convenient shopping.

As expected, attention to detail extends into packaging territory. All of their kratom powders and capsules are sold in branded, resealable mylar bags for freshness. These bags come in a variety of sizes, from their smallest 100g packets to impressive 5kg bulk bags.

On each individual product page, you’ll find a long list of reviews from verified customers. To leave feedback, viewers need to log in and purchase a product to get access to their review form. And while there are a few critical reviews on their website, a good chunk of the reviews on site point to a five-star experience.

So, is Kratom Crazy’s product quality really that good? Aside from the stellar feedback left by previous buyers, there’s not a lot of reason to believe that Kratom Crazy is any better than their competitors. The vendor isn’t AKA certified, and across various other platforms on the web, reviews for their products sing to a different tune.

Regardless, they have become quite popular for the duration of time they’ve been on the market. And because their prices seem reasonable enough for most buyers, it’s easy to see why they’ve earned quite the reputation.


Kratom Crazy Product Cost and Price Comparison

Let’s face it — prices make up a big chunk of the kratom buying process. Vendors who balance cost and quality stand a better chance to secure the patronage of a wide consumer base. So how does Kratom Crazy fair?


Here’s a comparison with other similar vendors to give you a better idea of whether their kratom products are right on the money:

Powders Starts at $19.99 for 100g Starts at $9.99 for 20g Starts at $19.99 for 60g
$89.88 for 1kg $19.99 for 100g $99.99 for 1kg
$424.99 for 5kg $139.99 for 1kg
$499 for 5kg
Capsules Starts at $59.99 for 250g Starts at $16 for 36g Starts at $12.99 for 30ct
$179.99 for 1kg $58.99 for 192g $149.99 for 1000ct

A quick glance at the comparison and it’s easy to see that Kratom Crazy is almost always cheaper. Their kratom powders average between 0.19¢ to 0.084¢ per gram. When it comes to capsules, their products remain much cheaper which bids well for penny-pinching buyers.

Other than their powders and capsules, Kratom Crazy also offers a 20:1 kratom extract that sells for a suspiciously low price at just $19.99 per ounce. For kratom buyers looking to explore their options, Kratom Crazy sells a 3-strain sample pack for just $31.99 for three packs of 50g each, or three packs of 75 capsules each.


Kratom Crazy Customer Reviews

What does the general public have to say about Kratom Crazy? Positive reviews about the vendor aren’t too hard to find, and most of them claim that the vendor’s products are worthy of go-to status.

Here’s what some previous buyers said about Kratom Crazy:

“Great product! Professional packaging and service. The Bali was of better quality and aroma than other vendors I ordered from in the past month. I will definitely be a return customer.”- John,

I decided to give KC a try and I am very pleased I did. […] I could tell it was going to be good and sure enough I was not let down. This is the best Kratom I have had.”- Matty R.,

It shipped to me super-fast and in GREAT looking packaging, it’s exactly as you see on the site. The product is of the UTMOST quality. First time buyer and I just found my new permanent retailer.” – Jay,

I’ve been buying from them for 2 years for my mom.” – Reddit user

“They were my go to for 6 months before they shut down. Was always pretty happy with the products I got.” – Reddit user


Kratom Crazy Complaints

Despite the landslide of positive, five-star feedback on their website, Kratom Crazy gets quite a lot of negative reviews and complaints through various other online platforms. According to some kratom buyers, these reviews shed light on what Kratom Crazy is really about.

“That place was a rip off. It was the first place I ever ordered kratom from so I didn’t know any better.”- Reddit user

“About 4 years ago their stuff was top notch, then turned absolutely terrible, then they were closed down and as far as I know still are closed.” – Reddit user

“No money returned or merchandise delivery. Beware Of Kratom Crazy.” –

“It did not look or feel like Kratom at all. I tried to contact the company several times and they refused to reply[.] They promise 100% guarantee and they lied. I still have the bag of Kratom. Or so-called kratom. It has been about two or three months without any response from them.” –

“I’m sad to say this is such a bad batch, I’m considering sending it back. I used this product for pain. I had order before and it was good when they were closing last year. I didn’t want to look for another vendor but I have no choice.”- Ajean,


Kratom Crazy Coupons and Discounts

Most kratom vendors offer newsletters and loyalty programs to help their buyers reduce their purchase cost. Unfortunately, Kratom Crazy doesn’t seem to offer either of these options.

Nevertheless, they did offer their kratom products at reasonably low prices. So even without too many discounts and promotional offers, buyers would be able to buy kratom at lower prices than usual.


Kratom Crazy Lab Tests

It’s not entirely clear whether Kratom Crazy took the time to test their products prior to putting them up for sale. Throughout their website, the vendor makes no mention of lab testing or AKA-GMP certification.

Under their FAQs page, Kratom Crazy assures their buyers of the quality of their product with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that lets shoppers return orders for a full refund — no questions asked.


American Kratom Association Membership

The American Kratom Association is a consumer-led initiative that aims to protect kratom buyers by making sure vendors abide by strict quality standards. Vendors that pass AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practices inspection receive a certificate, and thus guarantee their buyers that their products are safe, clean, and pure.

Kratom Crazy is not a member of the AKA, and none of their products have been tested or approved by the organization.


Is Kratom Crazy Legit?

Towards the end of 2021, Kratom Crazy and Coastline Kratom (which were owned and operated by the same Bolivia-based businessman) got in trouble with the feds for ‘illegal business practices.’

According to reports, the companies were fined a total of $10M, and its owners were sentenced to five years in a federal prison. Since then, Kratom Crazy and its sister companies have permanently shut down operations. While their website remains functional, they no longer accept orders.


Should You Buy From Kratom Crazy?

Even if they were still operational, Kratom Crazy’s low prices might not be enough to keep customers satisfied. Critical reviews, unshipped orders, and run-ins with the authorities have permanently tainted Kratom Crazy’s once polished reputation. 

Fortunately, there are many other vendors available that offer to ship quality product that doesn’t push the limits of the average buyer’s budget.

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